Tyskian Point System

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Collabs, art trades, art made by others count the same amount of points.

:bulletblue: Ranks: :bulletblue:

0-20: Youngster
20-50: Green
50-100: One Star
100-150: Bronze
150-250: Two Star
250-350: Silver
350-500: Three Star
500-800: Golden
800+: Crowned

Hearts [B/Green] by RevPixy

:bulletblue: Basic (background, shading, animation and literature) :bulletblue:

Simple background: +1 TP
Detailed background: +2 TP
Very detailed background: +4 TP

Flatcolour: +0 TP
Simple shading/cell shading: +2 TP
Detailed shading: +5 TP

Simple animation (e.g. ear flick, blink, rain) +3 TP
Complex animation (e.g. horse gallops, jumps etc.) +10 TP

100-500 words: +1 TP
500-1000 words: +2 TP
1000+ words: +4 TP

:bulletblue: Lineage :bulletblue:

Every known and purebred Tyskian parent: +2 TP
Every known and purebred Tyskian grandparent: +1 TP
Every other horse in lineage: +0,5 TP

:bulletblue: Breeding pictures :bulletblue:

Headshot breeding picture: +3 TP
Halfbody breeding picture: +5 TP
Fullbody breeding picture: +7 TP

:bulletblue: Show entries and placings :bulletblue:

Show entries
Headshot event entry: +3 TP
Halfbody event entry: +5 TP
Fullbody event entry: +8 TP

Grand champion, Judge's choice or any other special placing: +5 TP
1st place: +5 TP
2nd place: +3 TP
3rd place: +2 TP

:bulletblue: Freetime/recreational images :bulletblue:

Headshot image: +3 TP
Halfbody image: +4 TP
Fullbody image: +6 TP
One ore more persons shown: +2 TP

:bulletblue: Training :bulletblue:

Headshot training picture: +3 TP
Halfbody training picture: +4 TP
Fullbody training picture: +6 TP

:bulletblue: Refsheet and Import :bulletblue:

Reference sheet: +2 TP
Import image: +1 TP

Hearts [B/Green] by RevPixy

A fullbody event image with detailed background and realistic shading with a 740 words story counts: 8+2+5+2=17 TP

:bulletred::bulletred: Please send a note to the group when your horse has leveled up:

Link to Refsheet:
New level:

Hearts [B/Green] by RevPixy

:bulletblue: Rewards for levelling up: :bulletblue:


a breeding slot to one of the group horses
one-week-feature on the group's front page

One star:
10 :points:
+4 TP

One randomly chosen breeding card

Two star:
to follow

to follow

Three star:
to follow

to follow

to follow
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Hello, I have a question: Do RNG-show entries count the same amount of points as effort based show entries?
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Yes, they do c:
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SofiesDrawings's avatar
Does refference picture only count for 2 points? Or do we also add shading, background and headshot/halfbody/fullbody points?
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Only 2 points, no additional BP for background or shading
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Okay thank you for answer :)
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