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Two races

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The Morphoids are my xenos concept for my Warhammer comic. 

The souls of the living Morphoids are so feeble that they barely register in the Warp like the Tau. But if these xenos die by a terrible dead or can't rest in peace for some reason, then their souls going to be evolve into a mad being, mostly restless  and sometimes insane. 
The appereance of the xenos ghosts depends and varies on the character of a Morphoid and sometimes the kind of its dead. The ghosts own a power which is comparably with the energy of the Warp but they're independent of the immaterium and its power and shouldn't be put on a same level with demons.
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NothingnessSoldier14Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love it if you kept this marine scale instead of making them the size of a dreadnought all the damn time.
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aw shit zombie aliens 
as if these morphoids weren't bad enough
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40kwarlordProfessional General Artist
Excellent! I love the drawing Clap 
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Interesting, not many who dare make new races for the universe.
Also, if it's powers SHOULD not be put on the same level, i am curiouse what would happen then!
There's just a streak of "want to know", otherwise i a looking forward seeing more of them.
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mavericktheinsaneHobbyist Artist
the question i want to know is, can you kill the ghost form?
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
How you gonna kill someone who is dead already? :lol:
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mavericktheinsaneHobbyist Artist
So how will the imperium, or any other faction will deel with them? There all ready dead,
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
There are some ways to banish or debilitate them.
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purpleshadowboosterHobbyist Artist
that look cool  :) 
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TheAsorlinsStrikeStudent Traditional Artist
Its death sweety a terrible death.
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