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We Are Groot

Guess who saw Guardians yesterday and can't stop fawning over a sprig now?



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Whomever it is, it's definitely not me.

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I can't wait to see baby Groot in GotG 2. :happybounce: 
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Oh man I know right?! So cute!
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We are all groot >w<
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Hey that's what Groot said when he died :o (I'm sorry I'm that special kind of insane person)
Rainwolf21's avatar
Groot is adorable no matter the size.  And it's so hard to believe Vin Disel voices him
TyrineCarver's avatar
I know right? He did such a great job with him too x3
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Omg really? : D Like the exact same image or a dancing Groot one?
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SAME PIC AND EVERYTHIG I go it at a Con it was Awesome and is one of my Favorite Shirts XD
TyrineCarver's avatar
OMG! : D Send me a picture! 
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here ya Go ^^…

Your a Awesome Artist btw and I Love Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe if ya ever get time ya could check out my adorable fan comic series…
TyrineCarver's avatar
That's absolutely amazing : D I hope you enjoy the shirt >w<

Although I only gave one person permission to use the art to make a shirt for their daughter. So if someone is mass producing and selling them, technically they are stealing art from me ^^' *sigh* This happens so much I don't even. Anyways, I'm glad you got a cool shirt out of it. Though if you can remember who you got the shirt from, I'd love to give them a stern talking to.

Your comic so adorable btw! : D I love it!
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This is amazing!
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Mini Groot has some of the best moves I've ever seen even without legs XD
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He's rockin' out xD
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I love the 'Big' Groot's eyes, there is so much love in them... Totally awesome! ♥
TyrineCarver's avatar
Thank you so much! >w<
rubyrouge649's avatar
No I fawned over him too. He was my favourite character :D
TyrineCarver's avatar
He's the best >w<
valintinechaotix's avatar
Awwww cute I love Groot >///<
TyrineCarver's avatar
He's the greatest! >w<
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