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Chapter 2: Stuck Inside :icontyros:Tyros 0 0
Mature content
SSE: Valkyrie's Touch Down :icontyros:Tyros 0 0
Cerulean: Chapter 1
        The sun blazed bright over the panic in Cerulean Abbey. Pokemon of all species scrambled every direction across the yards, darting in and out of buildings and colorful tents. Amid the crowd, a Sandshrew shoved her way toward the kitchen, attracting shouts of "Sorry miss Erthclaw!" and, "Please forgive me, young miss!" She'd take more time to bask in the attention if she wasn't on an important mission for the good of the Solstice celebration. After much shifting through the year's berry growth logs, and debating among advisers, her father had finally made a well-informed decision: this year's pie flavor for the end of the feast.
        Lost in her thoughts, she never saw him trudging upstream through the crowd. They collided like a ball against a brick wall, and she bounced off him and into the dust. She saw a Snubbull, about her age, staring down at her as she lifted her head. "Watch... Watch where
:icontyros:Tyros 2 5
Cerulean: Prologue
        They had no idea what was coming, the abbey with pewter walls. Approaching from the South, a powerful force swept across mountains, hills and fields, leaving nothing alive in its wake. Those who did not join its murderous rampage were put to flame without a thought. The dark green walls of Viridian Abbey, its first target, lay broken and crumbled miles behind. Jagged, scorched edges clawed at the sky like a burning thing reaching for help that would never come.
        Many mobile fires marched behind him, the tails of Charmanders, Charmeleons and Charizards waving in a silent, swift stride; arms of Chandelures and Lampents, and the blaze atop many Litwik's heads as they floated through the fog. More species, many of them of them also of the fire element, marched. Most followed in fear of their new master's wrath, some marched along, eager to carry out his bidding. All trod silently, none daring to
:icontyros:Tyros 0 0
SP: Pokemon Secrets
        The sound of the door opening then closing hammers my ears and a chill runs down my spine as I sit on my bed. She's home. My thumbs freeze over the buttons of a small blue Nintendo DS. The stylus hovers inches over the touch screen, barely held by shaking fingers. On the screen, a Pokemon stands in limbo, waiting for my command to continue the battle. I am a gamer, and even more damning, a Pokemon nerd. My wife doesn't know. And I don't want her to know.
        The sound of the doorbell felt new and strange this time. The familiar chime was warped by my knowledge of who stood behind the door, pushing the button. Even just for a tutor session for Biology, a cheerleader coming to a geek's house was a thing of High School legend. I tossed my Gameboy to the side and ran to the door. My senses high on the hopes of finding common ground with a girl like her, Pokemon took a back seat in my priorities.
:icontyros:Tyros 4 18
Rough: Dancers for the Dead
        Wooden thumps filled the air as feet slammed the stage's planks. Their actions created the music – a solid stamping drum line. As I watch the stage, one of the dancers swept his feet through sawdust on the stage, kicking a cloud into the air. A front flip sent him through it and he beckoned his first client to join his dance. I've always wanted to feel that solid cherry wood beneath my feet.
        The stage was lovingly crafted long before I came here. It rested on four walls that stood about head height with the crowd that filled the building, and the hollow space inside housed a myriad pillars. These walls and pillars were crafted of bright platinum that glowed with the light that shone in from the huge windows high on the building's walls.
        The stage was wide enough to hold seven dancers, and it always did, except during the four hours our est
:icontyros:Tyros 3 6
SP: A Dangerous DishPosition
        A man sometimes reaches a point in his life where he's let everything slip. One week ago, this broad example narrowed very specifically to me. Sliding school grades, faltering friendships, a room upon which trash descended like a plague long ago, the works. I don't even want to get into the state of my bathroom and trust me; you don't want me to, either.
        Upon finding himself trapped in this situation, surrounded by life's failing faculties, this man (both the generalized one and me this time) may decide to resuscitate life and refill these pitfalls, attempting to get life running in order again. One week ago, I decided upon exactly that. Arming myself for war – vacuums, sponges, trash bags, phone calls, and all kinds of elbow grease – I systematically set myself to my tasks.
        That was a week ago, and now I know the power of a week. Sev
:icontyros:Tyros 10 41
Freica Draft 1
        "I'm sorry, but we hafta break up." His voice was quiet. Calm. He was always like that, evidently even when making decisions that change lives. Her mind was the opposite of his voice – filled with something like the brisk winter winds people spoke of from records of humanity's time on Earth; it howled with rage, trying to find the meaning behind this sudden loss.
        "Why, Christopher? Aren't you happy with me?" She stepped forward, holding her hands outward, but limp. She reminded him of a doll, one of the porcelain ones his grandmother had on the ship, in her blank expression. He felt the small hairs on the back of his neck spring up at once. She continued approaching, but he stepped back slowly.
        "Listen, it's not that I wasn't happy, it's just that, while we were on the ship for the last part of the trip to this second Earth, I always felt
:icontyros:Tyros 3 6
Ghost Hunters Draft 1
        "Okay, I think we're about ready to start this thing. Angles, you got the cameras in place?" I called across the room to our camera man.
        "Oh yeah. Not a single corner of this house will be off-screen tonight, Jeremy." Elian answered in his light Hispanic accent.
        "And that's why we call you Angles. Nice job." I smiled, "Ted, Angelina, get 'em online and keep the computers up." Reaching into a bag by my feet, I picked five digital voice recorders out and passed them around.
        From the beginning, this case seemed uninteresting. I run a group of five paranormal investigators – ghost hunters, for those who dislike big words. We always run into cases from people infected with the paranoia inherent in living in a large, empty house, and this case certainly felt like one of those. The house was relativ
:icontyros:Tyros 3 19
Natural Disaster Incoming
        The entire structure trembles with utter terror every time these things come along. Or perhaps it shakes with the earth-rending tremors caused by the oncoming disaster. I don't know, it's probably both. Every time one comes through it just obliterates the entire top of the structure. Anyone still up there is wrenched away right along with it. Unfortunately, we're so stuffed in here that some just have to sacrifice themselves at the top, unable to come down.
        Thankfully, this time my family and I made it near the bottom before it filled up too much for any more to crowd down, but who knows how it'll be next time. We're huddling together now as the thunderous sound grows more deafening every second. More try to run down, but some guards at the entrance shove them back, apologizing and forcing them up; the room is full. Of course, they leave utterly distraught, as that's pretty much a death sent
:icontyros:Tyros 3 24
Mature content
Taking Back the Ideascape -2- :icontyros:Tyros 6 21
Critic Battle WIP -New Stuff-
        Settling into his chair with a soft creak, the novice stared at the blank page left open on his computer screen. His quiet room let him close his eyes and concentrate with only a few distractions – the only big ones assaulting his concentration being the perpetual heat of the room and the whir of his computer. Friends still sent him occasional messages through various chat programs, but he had long since learned how to answer them without it breaking his mental flow. This time, however, he needed all the concentration he could muster. With a few clicks, he turned off each messenger and brought the new document to the screen's forefront, staring at it with a determined expression working its way onto his face.
        He had a brand new assignment – his first real one in a long time. This marked the beginning of him resolving to work seriously on writing and expanding his portfolio. He star
:icontyros:Tyros 3 8
Two Rivers: Series Combined
        Take just a moment and suspend your reality as you travel into a new domain. Or take, perhaps, a year. Or maybe simply a millisecond. Both no time and all time exist in this realm beyond conventional reality, the world where universes form and then exist independently, unknowing of each other. No matter exists here, either – not in the conventional sense. Cells, atoms, protons, electrons – all seem absent. The landscape, however, for the lack of this physical matter, remains populated. The human eye, if it were to access this realm, sees only a barren sprawl – not even black, but simply created of nothing – for in this land dwells emotion. Every thought, hope, dream and fantasy – everything that can pass through a living being’s mind – resides here. As such, the realm stretches infinitely, always growing as thinking creatures in each universe develop new thoughts. No name in Human language, or any oth
:icontyros:Tyros 0 2
Two Rivers: Two Worlds
        Ah, new travelers. Welcome to Continuum. Do not worry, no one of you is meant to stay here long – you’re on a quick trip to a world resting just on the very edge of your imagination. We get plenty of random visitors here, and plenty who stay permanently… But they enter differently than any of you. No, I still see all of your tethers.
        Nonetheless, come with me. Something fascinating happens nearby – I’ll tell my normal story of the world in which you find yourself soon enough, provided you all have time enough to both experience this and hear my story. Here we find what some may call the Tapestry of Life. It even takes that form at the moment because the image has appeared at each of your minds. See here, two strings of soul travel toward each other, flowing smoothly like rivers of thread, lines of the heart’s destiny...

:icontyros:Tyros 3 10
Two Rivers: Universe
        He awoke – his head swimming and his vision blurred. The fair melody of water trickling gently along its banks softly prodded into his head as it cleared of the mire of sleep that blocked his thoughts at first. As his mental processes returned to him, he suddenly remembered where he lie. Closing his eyes again, he waited for his vision to return to normal and took time to try and remember. Visions etched in his brain only moments ago faded quickly away, the memories vanishing thought by thought. Something about the deeper nature of the universe. (Continuum) Something not entirely important, yet very important. Mentally, he clutched at his thoughts, but to no avail. The memories flowed away almost as if on the river by which he lay.
        It slowly crept up the leg of his pants –the feeling of his fabric slowly absorbing water from the river he lay beside. His eyes sprang open agai
:icontyros:Tyros 1 0
Two Rivers: Continuum
        Take just a moment and suspend your reality as you travel into a new domain. Or take, perhaps, a year. Or maybe simply a millisecond. Both no time and all time exist in this realm beyond conventional reality, the world where universes form and then exist independently, unknowing of each other. No matter exists here, either – not in the conventional sense. Cells, atoms, protons, electrons – all seem absent. The landscape, however, for the lack of this physical matter, remains populated. The human eye, if it were to access this realm, sees only a barren sprawl – not even black, but simply created of nothing – for in this land dwells emotion. Every thought, hope, dream and fantasy – everything that can pass through a living being’s mind – resides here. As such, the realm stretches infinitely, always growing as thinking creatures in each universe develop new thoughts. No name in Human language, or any other
:icontyros:Tyros 2 0

Random Favourites

Secret. 5720 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 5720 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 195 77 Secret. 5608 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 5608 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 41 102
A Girl's Hero
During a woman’s life there is one man she can trust.
A girl clings to her father because in her eyes he is honest.
Her father is her hero; he’d climb the moon for her,
and whenever they have ice-cream, he’ll always give her more.
He goes to all her soccer games and welcomes her back home,
and when her boyfriend breaks her heart, he’s scared to be alone.
He takes you on the “Choo Choo Train” on your way to bed,
and he always tucks you in lightly with a kiss on your forehead.
When you have a nightmare you run to Daddy first.
He’ll rock you in his arms slowly and never let you go.
Your father came home at 7:00 to find that your favorite bear,
had been trapped beneath your bed and torn beyond repair.
He left his meal in the fridge and got back in the car;
he spent the night in every store to find a replica.
On Graduation Day, your father’s always there.
He arrived four hours early for a front-row chair.
He hugs you oh-so-tightly on the day you leave
:iconshiiraweigi:Shiiraweigi 1 14
Malignant Eyes
I’ve never seen such power
so silent and so grave
and resolute in its conviction
as I have here today.
A soliloquy of passion,
of intense hate and of love-
with a tone as sweet and gentle
as a quivering lover’s touch.
Today I witnessed glory
in two brilliant new shades.
I discovered something beyond me;
something too beautiful to fade.
The gateway to such a soul,
the benevolence of which I speak,
was found in two malignant eyes:
translucent orbs which held my gaze,
which reached to touch my soul-
In an instant told of visions past
and the resounding days of old.
Ephemeral fire,
obligatory lies,
battles waged and lost.
Countless scars,
a silent cry…
in my breast:
a wavering heart.
:iconshiiraweigi:Shiiraweigi 2 11
Secret. 4589 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 4589 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 125 48 Secret. 4903 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 4903 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 1,759 527 Leon and Ashley from RE4 by pixiekitty Leon and Ashley from RE4 :iconpixiekitty:pixiekitty 1,194 381 The Cheese Monarch by Agent-Jin The Cheese Monarch :iconagent-jin:Agent-Jin 4 12 Clruxcifer by Veni-Mortem Clruxcifer :iconveni-mortem:Veni-Mortem 4 11 Quill Deart by Veni-Mortem Quill Deart :iconveni-mortem:Veni-Mortem 1 4 It Reminds Me by TheDalishRanger It Reminds Me :iconthedalishranger:TheDalishRanger 1 18 Leafeon by Yuki-Oyu Leafeon :iconyuki-oyu:Yuki-Oyu 32 32 Kong Fu Kitty by Yuki-Oyu Kong Fu Kitty :iconyuki-oyu:Yuki-Oyu 13 64 Hello, Fred the Beard by RWappin Hello, Fred the Beard :iconrwappin:RWappin 186 100
I like these things. 8D


by Xcetera

My first thought upon seeing that was, "Oh, GOOD GAME." The tension in that one point on the balloon is pretty well palpable, just by l...



Drew Holt
United States
I'm a dude. A dude that does things.
I mean, I could go into some kind of depth, I suppose, but really, who reads all that stuff? One day, maybe I'll have some kind of wacky picture to put here. Until then, well... Just talk to me if you want to get to know me. I may be shy to start conversations, but I'm never shy if I'm talked to first~
Oh, and you know, as an off-hand comment or something, I'm also immortal and have existed for trillions of years.

Current Residence: One of the top 3 supernaturally gifted cities in the US! Woo! Savannah! *Hopes for an experience*
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Huh? Woah, there's new stuff here! Um... two?
Print preference: I'unno... Laserprinter?
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Metal
Favourite photographer: John's developing his skill pretty well.
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: The one that protects me from magic spells?
Wallpaper of choice: Resident Evil 4 Background made by my cousin Josh.
Skin of choice: Yours looks tasty! *sends in zombies*
Favourite cartoon character: Myron, Zoidberg, and other characters with that certain quality they share.
Personal Quote: "Don't worry - if I jack your stuff, that just means I'm giving away my nothing!&quot
'Sup, humans? Been a good while.

Got a job for about 7 months, quit the job to move to Dad's house, got access to a truck, started looking for another job, might be getting that other job soon, wasted a ton of time, started doodling again, wanting to start writing again, aaand still lazy as always. I still really need some motivation techniques.
That pretty much sums me up. Tell me how you've been, instead!
I want to hear from literally all of you.

Yeah, I know that's not gonna happen, but I'm still saying it!

~ Tyros
  • Listening to: "Vicious Lies"
  • Reading: Skeleton Crew
  • Watching: Heroes
  • Playing: I need to find and buy Pokemon Conquest.
  • Eating: Tacos
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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