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December 14, 2019

I am excited to share that I will be taking over the group from now. I have a couple of new things that I've already been doing, and am delighted to let you know.

Bullet; Blue Discord
If you haven't noticed already I have put the discord on the front page. But for those of you who are lazy like me you can click the discord icon and you will be automatically joined in. By creating this I was hoping for better communication between members (and admin).

Bullet; Red Registry
I have started this long task (and not quite finished) of organizing all of the horses. Horses will be organized by there IDs, so please make sure the horse's ID is on there ref, and that your horse has a ref. If your horse doesn't have a Ref by January 15th, then the horse will become a group horse or go back for sale. If I get to your horse and realize it doesn't have a ref (by the 15th), I will send you a note to see if you are still interested in the horse. 

Bullet; Green Tyskian Points
I am reorganizing the point page. Note I am not changing the amounts of points that you earn per image, I am simply making it easier for reading and understanding purposes. 

Bullet; Purple Horses of the Week
This reward is going to be for any horses that have gone up a level, and your horse will be featured for a week on the main page. There is no additional rewards (other than any you get for moving up that level). This will encourage members to get horses levels up!

Bullet; Yellow Horse Lineart
Since the lineart was meant for the previous owner, I don't feel right using it. Therefor I will be creating my own lineart for the group, that will be used for imports and then another one for foals from breeding between two Tyskians.  

~ Emaroni

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Hey there!
This group is almost ready to be started! c: Please watch or join if you'd like :la:

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