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My Bio
Concept artist, character designer. Draws mostly anthropomorphic / robotic animals.
Working on Freedom Planet 2: freedomplanet2.com/

Designed mascots for various free and open-source software projects:
* Kiki the Cyber Squirrel (Krita) krita.org/en/about/kiki/
* Konqi and others (KDE) community.kde.org/Konqi
* Kate the woodpecker (Kate editor) kate-editor.org/the-team/

Commission / Request:
* Anthropomorphic animal works only.
* For company and organization, contact me via tysontan@mail.com
* For personal use, commission / request is CLOSED at the moment.

* Email: tysontan@mail.com (work/business use only)

Also on:
* Twitter: twitter.com/TysonTanX
* Tumblr: tysontan.tumblr.com/
* Weibo: weibo.com/extvia

Favourite Movies
Favourite Books
Watership Down
Favourite Games
Freedom Planet
My DA house-keeping actually took 2 more days to: 1) tag all artworks; 2) move pictures into appropriate folders; 3) add folder intro; 4) add Electric Heart and Oasis Days intro; 5) mark project info in each artwork's description.
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Oasis Days

0 min read
What is Oasis Days?Oasis Days is my personal anthropomorphic animal project. It has a contemporary background setting, with a little bit of fantasy and sci-fi elements. It presents scenes of peaceful life of a small rural town, and a few other places the main characters visited. Old names of the projectBecause the development time of this project has been so long, it had been renamed a few times for various reasons. Regardless of the names, they all point to the same thing. Oasis Days (current)Oasis (x) Equa (x)inter.Natal (x)Oasistown (x)Current state and plansAlthough I tried to write a story for this project, but it inevitably introduce
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Electric Hearts

0 min read
What is Electric Hearts?Electric Hearts is a personal sci-fi project that I have been working on for almost two decades. It features robotic anthropomorphic animal characters, which I currently call "androids". The androids in Electric Hearts were originally developed by human. While human themselves had been wiped out after an apocalyptic event, some of their androids survived and they began to rebuild from what was left of the Earth Civilization. The project will follow generations of androids through the darkness of the post-apocalyptic Earth into the starlight of their inter-universal civilization, presenting their people, society and his
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Your artwork is both remarkable and adorable. Keep up the good work.

Congrats to 17 years of being on this site, progressing as an artist and for being apart of my 2022 GOTY! Freedom Planet 2!!! OwO

I cannot not watch the designer of the mascot of my favourite drawing program =w=

You doing beautiful work. Keep it up :).

nice drawings, how or where do you find or come up with these cool weapon designs I want to know.