How to get and register a Tyskian - Please read!

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Getting a Tyskian

:bulletblack:This breed is a closed breed: you are not allowed to create a starter, import or adoptable
:bulletblack: If an owner deletes their account or the drawings of the Tyskians without telling the group per note about a transfer to another account, the horse will go back to the group. We don't want our horses to get lost.

These are the ways to get a Tyskian Warmblood.

1. Imports
You can find open imports here.

2. Custom Imports
A custom import is 100 points. Please send a note with following informations to the group if you'd like to order one:

:bulletblack: Colour:
:bulletblack: Gender:
:bulletblack: Markings:

Allmost all colours are allowed. Appaloosa pattern genes do not exist among Tyskians and they don't have any mutations.

2b. Semi-Custom imports
If you'd like to get a semi-custom please tell us
:bulletblack: A vague description of the colour:

Semi-customs are 50pts.

3. Private Sales
If you decide that you don't want to keep your Tyskian, you can sell the horse.
If you can't find a new owner for your horse, the group will gladly take it back and try to sell it again. This counts only for imports bought from the group!
Note that you can only sell a Tyskian if it has a Refsheet with some informations about the horse. Neglecting this rule can lead to a reclaim of the horse.

4. Breeding a foal
Tyskians have unlimited breeding slots, feel free to breed as many foals as you like (: Please always make sure that the owners of the parents agreed to the breeding.
You then just need to draw a breeding picture - it can be a very simple one - and send a note to the group with following informations:

:bulletblack: Mare Reference:
:bulletblack: Stallion Reference:
:bulletblack: Breeding picture:

You will get a message with all possible genotypes, of which you are allowed to choose one. After that you can draw your foal design on the official foal lineart (to follow) and create a Refsheet for your foal.

Crossbreeding is allowed, your horse will be registered as Tyskian-cross.


Simply submit the refsheet to the right gallery folder.

The Refsheet MUST be fullbody and drawn by you!
You are allowed to use linearts made by other dA-users (link!!) or a headshot drawn by yourself for temporary Refsheets.

You have 6 months to draw a Refsheet for the horse.
If there's still no Refsheet 5 months after the purchase, we will claim back the horse without a refund!!
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When does the foal goes from foal to adult? 
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You can decide, since aging is completely up to you c:
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Okay, thank you :D (Big Grin) 
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Perfect! Will get on my boy soon!