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Random creatures

By Tysho
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Various creatures concepts for a project I'm working on. Going to do a few more.
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Here we go again, with thanks to Tysho, for use of this image, as we've done another installment of our star hopping biologist presenting another creature for the readers of our RPG fan magazine, the Frontier Explorer: frontierexplorer.org/book/ice-...


Clearly we had a plan by asking to use this one sketch dump and breaking it into 4 separate creature files for the magazine but Tysho's art is just so much fun if we were a free fan zine we'd tried to hire him and put him on staff.
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ooops that was suppose to be "if we were NOT a free fan zine"
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Haha, thanks dude. Glad you guys are still digging these critters.
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Thanks again to Tysho for use of his art in the Frontier Explorer, this time issue #4, as an internal illustration.

Our star hopping alien biologist Jurak Hangna just updated our readers on the infita species far left of this picture. We're extremely grateful to Tysho for the use of his art in helping us produce a quality magazine.
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Just needed to up date: one creature from the above pic was used in the Jurak Hangna series direct link to the article:
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And again in issue 7:

Tysho's random creatures have been featured in a regular series of articles at the Frontier Explorer fan magazine for the past 2 years.
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No probs, man. I'm enjoying reading the stories you pair up with my designs. A great read! :)
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Nice concepts - especially the third
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I love the squirrel creature, it's brilliant, want one!
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That squirrel-lion is adorable! Also, the armadillo-chicken is quite kickass! The blue lizard looks alot like how I imagine a "dumdrake" - "dumb-dragon" from Eon, a swedish pen & paper ^^ Also, the tree creature reminds me of your earier works, the mouth attached to the ceiling that imitates a human torso :) Nasty stuff, I guess its carnivoric?
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Forgot to reply to you hear, man. Where are my manners? Yeah, the hanging scrotum thing is a nasty bugger- I actually worked out a sort of life cycle for this thing. It starts as a sort of larvae bug thing which will crawl up a large tree where it will eventually become a cacoon... it doesn't ever break out of it though- it sort of merges and transforms with it until it starts to get too big. That's when it shoots out the webby goo and dangles from the branch (if it's unlucky the branch won't be able to support its weight resulting in an epic fail). The tendrils dangle like vines and sting anything that walks underneath. the sting causes almost instant paralysis so the horrid thing can suck out it warm vital fluids WHILE ITS PREY IS STILL ALIVE.

Nice, eh?
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So its a bit like a mix between a spider, an "assassin-snail" (cant remember what its called) and a ballsack? Thats a pretty nasty way to go. It should have some sort of natural enemy too, something like that squirrel, that climbs the trees and gnaw off the stuff it hangs from, so it falls to the ground and dies, after wich the squirrel (and its family) feasts on the dead thing.
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The squirrel shall save us all...
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The tree creature looks really interesting, really alien. Nice concept.
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haha.. i think its more of a chicken though
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That creature in the tree is rather adorable 8D makes me want to just reach and pet it much like a cat xD though I would probably get my hand bitten off xD


lol |D
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lol Armored naked turkey. I think that's going to have to be his official name.

Thanks again, Twitch!
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woot! xD Maybe "Naked Armored Turkey" sounds better xD

no problem ^^
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