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Diesel Issue 1 cover.

By tysonhesse
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Hi everyone, long time no post.  I don't use DeviantArt very much anymore but I know there are probably a few of you here that would be interested in this.

My comic series Diesel has been picked up by Boom comics to be published as a monthly series.  We're starting off as a 4 issue mini series and if sales are good we can go for longer. This has been a long time coming for old vistors of my account here on DA, as this is where I posted concepts for this comic years and years ago.  

You can check out some preview pages as well as a short interview here: www.comicvine.com/articles/tys…

If you want information on how to get this book stocked at your local comic shop you can click here:  tysonhesse.tumblr.com/post/124…

and because there will be the inevitable "what about Boxer Hockey" questions, you can find out more regarding that here: boxerhockeycomic.tumblr.com/po…

I'm working my hardest to make Diesel a book worth picking up, so I hope you can get your hands on one!

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Nice comic art^^
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Nice art work you did.
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Hey I'm the 1000th favorite woo
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I really like this, may investigate said comics
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i just bought all 4 comics... can't wait for more =3
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are they good?
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started reading these a few days ago, fell in love with your character design - now one of my favourites. brilliant work x
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This is one of the best comics I've read in FOREVER!  I sincerely hope the rest of the story is as good, if not better.  I really hope it gets picked up for more because it's just fresh enough to deliver an intriguing story but familiar enough not to loose the reader. 
The artwork is amazing as well and right  now my favorite line is "maybe you're slowly poisoning me with radiation."  and the look on Diesels face in the next panel was honestly what made me pick this book up. 
Can hardly wait for the next 3 issues.  And since you've already leaked the covers for issue 2 and 3, when can we expect a sneak peek at issue 4's cover?  :)
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Bought it, read it, love it, looking forward to the remaining parts. Hope it gets picked up for more!
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fantastic work as always Tyson, looking forward to grabbing a copy!
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can one obtain this gift from the heavens online?
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Will this be available to comixology?
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It's really beautiful !!
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I love it, really nice work. :D
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Congrats and good luck.
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FINALLY! I've been waiting forever! Stocking Heart Emote 
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What happened to her smooth hair, to her being tiny and girly while being tomboy? As a girl, I really liked the style she was drawn in posters from 2010-2012.
I'm not a fan of that round line and scetchy style, but I understand this is a big development for you 'cause you are an artist. And I get it that the style of drawing also is a language of telling a story.
I also noticed that it's more and more popular for artists to try themselves in style like this - comparing to what they were creating before it looks like more simple, even a bit childish drawing, that is coming into the direction of gravity falls or something like that. Even if I don't like that style of drawing, I don't judge, and I don't think this is worse way of telling stories. I'm just curious - is it really becoming popular and why?
Also, good luck! I believe this is going to be a great success of yours. Thumbs up!
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The short answer is that it's quicker and easier to draw in simplified styles.  I write, draw and color the entire book myself every month.  This is a lot of work.  Not many comic books are done this way because of how much work it is.  For that reason some designs had to be simplified and the style is sketchier.
The other part of the answer is that it's now an all-ages comic book and the character has been aged down to match that demographic more.  This is a published book now and sales matter more.  Without sales it will be cancelled, and all-ages books sell better.
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Finally, its about time some publisher grew the smarts to pick up your work, I can't wait, I'll be at the front of the line! :happybounce: 
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You're not dead!
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so is this like a rewrite of your first Diesel book ?? I like the new art and all... but is this book the same story as the first one. I still want to get it because I love your art and I want to support you.. I was just curious if I was gonna get more of this amazing story or if its a rewrite ???? I was kinda left at a cliffhanger for your first book :) I'm anxious to see this comic book skyrocket in sales so I can read what happens while getting to satisfy my eyes with your gorgeous art as i read.
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