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Wonder Woman

Hope you all dig it!

I'm fairly dissapointed with the way that it looks on an LCD monitor...I work on a Wacom Cintiq, and the color is soooo damn precise and good on it that it pains me to see it on anyone else's LCD screen! ARG! If any of you get the chance to see me at Megacon I'll show it to you in person. It looks a heck of alot better. :P

Painter IX and Photoshop for the paints! Everything else is traditional hand and pencil drawing. THanks for looking!!! Double thanks for commenting! And you just ROCK if you fav it!

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I LOVE your very alphonse mucha feel to most of your paintings!!!  :D very nice!!!
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This is the way WW is supposed to be. I love this!
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Love the style
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very beautiful!!!
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Thanks a lot!
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Damn, it's more than good...!!! I love that boobs....they're so real
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that is awsome!
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I've seen your work (today as a matter of fact) on Ladies of Marvel & DC on Facebook and I've seen over the last few months here on deviantart. You work is pretty damn good. I've never been much of an artist when it comes to pen, pencil and brush. I've been hoping to dabble with some Corel or maybe Photoshop and a little Wacom drawing pad I have. I'm looking at getting a program called Manga Studio 5 and I've got a program on how to get past the beginners mistakes on perspective. All of it just to spend some time dabbling because I'm never going to be able to do what you can. But I can give it an embarrassingly (private) effort. Don't want anyone to see my stick figure efforts when I'm trying to prove that I can at least take some pretty fair amateur photos. Anyway your work is killer good I'm guessing you do some work for the magazines too.
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Thanks for all the great feedback! All the software packages you mentioned are great and will do amazing things for you. Practice is the key. If you love doing this type of work, you will get better.
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Ty, there are sellers on Amazon ripping off your image and selling it on Phone cases.
Search "Wonder Woman" and "cases" on Amazon and you'll see. Email a DMCA to legal@amazon and they will take care of it. (I had to do the same thing and noticed this image being ripped off.)
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WOW, thanks for the heads up! I had no idea this was going on.
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LMK if you need some help with what to do to take them down. That's just all kinds of wrong.
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OR - I may be mistaken. It looks very similar to one. Feel free to delete my message if it's not accurate. :)
Colors look great on my iPad!
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