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Confrontation Cry

I've done more than refuse to tell you who killed your dad, I've hurt you! And I wish to go on hurting you! I will leave you as you left me, as you left my family.....alone....without anyone to call your family.....all alone.....all alone....
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Dafuc is unfolding before my eyes...
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
Nostalgia-Gamer's avatar
As a testament to Joel Heyman, "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, kiss kiss.".
caballero-nocturno's avatar
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:iconheavyplz:: POOTIS!
:iconsoldierplz:: PAINIS!

:iconmickeyplz:: MARVEL!
:iconbugsbunnyplz:: DC!

:iconspongebobplz:: Spongebob.
:icondonkeyplz:: Donkey!
AuthorNumber2's avatar
My sides hurt for some reason...Oh wait. Its because I can't stop laughing at this hilarity.
Firebrand96's avatar
I faved at the Looney Tunes gag.
midnight729's avatar
Is it time to die of laughter already?
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
SjuniorTai's avatar
Best gif. Ever.
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:iconnegaduckplz: Darkwing Ryuko!
:icondarkwingduckplz: Nega-Satsuki!

:iconlexluthor-plz: Kryptonian!
:iconsupermanplz: Luthor!
Jessethejester's avatar
MAx vs THE ZAIBATSU? not the Infamous USTABIAZ??
I just want to see Takahata, Brennan, and Plague in your art style...
Tyrranux's avatar
Even if I do know two of those names I am still not too familiar with this "Ustabiaz"....
Jessethejester's avatar
its supposedly the anti-SBFP. Containing Takahata101= Anti-Liam, PlaugueofGripes = Anti-pat, Brennan AKA TheGreatBlackOtaku = anti-woolie, and CrankyConstruct = anti-Matt.
Tyrranux's avatar
Was this just a one video thing or do they have their own channel of lets plays?
Jessethejester's avatar
I don't recall how they were formed? here's their iconic picture. They took over a couple Panels at cons. I think it started with Brennan being the Better Woolie, Cranky Construct & PlagueofGripes do their title cards, and Takahata is also good friend of Matt/Liam.…
heavy147's avatar
I'm dying. *Claps hands*
MapleSamurai's avatar
I... can't... look away...
LaughingVexxo's avatar
This is the best!
Alvah-and-Friends's avatar
The Pokemon gag was unexpecting XD
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