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This is a fanart
(c) Hasbro / Lauren Faust
Anthropomorphic version, design and artwork by Tyson Tan.

EDIT: 2013-02-26, added more detail, subtle expression adjustment, simple background and color management fix.

This is my anthropomorphic version of Queen Chrysalis of the changelings. In this picture, I depicted her as a younger queen, not long after her ascending to the throne. She was still a shy and gentle girl here.

I really liked their take on Queen Chrysalis. Unlike most ruler villain who would just sit behind the curtain, she as the queen risked her life to infiltrated enemy territory, all alone, fighting bravely against enemies that much more powerful than her, for the fortune of her people. Even though she looked mean and evil in her plots, deep in her heart she might just wanted to find her true love. Besides, if changelings depend on LOVE to live, then I think they are not necessarily BAD, don't they? At least Shinning Armor's love didn't seem to be affected at all after the event.

I guess Queen Chrysalis may actually just wanted to JOIN Equestria, but she had forgot how to be kind to other races, after all the hardships her kind may had suffered. Well, just another fanboy imagination! Hope you enjoy the picture!

My touch on other ponies:
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Software used:
Ubuntu www.ubuntu.com/ Operating System.
Krita krita.org/ Drawing and coloring.
All software I used are free and open sourced. I appreciate all the efforts from their communities.

My Other Works:
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The angle they should have went with for her in the show