Devious Dragons - Issue 33

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Welcome to Issue 33 of Devious Dragons

Welcome to the art blog for older dragon artwork :) There are so many really great pieces of dragon art in the archives, some with very few views and +faves, and I'd like to bring these hidden treasures into the light.

Here is this week's selection of dragon art for your enjoyment:

Dragon Of the Sky by Heretiking :thumb77662367: Star Dragon by Scellanis :Years Later: by Indogralleon :thumb77757694: Nayru's Guardian by Lunatheshewolf :thumb60718532: Red dragon by Dragonitka :thumb73984841: Moonrise by songgryphon :thumb31070889: Dragon - Eyes Closed by Kelesaii Alpal by dragonrider01 :thumb74889129: Green Dragon by KatrinaBonebrake :thumb64668357: Get Knotted by sombredreams Scaled Sun Dragon -Feathered by BrightEyedCreatures Kalencheen - request by StarSeekerDragoness DRAX- Nezdragon by Neio6 :thumb69501715: Swan Dragon by reizezdewickid Presente de Amistad by dragonbucaro Dragon - Earth by KytheraOA :thumb70904110: Green Gold by NycterisA

Heart of Fire by Ghost-Dreamer :thumb71676399: Glass Dragon by Tasyne Fishy by Slifer Raining by Hatuibwari Ahzagothis by rah-bop Fly by AlaraFirewing Chinese Dragon by CometTheMicroraptor :thumb75943890: :thumb40633826: Fatal encounter by WeisswindDragon Red Flying Dragon by Ember-Eyes Jillian by nightgallon Black-winged dragon by Sabientje :thumb72386759: :thumb62735498: :thumb71926080: Commission01: Ellebbz by WindieDragon IDS Azasoradin Ageail by Ganal-Dragon Dragon2 by BlueEyesBlackTears Blue Dragon Digital Colour by Antar-Dragon Helidance by Bear-hybrid :thumb70454252:

Artists love feedback so if you see or read something you enjoy let them know by leaving a comment :D

Thanks to ray72285 there is now a Devious Dragons stamp you can use if you want DD Stamp by ray72285 and, thanks to Zafireria there is also a feature stamp too Devious Dragons by Zafireria

Submissions Welcomed!
If you would like to suggest a piece of art for the next issue just drop me (tyshadragon) a note with the link. All original artwork is welcome regardless of how old it is, but it has to have been posted on deviantART. Literature and artisan crafts are more than welcome too (and yes you can submit your own artwork ;) )

If you are looking for brand new dragon art check out issue 35 of ray72285's The Dragons of deviantART.

The artwork shown here has been suggested by users of deviantART or found in the deviantART archives. While we try to avoid featuring work that is copied or stolen from other artists some pieces still slip through. Should you see something that really shouldn't be here please go to the deviation in question and use the Report Violation option and/or let me know via note.

Previous Issues: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six, Twenty-Seven Twenty-Eight, Twenty-Nine, Thirty, Thirty-One, Thirty-Two.
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ZItheDRAGON's avatar
YESSSSS ........... ^.=.^ ........ ME AM DRAGON .........must fave all ^.=.^
songgryphon's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature! :w00t!:
StarSeekerDragoness's avatar
Oooh, lookit all the perdy pictures... ^.-.^
Thank you again! :D
Sibe-Chan's avatar
thanks for the feature =0!!!
Sabientje's avatar
Thanks for featuring my work ^_^ The drawings in this feature are amazing!
CynthT's avatar
Thank you. I am proud of that piece "Let me outta here 2" is still in development but will eventually be air brushed onto the hood of a classic car!
Anyone who knows a link to some examples of torn or ripped metal artwork I would love to get a look at it. Thanks again
rell121's avatar
I have a few new additions to my favorites!
dragonbucaro's avatar
wow, thanks for de devious. It's a great surprise.
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Wow! I'm honored to be featured among such awesome artwork! Thanks! ^^
BlueRavenfire's avatar
thanks for the feature. :D
CometTheMicroraptor's avatar
Wow, I'm just getting featured all over the place lately. XD Thanks!
Guardian-Anubis's avatar
Really nice pictures :)
Heretiking's avatar
Thax you!! Yay i got in! Lol, im happy! Plus, its the first one! lol
dragonrider01's avatar
Thankyou so much for the feature! I feel very honoured to have my piece among these wonderful pictures. :D
AlaraFirewing's avatar
Yay! Thanks for the feature :D
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Very nice collection!! indeed!! :D
ZaidaCrescent's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! I'm honored!
Konsumbrot's avatar
Great stuff here! I'm so honoured. Thanks :D
slawomiro's avatar
Awesome! ^.=.^
SilverFrostSenior's avatar
Wonderful feature! There is some fantastic art here that I've never seen before. It's hard to believe they've had so few views.
DracoApocalyptis's avatar
OMG, thanks for feauturing! :D
Axolotl-mafia's avatar
Thank you for featuring me! =D
Lunatheshewolf's avatar
I feel so honored! Thanks!
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Splendid collection as always! :love: And thank you for featuring me!
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