The Tyskian Warmblood

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The Tyskian Warmblood (also called Tyskian/Tysklander, german "Tyskländer"/"Tyskisches Warmblut")
A light warmblood bred for classic disciplines.

General informations:
The Tyskian Warmblood is a very young and modern breed.
When speed, stamina and strength of the Bengalo Thoroughbred had been realized, we concluded that they would excell in Eventing as well, if we just refined them with sporthorse breeds. Bengalos do often start running precipitate, they do not always want to listen to their riders signals and never want to slow down. The new breed was supposed to unite prudence with the ability to think for themselves.
So the Bengalo was refined with Holsteiners and other german warmbloods and Cleveland Bays to get an enduring and athletic horse that scintillates especially in Show jumping and Cross Country, but also dressage.

The legs are long, slender and strong with hard hooves. It shows elastic, ground-covering strides and excellent jumping ability. The trunk is compact, slightly curved with a medium-length back. Shoulders and chest are strong. The neck should be straight, strong and elegant, the head is straight or sometimes slighty concave with very expressive gentle eyes.
All in all does a Tyskian most resemble a Holsteiner.
Tyskians are 160 - 180 cm big.

The Tyskian shows intelligence, courage, strength, self-confidence, the will to win, resistance and perseverance.

All colours are allowed, except Appaloosa patterns, any other patterns are very rare (they are permitted but not desirable). Desirable are big markings on the hindlegs.
Due to all those Cleveland Bays in the Tyskian's bloodlines, the most common colour is bay in all tones and variations.
The Tyskians can also show the same breed-specific mutations as Bengalos. These are:
1. Spilt - Spt/spt
- Spilt is similar to Splash, but it starts at the chest (not the belly) and expands over the underneath of the neck and the front of the forelegs
- It is often compared to spilt milk and looks like the horse had run into a water balloon filled with white colour
- It can be shown on every colour with every marking
2. Revart Spots - Rev/rev
- lighter or darker spots (both on one horse is not possible!)
- light Revart Spots: occur only with horses carrying the cream or pearl gene
- dark Revart Spots: occur with every coat colour except with horses carrying the cream or pearl gene- size varies
- It can be shown on every colour with every marking
3. Pseudo Spot - Ps/ps
- A white Spot from the size of minimum fist-sized to maximum football-sized
- occurs everywhere except on the parts of the body where markings normally would be
- does not effect the colour of the mane/tail
- It can be shown on every colour with every marking.
4. Firefore - Fr/fr
- Chestnut/Red/Reddish mane and/or tail (can be compared to the mane of a chestnut; sometimes a bit more reddish)
- It can be shown on every colour with every marking
5. Albocum - Ac/ac
- red eye (like an albino horse, but the horse is NO Albino. Only the red eye occurs)
- It can be shown on every colour with every marking
- It is dominant over the Fishhead mutation (if there are both mutations on one horse, it will have red eyes and white hairs on the head)
6. Fishhead - Fh/fh
- Wall eye (Blue eye) on both sides
- White hairs on the head (can be compared to Roan)
- It can be shown on every colour with every marking.

Origin: Germany
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