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The never ending discussion part 4

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Is there no ending ?!

Part 3 here tyrantwache.deviantart.com/art…

This is an excerpt from a german warhammer-forum...crazy fellows. Because some of you haven't foreign language competences in german I made an effort to translate the postings.

Beware, english isn't my native language neither so I may be incorrect with this and I'm sorry for that.
If you find some incorrect sentences or grammar please notify me about that.



Quote: I read up something. They are only sitting around and drinking beer. No sign of women. But beer at least.^^


The is being neutralized by a gen/implant instantly. It is explained in the roman “Warriors of Ultramar” with wine.


Because to drink wine/beer is like sex nothing important for a SM. But they drink alcohol anyway.

By this example it could be the same. Theoretical they could/can do it but without an effect.



The Space Wolves regular get hammered but that is a tradition on Fenris (reference were the Vikings, and can you imagine a Viking who doesn’t drink? ) Other higher instances tolerate it (but they don’t like it).

But I know nothing about the point with the women. But I guess they are not procreative. It is so, the Space Marine genseed is being rejected by the female body, that’s why I think that Space Marine sperm is useless for a woman if she is’nt being made compatible in some way.


I think that the most chapters are ordering celibacy.



Well, they’re being all infertile theoretical. But I don’t think that all chapters order celibacy. There is a little hint in the first volume of the Gaunt’s Ghosts series there, that could say that Space Marines are procreative after all. As Ibram Gaunt went to the Schola Progenium, he met a young boy who claimed that his father was a  Space Marine.

The Schola-Director told, that isn’t the truth, but he said nothing against that Space Marines can have children actually.


In the Codex Witchhunter they say, that the Sororitas have to obey each order of their chiefs (and Inquisitors). But it could be very narrow under the stiff Servoarmor, if the sin will be punished after nine months. Giggle 


Hmmm, what I would like to say is, Space Marines can have sex…. Maybe some chapters can procreate (genseed deviance) who knows…



Short change of topic: In my more athletic times I had always prohibition of sex some days before the contests. Because it unloads the energy which you need for the contest.

But if you can’t do sports to unload over a longer time (phases if you are injured for example), the sexually hunger increases enormously.


That means for the killermachines: In the critical phases of war sex is counterproductive and not important, you can have a fling on the battlefield; but in longer times of break like to travel to other locations, a highly developed capacity for a sexual life (with of without a woman) enable to keep up a higher mass of the energy circle, without demolishing the furniture or hurting a brother.


So my conclusion is: It would be unwise to turn the sexual instinct off, because it is veery related with the physical peak power. Not to mention the aggression.


A little marginal note: Women are being encouraged to have sex before contests, because it’s quicken them in contrast to men. So there’s no limit for the imagination of the preparation of the battle with the Sororitas… Sunglasses are good 

It is tragicomic, that GW celebrates violence in the publication, but avoid sex like the most moralizer.



Well, in a game where is “only war”, I don’t need non-stop sex. It is just a little part of the fluff. Roleplaying games which have other focuses on their fluff , where they respond to sex.



Quote: A little marginal note: Women are being encouraged to have sex before contests, because it’s quicken them in contrast to men. So there’s no limit for the imagination of the preparation of the battle with the Sororitas… J


Because of the proteins? Laughing  



Another reason to NOT cut off the wang could be the psychological aspect. The testes are the prime testosterone production (the personal Manufactorium of the Space Marine Roll-Eyes Smiley  ), or I’m being wrong :-? (Confused) 


And a Marine is not welled-received with a voice of a castrate…


“By the Emperor, repent heretic! Hey why are you laughing?! Stop it, that isn’t funny!”

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2. And whats with the Fenrisian Astartes who catched Lupus and are now, well, Space Wolves?

3. Heresy

4. Heresy

7.The voice may change a miff if you are 3 times the size your biology dictates you. And why would you need testosterone when you have psychic indoctrination and a n outlet for your aggressions? Only Guardsmen need testosterone.
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
why should third and fourth be heresy?
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3.1 If they can procreate they think themselfes something different as the holy Astartes, they think of themselfes as something other than HIS holy warriors, for that, and only that, HE created them. For them to think something other is heresy.

3.2 If they can procreate they can be corrupted by it, corruption is heresy, especially for a noble Astartes. He has to be brought back to HIS grace, but he broke HIS holy orders all Astartes have sworn to fulfill, and for doing so there is only one remedy. The same for everyone who forsook HIS holy light. *Blam*

3.3 If a Astartes procreates, he can have progeny. If an Astartes has progeny it can be used against him, against the Imperium and against HIM on his holy throne. If an Astartes has progeny he IS something other than a warrior in HIS orders, for love and progeny led the mind astray on paths his mind has nothing to search on, and a mind who wanders is open to corruption for the great enemy does not always need open gates, but a crack in the walls. And for an Astartes not always being vigilant is heresy.

4. The EMPEROR created his progeny, the revered Primarchs, in his own image, and created the Astartes after his own progeny. To think they NEED something else to do their holy duty and HIS holy will is heresy, because to doubt the Astartes is to doubt the Primarchs, and to doubt the primarchs is to doubt the Emperor.

(damn, and here I tried not to sound too, well, tacky XP)
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KateMetalHeadHobbyist Traditional Artist
If we consider that the gene-see are organs and implants turning a man into a Space Marine, the actual male sperm cells should not be affected, or genetically altered; at least none of the 19 organs/implant are said to affect them. So if they actually had a child, it would not carry the genetic alterations of an Astartes.

To remove the testes or inhibit their activity would be stupid since testosterone does not only effect the sex-drive, but is also part of bone and muscle growth, fat-storage, as well aggressiveness, regeneration of bone and chondral, vitality, erythropoiesis, ect. If you look at what a neophyte has to go through and compare it to the effects of testosterone, they either get more, or an artificial hormone very close to it

The only thing that would impair the natural sex-drive and keep an Astartes from having children of their own, is the lack of long term contact with civilians and there for women, but most of all their training, conditioning and lifestyle. In short, it’s psychosocial not physical impairments. Like with fear their sex-drive is not gone but suppressed to a point that one would hardly notice its ever still there; though that likely varies from individual to individual.

We can be pretty sure though that they do feel desire, lust and even arousa, but it is usually expressed as things like their eagerness to go into battle and kill...to give an extreme example: Khorne Berzerkers. It is not romantic in the least bit, but it concerns similar if not the same neurotransmitters and areas in the brain as (sexual)arousal.
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Übrigens Space Wolves können sehr wohl betrunken werden da die Derbwurz als Zusatz in den Alkohol mischen der verhindert das der Alkohol neutralisiert werden kann.
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
Ja, ich hab da auch mal was drüber gelesen.
Stand das nicht mal im altem SW Codex drin?
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Glaube ja und auch irgendwie etwas erwähnt bei den Space Wolves Romanen.
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Ich habe erst ab Post 3 angefangen zu lesen, um den Sinn der zugeordneten Dekorationszeichnung zu verstehen, fand nichts und dann dämmerte mir..Sie ist da um meine Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zu ziehen "I see what you did there"   TW
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purpleshadowboosterHobbyist Artist
i don't know if that will ever stop  XP   boy this is getting funny and weird.  
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry the next is the last one :)
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purpleshadowboosterHobbyist Artist
and has same shit and giggles?  XP 
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
It's uploaded look a it :)
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purpleshadowboosterHobbyist Artist
i am  XD  oohh my god i am having way to mach fun reading them and love the pics  :XD: 
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Until today, I had never thought of Space Marines drinking alcoholic drinks...

Can they even get drunk?
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
I've heard that the Space Wolves have a special beer which makes them drunk Oo
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HappyHereticsHobbyist General Artist
Also im meinen Spacewolves Codex ist zumindest am Rande erwähnt dass sie Sex haben.. (Im Bezug auf eine verschollene Kompanie die nur verschollen ist weil sie sich auf einen Xenosplaneten von den dortigen Frauen zu sehr haben ablenken lassen..XD)
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
Im dem Jetzigen oder einem älteren Codex von denen?
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HappyHereticsHobbyist General Artist
Weiß nicht ob mittlerweile schon ein neues rauskam, ich hab meins vor 1 oder 2 Jahren gekauft und laut erster Seite ist das von 2009.
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah ok, dann dürfte das der noch Aktuelle sein.
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