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Alien creature

Some alien creature design..

Good rendering practice. Worked with the brush and the smudge tool in photoshop. Originally a pencil sketch.
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this looks really nice, maybe you will like to join our Contest
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Kool design!
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You see, this is what aliens should look like in fiction. Way too many are just people with bad haircuts or pieces of latex on their nose, as much as I love characters like Superman or Spock, it also really bugs me that they look so totally human without any explanation. Superman could've been modified to look human in his ship so he'd fit in on Earth and actual Kryptonians could look bizarre. Anyways, rant over, thanks for this. Looks like it could be the Martian Manhunters original look before he shape-shifts. Again, crazy good stuff.
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Kewl looking alien creature.
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oops sorry, this link is the right one [link]
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I really love your creature designs! I am a cofounder in the group :icondesign-a-character: , I put this picture in an example in the groups latest challenge found here [link] I put citations in both the submission and the description back to the original piece and to your profile. Is this ok? If not I'll gladly remove it and respect your wishes. I just wanted to share with my group your awesome designs :)
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that is impressive. :p
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Awesome work!
Featured on Monster Database linked to u!

>>> Every monster, creature, robot in this blog is linked to its original creator, we just post them! If an artist would like to change the monster's name, or his (the artist's) name on the post, or wanna add some additional information about the creature, just write us. <<<

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This is... so... awesome...

May I use this as an Avatar in a forum?
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awesome design.
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Hey... this is going to be weird cause you don't know me but... I joined Deviantart less than a week ago and I was wondering if some people would check out my new Alien drawings... there on my Newest Deviations if you wouldn't mind checking it out and telling me what you think :blushes:...
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Great alien art :) Like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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:icondragonnodplz: WICKED!! May work even better with a darker back drop.
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just creeps me out,,, so: good work on that:D haha
nice coloring
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Thanks again :)
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lovely desing! awesome work!!
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cool! :D great job man!
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Whoahoh me lieks.
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