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EDIT: Oh, right, I also have a zazzle store where you can buy the super awesome Sushi Love Tee Shirt.

Working out the future as an artist and author has been a mental struggle. When I announced to everyone that I was going pro you probably expected to see lots more art from me, rather than less. But I promise you I am arting more than ever, I've simply bent the focus onto artwork which I can more easily sell. A comic book and a novel, to be precise. Both are about 25% done. More frequent updates on dream-chasing and doing work you love will be available on my blog, I Am Something More

Turns out I've been working under two fatal mistakes. First, I hadn't really started at all. Second, I didn't focus. The focus issue has been a tough one to work through. I've started many, many books and stories and videogames. But none of them have ever reached completion. This is because each of them stole a bit of my time, but never enough to make it. I did 100%, but it was divided between four projects, each only 25% done! Thankfully, a thorough read of Fearful Focus over on the Live Your Legend blog got me out of it.

I have been working on a few personal pieces here and there though, and I'd like to share this one. The very sketchy in-progress shot of a gift I'm making for a loved one. It's of an LDS temple, which is close to her heart. I'm going to pack symbolism into it about a dark world surrounding, with the light of God shining from within, increasing in brightness as one goes up the building until the very peak is simply glowing.

I thought you guys would like to know who this strange new person is that will be popping up in your inboxes. TysonLaFollette is the new username of TheCorsairMalack.

Why change it? Cuz I'm becoming a professional artist, and it seems weird to hand out business cards with a pseudonym on them. Also, facebook doesn't play along with pen-names very well. It seems that hiding behind a fake name isn't going to fly anymore. :shrug:

Keep smiling though! This means my art will be better than ever. =D
And not the romantic type. I mean the "This is what makes me feel like I'm truly living." kind.

What is it that make you feel alive, vibrant, thrilled? It's a hard question to answer. Maybe you're not sure yet. I'm certainly not. Let me share an idea with you about how to become more certain.

You're here, on the internet. Check you web-browser's bookmarks. Go on, give that toolbar a click. What's in it? What sorts of things do you have there? These show a little of who you are. The internet is a huge source of information. That little toolbar shows just what you use this powerful tool to do.

For me there are (roughly) four categories of bookmarks in my list. Things for becoming a better friend, preparedness, minimalism, and art I want to learn from. Unsurprisingly these four categories make up the bulk of my life.

Art is obvious. I draw the equivalent of an hour every day, though I tend to go in spurts. I have learned much from these bookmarks.

Friendship. Recently I discovered that I'm actually a jerk. I thought I was nice, and that other people were always stepping on my toes. Turns out I was wrong. This is an ongoing goal, which I get so much joy from that I think I'll never drop it.

Minimalism. Yes, minimalism. Long story made short: My mother is a hoarder, I vowed not to anchor myself that way. I got rid of most of my stuff, and I'm subscribed to several blogs that help remind me of the value in that.

Preparedness. I do not like having to depend on others. Period. I carry a kit of things I'm likely to need. I garden, and I plan to become a farmer. Self-sufficiency. I could make a journal about just this alone. :squee:

I guess that makes me an artistic furry minimalist prepper. :B

Your own bookmarks probably reveal trends in your life. What do you have there? Art? How to movies? Your favorite forums? Wikipedia? Schools? Organizations?

What is it which, from all the internet, has managed to earn a place on your list? Now, categorize those links. Create folders to put them in if it helps. I mean this literally. Go and do it before you comment.

Now that you've done that. Tell me. Who are you? What are you passionate about?
Here's what others have to say about their experiences working with me.

Nothing yet, you can be the first!

TCM's Furaffinity

My current price guide is HERE.
Customer reviews: HERE
Payment & tips to my Paypal:

1. Open
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To commission me just send me a note here on Deviantart to let me know that you're interested. I'll respond, asking you some clarifying questions. Then, when you feel I've got the feel for your picture, send me your payment and I'll get started. Please do not email me at the address for my paypal account. It is ancient and swamped by a mountain of spam and I do not check it.

I WILL draw: Any tame subject, non-provocative nudity, suggestive themes(Bikini babes are OK.), anything not listed in my "won't" list.
I WILL NOT draw: Pornography, suggestive nudity, vore, extreme gore.

I retain the right to decline any commission offer. Refunds only for work not yet done. Prices are estimates, and may fluctuate based on desired subject. Payment by paypal only. Work will not begin until full payment is received.
"We are creatures of habit." I've heard the line many times, and now more than ever I have to agree. Usually it's said with bad habits in mind, but it can be good as well. A person who is habitually early will always be punctual. A habit of brushing your teeth will make them last longer. Good diet is a habit. Exercise. A million other things we do repeatedly are habits.

Several of my own habits are the unwanted kind. I chew on my lip when I'm anxious, for one. Which leaves my lip sore by the end, and it takes several days to heal. I'd like to stop doing that.

But I'm also trying to pick up good habits, like reading the scriptures every day. Drawing when bored. Practicing guitar. But it's no easier to make a good habit than to kick a bad one! It takes time, practice, effort, planning.

I know there's not a lot of meat in this edition, but I wanted to get rid of the last one. It sounded a bit... mean spirited.
I want to be superior to other people. I want a lot of things. This is normal. We read books about heroes, legends and mighty figures, not peasants and dudes that run vending routes. We want to emulate great men so that we can be great as well.

There's a song blaring out of my computer right now, which makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Music with heavy beats and massive brass sections is the lifeblood of any action scene. But therein lies the problem. It's music for the action scene. It's like the finale at a fireworks display. If taken out of context it seems that the key to being great is enthusiasm and bright lights. But it just isn't so.

Some time ago I met a gentleman who arranges fireworks displays. That seemingly spontaneous awesomeness is actually the result of months of assembly, and weeks of preparation. He spends all year making those whizpoppers, then days on end putting them up and rigging the trigger mechanisms so that they go off at the proper times. And for what? A single hour of greatness.

So I propose a few formulae:

Work --> Reward
Greatness <= Effort/Time
Success == Tenacity
Effort + Friends = Fame

Now you probably want me to validate my claims. So here's an example: :iconravynflight:

She doesn't draw as well as me... yet. But at the rate she's going it'll be less than two years. Her pageviews are a rocketship, going literally three times as fast as mine. What is she doing that I'm not? Effort.

She's a member of(and active in, I'll bet) thirty seven groups. I'm in like... four. And active in none. She draws something every day, and keeps what she draws online. I draw slowly, and keep only the better pics. She's been online for one tenth the time and has twice as large a gallery as me. What do you suppose that does to her odds on search results? I can't even stir myself enough to comment on all the pics she draws.

Effort! Could it be more clear? A concentrated and fearless effort to be an artist.

But it's not just art that I care about. I want to be great in a variety of ways and I'm sure you do as well. Maybe you want to be super strong, maybe you want to be rich beyond the understanding of lesser men. Righteous! Do it. I want to be smarter than my fellow man.

I can multiply three digit numbers in my head going from left to right instead of right to left using a technique I learned from Harry Lorayne. I can remember a person's face and name after only meeting them once, because I know secrets of mental linking that make it impossible to fail. I have excellent memory for dates, because I've developed a memory palace system. And I'm presently working on a similar system that will give me a dayplanner in my head.

We don't have the time or willpower to be the best at everything. But the things I have chosen to put my effort into have flourished. I wager it's the same for you. Whatever you put your mind and time to, you'll be great at.


Okay, now some other stuff. I recently dropped my quality assurance job at the cabinet shop, now I'm a delivery driver for another local business. I have time in the evenings to do my religious work now. :)

My garden is awesome this year. I picked up a whole bunch of knowledge, and some perennial plants, so it's super easy to manage. I can't wait until the strawberries start shooting off runners.

I went to Cody Wyoming to visit family and at the Buffalo Bill museum I saw this nifty fog-screen display. It was cute to watch kids waving their hand through a fake person.

But the best news of all is that I've read a book and attended a workshop which hugely increased my confidence and hope for the future. They taught me that if I want to be great, or succeed, or find my happiness I have to get up and DO IT!

So I'm going to go write something in one of my books. Which one? Pfft! I dunno, but I'm gonna write it to death.

Much love, Rendrick out!
I'm going to be cleaning out my gallery, and unlike previous times I will NOT be saving artwork I've made for other people. I will do this sweep on the fifth of June. June 5, 2013. If I've ever drawn a picture for you, download it now or risk losing it. I do not save any form of backup of my old pictures. They will be gone forever.

Thank you. :)
Just a link to a silly youtube video. The guy(Killer Croc, I think.) has a flashback of his 'almost-got-him' batman story.…

I love the scene where they're all sitting around the table, looking at him like he's an idiot. It's just... XD In his defense, it really was a big rock.
I'm getting burnt out on my game Bartolomu's Bottle. That's pretty normal when you've spent weeks bashing against a single problem, I think.

So I'm going to take a break from it and work on a simpler game, which I hope to be able to finish within a month or so. It's called:


It'll be a vertical scroller, where you can only move side to side, trying to dodge or blast your way as enemies fly in from the top. The rudiments of the story can be found in the description here:…

Some concept art of Flick is here: Flick Spacedog 1 by TysonLaFollette
Screenshot: F SD 1 by TysonLaFollette
The playable alpha(Mega short,press enter on blank screen to start.):

I'm making the graphics super simple, cuz that way they'll be much easier to make. And the game will (With any luck!) be published to the google play store when finished. I've been having some trouble with graphics scaling for android, but I'll get it.

Now tell me fellows! Any suggestions for this sort of game? What's your opinion of the idea, of the genre? Just talk to me!

(Also: Thylacine.…)
So I was dinking around with my badges, admiring my collection(And other narcissistic things.) when I noticed that somebody had offered me a DA point for a llama badge. Naturally I agreed and gave them a llama badge.

Then I saw that I could offer MY points to people in return for llama badges. I had about fifteen, so I figured I might as well give it a shot. I filled a couple fields, pressed go...

and an instant later I had fifteen more llama badges. Like seriously as fast as my computer could refresh the page. Whoa. O.O;

Oh, right, right. I'm also trying to draw more lately, cuz I want to be a better artist and stuff. I've been paying more attention to what people do that seems to make them successful. I'll tell you one thing I've found for certain. Putting something interesting in the 'artists comments' box makes a huge difference. There are a lot of folks out there with neat art that are just BORING!

And Rainydayfun... I still haven't bought that pie. :iconcryforeverplz:
I gave two weeks notice at work the other day. My supervisor was a really friendly guy, I like working with him. But he's been slowly making more and more restrictive rules.

At first overtime was totally optional(And I wanted all I could get!). Then he told me that I had to guarantee my availability to work an extra day each week, without him guaranteeing work to actually do. (Not such a big deal. We work 4 ten hour shifts. A fifth workday isn't so bad.)

But he's also been strangely distrusting lately. He was bugging another coworker to give him my private cell number to verify that I wasn't feeling well. (When I had told him in person, in the middle of a shift, that I was too sick to go on.)

And then finally he's told me that I MUST work all overtime. Period. And that it's not okay for me to skip it for my own 'personal projects'. (Which includes such things as eating, sleeping and bathing.) I told him I'd had enough when he scheduled a fourteen hour shift.

It went something like this:

:icontysonlafollette::iconsaysplz:"I can't do that."
"You need to be here.":iconsays2plz::iconskepticaldogplz:
:icontysonlafollette::iconsaysplz:"No. I simply can't. I have things to get done at home."
"You NEED to be here.":iconsays2plz::iconskepticaldogplz:
:icontysonlafollette::iconsaysplz:"I can give you those hours if they're on Friday. But I don't have time for more than a ten hour shift each day."
"You need to be here.":iconsays2plz::iconskepticaldogplz:
:icontysonlafollette::iconsaysplz:"You won't budge?"
"I can't guarantee there won't be overtime.":iconsays2plz::iconskepticaldogplz:
:icontysonlafollette::iconsaysplz:"Then I can guarantee that the seventh will be my last day."

Buuuuuut anyway, I got a cool new Wacom Bamboo! It's wireless! :iconwooooplz:

So I can do nifty digital art again. :) And have all the free time in the world to do it in! Yay for unemployment! :iconlaplz: Maybe in my next job I can be a PIZZA CHEF! =D
A little bit of everything. Call it a rant if you wish. But I'm tired of drama. I'm tired of work. I'm tired of unsolicited advice. I'm tired of government spending. I'm tired of cats, nagging, advertisements, the radio, lazy coworkers, overzealous coworkers, big houses, big price tags, multitudinous taxes, Mac-fans, McDonald's jokes, squeaky brakes, being tired, whiny people, my own hypocrisy and waiting to finally get old and die.

Whew! At the very least, I'm still in favor of pie.

And on a brighter, less angry-depressed side: I have a workaround for my problem in Bartolomu's Bottle, so external sprites are still going to be used! :iconyeahplz:

Aaaaand now I gotta file my taxes, cuz there's only like a week left. Ciao!

I'm making a game. It's called Bartolomu's Bottle. It's about a guy trapped in a magical bottle by an unknown enemy. But I've hit a technical wall. Literally. BB is made using the Yoyo Games Game Maker. A good program for most things. It's certainly taught me a lot about programming. A LOT. But it has limitations.

Everything you make has a blueprint. Want to know how tall a building will be? Just read it's blueprint.

But in Game Maker, you can't read the blueprint before you've built the building.

"WTF is this?":iconsays2plz::iconwtfisthisplz:

So I can't load an enemy's appearance until I've created the enemy. This means that load screens are broken in Game Maker, since their whole purpose is to have everything loaded BEFORE play.

So a lot of my work on a loading system is bust. At least the levels worked out nicely. :)



I'm lonely...
Or a list more like. You see, I'm making a little art challenge for myself. You've seen those one hundred theme challenges, Iron Artist challenges and whatnot. I want one for myself.

...but shorter.

I tried the hundred theme challenge years ago. I made it like twenty pictures in. I just don't draw enough, and I tend to go in spurts. I'll draw a dozen things one week, then not pick up a pencil for nearly a fortnight. So my challenge needs to take advantage of that. I'm thinking something one week long, one pic per day. Maybe some sort of play on the names of the days. (Tuesday becomes Two's Day, wherein you have to draw a couple or something.)

Unfortunately my creativity for art isn't seeping over into other aspects of my life. My writing is on hold, and I haven't worked on Bartolomu's Bottle in like a week. BUT! Butbutbut but at least it's for a good cause. I've been focusing on learning to like my job. And get this: It's working!

I'm a born babbler, so now I've got to tell you about it. BlissfulGold suggested to me that it was your relationship with your coworkers that makes or breaks a job. So I tried joking around with the guys and having fun. It made a big difference. :) Then I was reading a book by Dale Carnegie (Technically a recompilation of some of his writing, whatev.) Which claimed that we human beings have a craving to be important, a craving for significance so strong that if left unfilled it competes even with our desire for food and water. So I decided to list the ways my job matters. How I make a difference in the world by it. Another big step in the right direction. :)

And now, cuz I'm... creative(*dry cough*) I'm going to draw gift art for one of you strangey strangers in my friends list. Maybe it's you! :la:

Peace out! :iconrockonplz:
Imagine that you are suddenly struck with amnesia. You can walk and talk, but little else. Who you were, who you knew, what you did, and how it was done are all now a mystery to you. You encounter the people you once knew and they question you, at first unbelieving about your plight. They probe you to find out what you know, they comment about who you were, or what you once did. They try to act and laugh as if nothing has changed, but everyone can see that something clearly has.

You go through the first few days, finding clue after clue about who you were. Your old personality, your old ways. The way you spoke and who you dealt with. You analyze every detail with the utmost scrutiny, trying to find your past, and make it truly yours again.

But do you want to?

Would you want to become who you used to be? Would the descriptions of your old self given by your friends impress you? Or disgust you? Without your backstory would you like to listen to your own jokes? Would your past habits seem foolishness, or wisdom? Would you like your own story?

In essence: Are you proud of who you are? And do you really know who that is?

I am not proud of every aspect of myself, but I have been slowly improving. No longer am I the whiny child the other children avoid. No longer the vulgar comic. No more a bully. No more of many things. Each of them a good riddance. But now I wish to become something noble, rather than just cease to be something wicked. I want to--from this moment on--leave nothing that a poor amnesiac would find troubling in his past.

This is totally inspired by Delura, a sci-fi startup.… Caution: Vulgarity.

On one final note... Bartolomu's Bottle now officially saves levels externally! Yay! The engine is coming along very nicely. Only a very few large things remain to be done. Then it's mostly cosmetics.
If you are normal, please ignore this journal. =D

Bartolomu's bottle, my video game, (The one that's been in the works for ages, but is finally starting to show results. XD) is about to undergo some serious behind the scenes overhaul. I dunno why I have to tell somebody, but I do! There are so many changes that I'm going to save a seperate developement file in case I mess things up royally.

I've decided that I want sprites to be saved in a separate folder instead of within the game's executable file. This should keep startup times snappy. We've all played games that take waaay too long to start. (Sims anyone?) So I desperately want to avoid that. I also want levels to be stored as bitmap files in a separate folder for similar reasons. But if I'm loading sprites and levels from external files then this seems like a good time to implement some sort of loading screen.

Also, Game Maker uses something called a 'room' to save levels. You place some objects on a grid and it remembers where they are. This is nice, but they must all be made beforehand, and must all be saved within the executable. This means no player-made levels and that the number of levels will always negatively affect startup times. :( So I'm going to reuse a single room, building each level in the same place as the previous one.

There are some other complications, but I won't bore you. I just figure that all these things are connected, so I should probably do them all at once. O.O;

So there you go: Me venting about my challenges. ;)
An' another one gone, an' another one gone! Another one bites the dust!

Request slot goes to :iconaegis-xt:, who's still deciding what to get. =D

I said life was a blur last week, and I was right. Another week is gone! Where do they all go I wonder? It's probably crowded. (What with so many old weeks standing around.)

I've been trying to be more active on DA. At least on the weekends. Commenting on your art and stuff. So you guys should post some art, so's we have something to talk about. Or you could, y'know, remind me that you have this insanely long-standing comic/story/thing that I've been ignoring like a bad friend. That'd be cool too. XD

Yeah, sorry. Particularly you Applescruff. I really should read Ascension. I will someday, don't worry.

In other news, apparently I'm a poor sportsman. I quit playing a board game with my family cuz I was losing. Awefully, and by the luck of the draw, but still...

Things went perfectly this weekend. :) Got tons of stuff done on my video game project. For those who are interested in progress: Customizable controls are flying high, it now uses an ini file to save settings between sessions, and a few new sprites for the temple level.(Which will be the first level.)


But despite all I still don't want to go to work tomorrow. :roll:

...and I still talk about myself too much. Such an egomaniac. >.<
My life is a blur. I honestly don't remember much of January, and we're already a third of the way through February. I kinda feel like that secret agent from The Incredibles. "...Workworkworkworkwork. I can't keep doing this Bob!"

Cuz I work. All. The. Time.

I work in a cabinet shop by the way. Nice coworkers, friendly boss, reasonable expectations. All in all it's the best job I've had yet. :) But sometimes I just want to live my life a little. Whatever that means. When other people would go hang out with friends I draw stuff, fiddle with my video game project(I have a computer again, though no tablet yet.), or sleep.

You guys are immensely patient. And rather a nice lot for sticking with me despite my constant delays and lame comments. Thanks for that!

There's this stack of artwork waiting for me to scan, and I've tried scanning an--admittedly lame--comic I made, but after a few months of flawless performance, my scanner has gone on the fritz again. :( Expect delays, but I'll work on it tomorrow. Probably just the driver glitching when the thing goes into standby or something.

Bartolomu's Bottle, the game I've been making, is coming along well. TrentVermin ought to have a good laugh when he hears that once again I'm redoing character collisions. I've made a little bit of art for it, and used some of the stuff that I already had. The story's had some gussing up too, cuz it was weak.

Guys! I drew an awesome bat today, and I want to show him to you... but I can't! ;_;

:shakefist: SCANNER!

Oh, right! Free request slot is open. One character, flat color. First come, first served. Just comment on this journal if you're interested.

Christmas has come and gone everyone! I hope you had a blast with your families and friends. :nod: There's finally snow where I live. XD And now it won't stop!

I hung out with my extended family. There was all sorts of good food. Still is. =D

Got some coolio gifts! Rayman: Origins, which has the strangest style. I love it. :squee: My bro got Black Ops 2. Only thing I have to say about that crap is... "Nuke-Town on a boat."

What about you guys? What did you do for the Christmas day? Who did you hang out with? Most importantly: what did you eat?