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Mechanical Penguins logo

By tysonhesse
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First of all, you can get this on a T-shirt at Topatoco!: [link]

For the upcoming in-comic match up I wanted to have logos made for the teams, but I wanted them to kind of fit the stereotype for sports team logos and mascots and stuff. I love the science behind sports logos. They all have this unified look and style that just kind of happened through imitation along the years. Anyway, here's my take on the theme.
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this is a great logo!!
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Trying to round up a group to dress (or undress) as the possible Nebraska team for C2E2 next year. I accept full responsibility for the horrible things that might come from this. I've missed this comic.
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I love the logo, and the effect on it. :) Really cool.
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yeah the mechpens ^^
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Mechanical Penguins sounds like a company Dr. Wily shops at for enemies to fight Mega Man. Loving the logo, very well done
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our robotics team mascot is a penguin
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I love that sport logo style, too. You really nailed it with this. Totally gonna get the shirt when I have some spare change.
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Mechanical Penguins. Sounds like an awesome band name. :D
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Hard core, brother. Real Hard core.
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Not to mention the attitude the mascots on the logos almost always have that same attitude on their face. Hehe.
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they always so angry n shit
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They're happy, yet they're angry? I'm not so sure most of the time.
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Can't wait to see how the team performs in the field after all their struggles!
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it's funny, but you should have waited to post this tomorrow due to it being International Penguin day.
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Every day is Penguin day in my house
n3v3rw1nt3rw0lf3's avatar
as well it should be :D
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