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In my last update Weight Loss Update journal, posted back in July, I celebrated the milestone of getting my weight down below 150lbs, the threshold at which someone of my height is considered overweight. I also set myself the additional target of either:
1: Getting my weight down to between 130lb and 136lbs, and/or
2: Getting my waistline down to below 32.5 inches
The idea being that accomplishing goal 1 would put me roughly in the middle of the ideal weight range for a person of my height, and accomplishing goal 2 would get my waistline down to the ideal healthy maximum for someone of my height.
After making these goals, I promised to post another update in September on how I was progressing with my final weight loss goal.

Well, I'm proud to say that not only have I have succeeded in getting my weight down to just under 136lbs, but I have also gotten my waistline down to 31 inches.
To put this in context for those who haven't read my previous updates, back in Mid-March when I started my weight loss efforts, I was tipping the scales at 203lbs, and measured 43 inches around the waist. So, these latest figures brings my weight loss to a total of 70lbs, along with a total loss of 12 inches from my waistline.
All of this was accomplished in the span of six months, simply by eating a little less, and going for long walks on a regular basis.
Not a single penny was spent on dieting aids, gyms memberships, or fad diets... Although, I have had to spend a small fortune on purchasing new clothing, as literally none of my old clothes fits me any more :XD:

Now that I've gone from being classed as Category 1 Obese, to being in the middle of the healthy weight range for my height, all I have to do now is keep the weight off.
Despite the Xmas season rapidly approaching (and yes, despite it being three months away, we already have several Xmas lines out on sale at work, but that's a rant for another time), and the inevitable avalanche of calories it brings with it, I don't think Ill have too much trouble. Part of the beauty of my weight loss programs was that the bulk of the exercise was built into my travels too and fro work. Currently I'm walking about three miles each way, meaning I'm walking a minimum of six miles a day. At my peak though I was walking roughly five miles each way, as a result, even if I didn't bother with an afternoon walk, I was still getting in ten miles a day. So, if I find myself putting on a few pounds over the Xmas season, simply increasing my walk to and fro work back to five miles each way should be enough to burn off a few hundred extra calories a day.

On one final note though, I think the thing I'm most proud of, is the effect that my weight loss has had on some of my co-workers. After seeing me going from being a podgy fatso to a "skinny-minny" (to borrow a tongue-in-cheek nickname one of my co-workers gave me), it seems a few of them have decided to follow my lead and have a crack at losing weight too.
So not only have I gotten in shape myself, I've also managed to inspire a few others to try bettering themselves too! =D
If that's not something to be proud off, then I don't know what is.


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