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(Tysharina message: Ok, I've added everyone who sent me a note or left a comment during my absence. Please check the listing for your name and if it isn't there please leave a reply or note and I'll get you on there. I'll be going through looking for moved and dead accounts next. I'm going to start hiding comments once they have been dealt with to help me keep on top of things :) )

Dragon Artists of deviantART (Part 3)

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The listings formally maintained by Straga & thedancingemu contributed a lot to this version and my thanks go to both.

The Important Stuff:

If you want to be added or removed just let me know via a reply here or note, the only requirement is that you must have at least 3 pieces of dragon-related artwork in your gallery.

They can be drawings, paintings (both traditional and digital), sculpture, artisan crafts, stories or poetry. The important thing is they MUST have been created by yourself. Screenshots and photos of sculptures you have brought will not be counted towards your 3 pieces.

Stamp of Approval!

We now have a stamp you can use in your journals whether or not your have a subscription.

If you have a sub you can use = : thumb110891518:
If not, use = : icondragartlist1:: icondragartlist2:
(Remove the spaces before the :'s in both cases.)
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I am a dragon artist as well, could you please add me? :D