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I'm looking for a word,
one that describes what
is in front of me.
You start with
Add a pinch of
Stir with the
glow of the moon
that turns a forest
Yet, after all this,
it doesn't even come
No, to describe what
is in front of me.
One needs to see
So boil it in the
tears of joy
on the fires of our
burning love.
Let it run through
the sieve of
And even then,
after all that.
One cannot simply
word what is
in front of me.
For it is truly
Dimitri "Tyrope" Molenaars
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Bringing awesome to a high level
in a small space in the land
many people travel
to gather this band
making music,
having fun
Playing ninja,
and the occasional bad pun.
Let's make the world
a better place.
By including everyone
all the genders, ages and race
Gather 'round.
For a time and date,
has been found.
Where our awesome
can be spread.
like peanut butter
on a slice of bread.
Dimitri "Tyrope" Molenaars
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Ripple, by ~strawbeekitten by Tyrope Ripple, by ~strawbeekitten :icontyrope:Tyrope 0 0
Random girl on DailyBooth
Hey there Ashley.
We've never met but,
I just read you're dead.
Only fourteen if your profile is correct.
Way too young and that's sad.
I saw a picture on DailyBooth
While I was staring at the live feed.
It was a you, staring at the camera.
I was shocked when it said R.I.P.
This poem is in honour of you,
even though we're complete strangers.
Somehow I hope this'll help your friends
family and other loved ones.
So this is to ashleylovesyoupeople
fourteen year old from somewhere in the universe
I hope your short life was a happy one.
You will be missed, I'm sure.
Rest in Peace, little girl, Rest in Peace.
Dimitri "TyRope" Molenaars
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A Nerdfighter's admittance.
Hey Anna, I gotta say
I've been trying to tell you
but kept adding more and more delay
but here's the end of the queue
Alright, that's it
no more distractions
It's time to admit
and explain my actions
I have a request
one that's hard for me to ask
I promise this isn't a test
time to get on with the task
I am in nerdfighterlike with you.
That was so hard to write!
Do you like me too?
Tell the truth, i'll be alright.
Dimitri "Tyrope" Molenaars
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When the birds go and fly
when the miners go to mine
when the earth turns around the sun
and the moon twists around us
When good and bad beat
when you and I meet
when the game
becomes reality
Where those birds don't fly
Where those miners don't mine
Where the sun doesn't shine
Where the moon does glow
Where good is,
and bad isn't.
That's where we meet.
That's where the game, becomes reality.
Dimitri "Tyrope" Molenaars
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But when there is no happiness,
life can be so hard.
When there is only sadness,
you'll have to stand guard.
Because when sad overpowers happy
which can often be
You know yours friends by them saying:
"You can count on me."
As true friends will,
no matter what 's wrong.
At the least attempt,
To always make you feel strong.
So always remember
in times of need.
Real friends will be there
Be with you indeed
Dimitri "Tyrope" Molenaars
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Variee flint stone by BartoszCiba Variee flint stone :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 48 0 Variee dendritic agate by BartoszCiba Variee dendritic agate :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 28 0 Variee Marocco agate by BartoszCiba Variee Marocco agate :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 14 0 Variee cuprite by BartoszCiba Variee cuprite :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 32 1 Variee tigers eye by BartoszCiba Variee tigers eye :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 26 0 Variee rhodonite by BartoszCiba Variee rhodonite :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 36 0 Variee malachite by BartoszCiba Variee malachite :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 38 1 Variee red mokaite by BartoszCiba Variee red mokaite :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 28 0 Variee jade by BartoszCiba Variee jade :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 34 1 Variee amethyst by BartoszCiba Variee amethyst :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 73 5 Variee onyx by BartoszCiba Variee onyx :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 36 0 Variee ocean jasper by BartoszCiba Variee ocean jasper :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 18 3 Variee amazonite by BartoszCiba Variee amazonite :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 41 2 Variee sodalite by BartoszCiba Variee sodalite :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 23 0 Veriee brown mokaite by BartoszCiba Veriee brown mokaite :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 18 0 Variee Botswana agate 2 by BartoszCiba Variee Botswana agate 2 :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 21 0



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Dimitri 'Tyrope' Molenaars


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