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PMDU app: Team KeroGiri
Date Joined:10/20/2013
Current Funds: 5st
1st MEMBER SIGNATURE Ryojin Keroro
Pokemon Species:Frogadeir
Nature and Characteristic:Jolly Alert to sounds
Gender: Male               Age: 22 in human years
Ability: Protein
Strength:2           Agility:5
Intelligence:3      Charisma:2
Total Points Left: 0
Type bonus: Water AGL+2
Move 1: Substitute.
In a moment when the Opponent is distracted or he's out of their line of sight he will create a double at the expense of his vitality once that double runs out of vitality it turns into a life size plush of Ryojin.
Move 2: Double team.
He creates duplicates of himself out of bubbles and covers himself in them raising his evasiveness whilst the confused opponent tries to figure out the real Ryojin from the bubble clones.
Move 3: Scald.
The water in his water bladder heats to boiling and he fires out a scalding hot stream of water that might leave the opponent with a boiling burn.
Move 4: Acro
:icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 2 0
Event 0: A routine Disaster!
Class is in session.
(( FPV= first person view CSV= Cut scene view to cut to the missions just ctr (cmd)+f *missions ))
The scene opens to total darkness. you hear moonlight sonata playing in the echoing darkness.
you then hear hard soul shoes swiftly walking to the viewer at a light comes on illuminating a simple metal desk and chair.
The footsteps growing slower and softer as a the light's gentle illumination reveals a tall and well dressed man wearing a black tie suit, top hat, and a gas-mask obscuring his face. He pulls the chair out, taking a seat before he pulls out a iPhone and sets it on a stand on the table before gently pressing play on a audio file.
The audio file plays a male artificial voice. "Hello, I am what is known as the "Travel agent". I do not take you to another location, rather, I take you to another reality. There is more then one of everything, and there is a reality for every possibility. I am here to take you to one of the possibilities, a reality that is
:icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 0 0
FerAc App Kirt Coltrain by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot FerAc App Kirt Coltrain :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 2 0 Benzai abe FerAc application by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Benzai abe FerAc application :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 4 4 LoulieBelle FerAc app by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot LoulieBelle FerAc app :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 3 0 Clan Symbols FerAc by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Clan Symbols FerAc :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 0 0 Ferrell Academy Applications PSDs/JPGs by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Ferrell Academy Applications PSDs/JPGs :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 2 0 Ferrel Academy Island Map by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Ferrel Academy Island Map :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 2 1 Ferrell Academy Application, Maria Ferrel by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Ferrell Academy Application, Maria Ferrel :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 1 1 App tutorial by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot App tutorial :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 5 8 Staff app by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Staff app :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 0 0 Teacher app by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Teacher app :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 0 3 PlanesRunners App by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot PlanesRunners App :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 1 0 Deep Swimmers app (closed) by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Deep Swimmers app (closed) :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 0 0 Asphalt crawlers app by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Asphalt crawlers app :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 1 0 Cliff dwellers app by Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot Cliff dwellers app :icontyro-jerrit-heartnot:Tyro-Jerrit-Heartnot 2 2


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Where to begin?  first the TL;DR for those too lazy to read this all out.

1st and greatest priority: My dear Uncle Died with nothing but 4 kids to his name they need help covering his funeral expenses and such and that takes priority!

2nd but still a big priority: Cat pissed on my laptop killing the motherboard.  Using mom's laptop to post this.  Need this GPU for replacement laptop I got as payment for a job, this is the only missing part. My paypal is this should show up as my failed buisiness venture tom's computer repair.  I need a laptop so I can continue fixing others and helping out people for cheap or free.

3rd an necessary priority:  I been patroning an artist I like and i feel she could use all the help she could get, I just need $10 for her patron fees. My paypal is this should show up as my failed buisiness venture tom's computer repair.

4th: Lowest priority and not necessary unless you want to.  My nephew destroyed the xbox controller I had for my pc, he was using it for battlefield got  his ass kicked to where he was salty enough to throw it and break it. Due to situation 1 his parents can't afford to replace it,.  So given it's on sale I could use a steam controller. one he can't barrow.  even if I wanted to lend it to him.  My paypal is this should show up as my failed buisiness venture tom's computer repair.

with all that in mind  now the long post.

This summer, for a lack of a better word has been shitty,
Trump and clinton ahead in the polls whilst bush and sanders lag behind.
Right and left wing maniacs shooting up and/or bombing gay night clubs, wal-marts, targets, and the like.
England leaving the EU with racists rising up over there.
and shitty things of a personal nature from which I will list off here.

One: My uncle mike, Big guy with a equally big heart just passed away in his sleep from a heart attack and he has only four kids to his name one, being disabled.  His body was not cold yet, when his GF immediately took everything of value sold it and ran off leaving the kids to his ex who only wants the  disabled one for his SSI benefits. His eldest son from another marriage, who disowned Mike years ago has come back back for the sake of his little brothers and sisters.  He's now trying to deal with this mess so is my mom. Mike had no will or insurance so now they gotta cover the funeral costs, legal guardianship fees and the costs of getting the kids to cali where he  lives also pay a private investigator to find the lost possessions so they can prosecute the GF. this is the go fund me account for poor uncle mike. if you can please contribute or at least spread the word!  I don't care about the situations below this one so much as long as this is taken care of...

Two: while this was happening my cat climbed onto my computer desk onto my laptop and pissed on it! I hear a  hiss and saw  some smoke rise from my room  I ran over to see my cat darting away from my desk and the source of the smoke. My laptop. I ran over to it to see piss leaking through it  i immediately pulled out the SSD before it got wet and hung out the laptop to dry hoping that will fix it.  I tried to boot it up again when it  was dry to no avail. fortunately I had a broken laptop I got as payment from a client I was fixing up to be my next machine, All it needs is a new GPU chip.  This one, It's nothing fancy or expensive, just essential.  My paypal is, the only reason I have not been able to pay for this is because I already gave what I had left to my uncle's fund. I am posting this journal from my mom's laptop.

Three: This month about a half month ago I heard my good friend :iconcherryredimp: was going through a rough patch so out of love for the art and the artist I patronized her. Well thanks to the uncle death situation I have no funds to patronize her. I am a $10 tier patron, I only ask you do us both a favor and see if it would be not too much trouble to give me the money she needs. My paypal is

Four: a couple of months ago I had a xb360 controller with receiver that i used for pc gaming. I loved it and it worked with almost anything. My nephew asked if he could use it because my (still living) uncle stepped on  his breaking it. I said sure and shipped it off to him in a fast rate box. Not too long after that he was getting his ass kicked on battlefield by a mocking 12 year old that pretty much brought my nephew's salt level to that of the dead sea and at the end of the match he pissed off my nephew enough into smashing my controller against the ground in frustration . They are in a bit of a rough patch so they have not been able to give me compensation for this and now thanks to my uncle's death it's not happening anytime soon. But fortunately there is hope. Steam is having it's summer sale and thankfully that includes their hardware. amazon (from which i still have about 4 days of prime trial left.) has adjusted their price to reflect this sale, This would be the perfect replacement for the 360 controlelr and as a bonus my nephew won't be able to use it with his 360 so he would never bother  to ask to barrow it.This is low on my list of priorities. i'm fine if this does not happen. but if you feel like helping me out on this i'll return this favor in the future when things are going my way my paypal is

So. that's what's been going on in my life,  amounting to one of the shittiest summers ever. If you guys feel like helping out to make it any less shitty. Thanks. You have my loyalty and gratitude....


T. Chambers
United States
Current Residence: orlando fl
Favourite genre of music: Punk rock,alt rock, rap and classic rock and a bit of pop
Favourite photographer: Don't know any.
Favourite style of art: Anime and Anthro
Operating System: Win 98 se to Winxp pro, vista, OS 10 or any Lynix
MP3 player of choice: DS: moonshell
Shell of choice: None.
Wallpaper of choice: Blood+
Skin of choice: Angelic
Favourite cartoon character: Onizuka from GTO
Personal Quote: There is a door to every possibility. You just need to find the key.


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