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Captain Bokko in Zootopia

This is a fanart
This is a fan crossover of Zootopia and Mr. Tezuka Osamu's Wonder 3. The character is the protagonist of W3, captain Bokko. In this picture I imagined her to be a police officer of the Zootopia equivalence of Japan. I used historical alternates for the name of Japan and Tokyo. I gave her a proper Japanese name, designed her background story based on many other Japanese animes, and a whole set of her different appearances.

Additional background settings
Although not noted in the picture, Zootopia Bokko's roommate during her military academy period was "Major" Kusanagi Motoko (Ghost in the Shell), who has been a jerk to Bokko since they've met, almost got Bokko killed in their U.N. mission and Bokko had to boot her Tachikoma one time for Major's bad mouthing and illegal parking (which didn't work). However, despite of being a cyborg, Major never won a hand-on-hand battle against Bokko.

During Bokko's mission to support Zootopia World Expo, she brought a few (rather unstable) members with her: Noa Izumi (Patlabor), Natumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa (You're under arrest!). To her dismay, Major is going with them too.

This picture was well-received by Japanese audience and was retweeted by Mr. Tezuka Osamu's daughter, Miss Tezuka Rumiko on twitter. It was a great honor.
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Not a bad thing to make.

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I've recently got into The Wonder 3 and hot damn do I love this. How much of Zootopia Bokko's personality carried over from her source material counterpart? Not to mention if Pukko and Nokko also exist in this crossover and are still Bokko's partners.

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Cute. Oops, I forgot not to call a bunny the c word.
I love her design and description. It will be awesome if she were a real character for the zootopia sequel (one of my fav movie's of all time!) I just love all her uniforms, especially her plain clothes design!
KindredsSoThicc's avatar
Thanks for remembering who the better bunny is <3
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Just amazing! idk what to say anymore ~
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Congrats on the retweet! Your piece definitely deserves it, its a great crossover and Osamu's influence is definitely apparent.
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
What a fantastic concept, love every uniform ^^
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Thinking about the other two that are modelled after Eric T. Duckman and Bojack Horseman.
AzureRat's avatar
So this is an art book?
tailsmo4ever's avatar
Would you like to see my map of the world of Zootopia?
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good morning my friend, nice art, captain Bokko is so cute and cool ^^, her poses are good!.
Great concept art.
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Need more Summer Uniform Judy~!!Heart Heart Heart Heart
How about Fujishima remaking TAIHO SHICHAUZO AGAIN?Miyuki would have her Today Back again
Axe-Canabrava's avatar
aaa omg that's just the cutest little police officer ever <3
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I love the concept.
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I figure the "winter" uniform gets broken out for long-term duty in Tundra Town.
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super police Bokko! she has a final weapon. Antiproton Bomb!
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Well this Bokko doesn't have it. she's not an alien in disguise. But she is very capable without it.
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holy crap shes so cute, shes even so much cuter in her winter uniform~ <333
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