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Kill The Beast Fourth Verse

Kill The Beast Third Verse

Kill The Beast Second Verse


Kill The Beast First Verse


Crappy Transformers Crossover Game Idea Part 4


Crappy Transformers Crossover Game Idea Part 4

PREVIOUS PART ____________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------STORY CAMPAIGN---------------------------- -Normal Story Mode; You are restricted to playing mechs as dictated by the plot, defaults to the last loadout you had last given them when in the garage. If you made no changes in the garage the character plays with their default loadout. Some parts of a Mission will force you to play as specific characters, even less than the normal three temporarily disabling Co-op. And most of all, you are limited to only Autobots and Decepticons, some only available after a certain point. -Free Mode; You are only allowed to play free mode on a given Mission after you beat it in Normal Story Mode. Afterwards you can play that particular mission using any characters and mechs that you’ve unlocked thus far, including mechs not of the Autobot or Decepticon factions. Co-op will never be disabled during any segments. -Semi Separate Campaigns; You aren’t
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Where Does Beerus' Loyalties Lie?





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Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)
Fancy Llama: Llamas are awesome! (1008)
So finally watched the Mandalorian. Damn....really puts that shitty Lion King remake into perspective. Actually felt like a return to form for the franchise. And man, it was refreshing watching something Star Wars related that wasn't focused on th

Pfft Whatever, The KH3 Re:mind DLC can't be beat.

Pfft Whatever, The KH3 Re:mind DLC can't be beat.

Seriously though this is pretty damn extensive for just a port of a Wii U game with new content.....

Dragon Ball is serious fucking business motherfucker! T...

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  • Dbf-yamchaa
    There's a mobster rabbit man whose touch turns people into carrots.
  • Master Roshi Artworkk
    There were no repercussions for the moon being destroyed. TWICE.
  • Dbf-gokuu
    Chichi only loves me because I pressed my foot into her crotch.
  • Dbf-krillinn
    A talking cat in a tower makes beans that restore your health.
  • Dbf-frieza
    Say, have you ever heard about the Devilmite Beam?
  • Dbf-beeruss
    There's a shape shifting pig that once turned into a teenage girl.
  • Dbf-piccoloo
    The Dragon Balls render death and lasting consequences meaningless.
  • Dbf-vegetaa
    There's a girl who changes between two identities just by sneezing.
  • Dbf-celll
    The Red Ribbon Army only existed to help Commander Red become taller.
  • Arale
    Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball share the same goddamn universe seven.

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What do you think of this video, I enjoy it.


I kind of like "Leave Her, Goku" better :3

I have a strange question to ask. Since you are a big fan of DC comics, what is your honest opinion on the Green Lantern VS Ben 10 Death Battle?

I liked the outcome, but others says that it wasn't right.

Eh, not that big into either Green Lantern or Ben 10 so that was just a Tuesday for me.

Hey Terry check this out.I think you’ll find entertaining. https://youtu.be/s74KOc7ERk8

Hay there 👋 do you take requests because if you do it would be awesome to see Deku and Bakugo kicking Home Landers ass
I just realized something.

2013 - Don’t Lose Your Way

2016 - Do U Kno Da Wae, Meh Brudda?

2019 - This is The Way.

2020 - The Johnny Gargano Way

Now, I learned of The Way some time between 2016 and 2019... and I graduated high school back in 2013. So, assuming who I ask about this know the material, How The HELL DID WE NOT KNOW THE WAY, SOONER?!