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The never ending discussion part 2

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If exists there's a part 2

This is an excerpt from a german warhammer-forum...crazy fellows. Because some of you haven't foreign language competences in german I made an effort to translate the postings.

Beware, english isn't my native language neither so I may be incorrect with this and I'm sorry for that.
If you find some incorrect sentences or grammar please notify me about that.



I can imagine that the weeny of a SM doesn’t grow with him, cuz potential candidates are recruited with max 14 years -  and we know the puberty with the whole shebag is not finish (expect the reproductiveness-even little guns could be loaded with live ammution…) The growth of the male sexual organ are be initialized by the other hormones and there I think that we SHOULDN’T pay much attention to surgeries/growth suppression/ablation/castration  in the fluff. I don’t think that this ability of the male body  has to be developed – they want pure warriors and nothing else.

And it would be fatal, if genetic modified creatures could procreate. Nobody knows – or they had a bad experience with the creation of SMs at the beginning – what could be born… and by that public mutant-hatementality in the Empire… you don’t want to be responsible for a mass of supermutants which you can’t kill easily. ;)


To the point with ECs + sex: depending how much you grapple with this topic, but sex doesn’t mean only to hide the weasel or dunk the dolphin (you know what I mean, just don’t wanna say that at this time…) They have other alternatives to make a woman happy. As said by PozazChaos, all extreme sensations should be added to the ECs. Who knows, maybe they have something like a nerve stimulation gadget which gives them better raptures – extreme pain, bliss, rage – there could be also a simulated orgasm…

Also the dark Prince of Pleasure is so farsighted and wise, that he gives his best mortal servants the possibility to procreat… but this ist just a wild guess.


I, personally, don’t want to become a SM or CSM.  I’m 1,96 m tall already -  where should I buy my clothes?! O.O Besides I don’t wanna be the one who finds out that the additional implants could kill you if you don’t cut your b**ls off.

Well then we would – if or if not – know that and the discussions would end here – but not with me please…



Quote: I’m in agreement that they are all castrated, why to have something which is not to use and painful if you hurt it? O.o Besides I think it is a too big risk to bleed to death with a well-supplied with blood thing… if Marines can bleed to death? O.o


That’s right, either you have the blood in your brain or….


Quote: to try to have sex would be like the try to drive a truck through an underground garage. :D


That should be make clear, if they are to proportion them would be pretty useless or rather risky because in a woman who’s 1, 80 m tall *ahem* fits just max. 12”…

Even by normal humans is this “mutation” ,who exists in all bigger groups of men, more or less far sensless… (They say each racialgroup 2000-5000 men with over 15”)



For the rest I think that GW would never castrate the SMs in the fluff. Cuz which sort of 10 – 16 years old pubescent kid want to play an army of eunuchs?

I wouldn’t read to much into that. There sex is frowned upon like violence in our world. There aren’t other reasons. 

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SM are child soldiers, steroid use and testosterone supplements cause the testes to shut down and cease production altogether. Fight Club's Robert Paulson got 'bitch-tits' because upping his testosterone cause his body to compensate by upping estrogen hence his mammaries. This reaction is uniquely masculine, therefore Sm can only be male. 'SM can only be male' is already cannon.

In all the argument that 'SM's hormonal and biological tampering replaces and neutralizes (by exploiting) puberty and as a result SM are eunuchs' is possible, likely, and fits perfectly with 40k canon.
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MishaiHobbyist Digital Artist
this is so wrong on so many levels.....emperor was never described as lunatic...he not even saw self as a god....primarch was his childern and marines are "gifted" by primarch gene seed....where the fuck anyone see the cutting balls off?....its stupid...really in 50 000 actual REAL mankind history you cant find any group which made a "better" warriors thanks to cutting theyr balls....only result to such stuff was higgly giggly pain ear voice monks which was never ever considered badass nor fight able...damn even for dog is castration used to call him ethernaly down...but nevermind each chapter got own rules...if somebody wanna have chapter of high voice castrated monks which live in prayers then sure enjoy...rest of sane chapters will have manly marines:)
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This is just so awesome, gonna tell all my guys about that xD
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Now going as Chaos Philoso-Dreadnaught I leave my thought:

I love these kind of 40k discussions really, everyone wants to be right but at the same time they don't want to, mostly, because if they CAN reproduce they can create an aberration (and the... uhm... reproductive organ size incognita) and if they CAN'T... well... 3rd comment was kinda right, 10-16 old pubescent kids don't want Eunuchs.

I personally preffer to believe they CAN have kids but some of the chapters have it forbiden by the Codex Astartes, you know what I mean, the angels of a religion shouldn't go around prengning female believers... Of course there are also those chapters with the "I follow my own rules" codex that are free to roam in the shadows of those possibilities.

As for the Chaos Space Marines, hell we're free from any rule, I'd be mad if my army had left the *cough*False*cough* Emperor behind and still would be forbid to do as they wish with their body, they're old enough to know what they're doing...

-Philoso-Dread Mechaelite
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
I think even if GW say "yes they can/no they can't" offical, we are the fanboys and girls, we do what we wanna do with the fluff. :)
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purpleshadowboosterHobbyist Artist
XD  sorry but the pic of the marine that has balls or life is just funny and made my day  :XD: after having a shitty morning. 
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
hehe :lol:
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purpleshadowboosterHobbyist Artist
I think the marine would have to pick life seeing as he duty is to fight the enemy of man kind  XP 
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
I can imagine the pain in his face if he takes that answer....
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purpleshadowboosterHobbyist Artist
yeah.  He got to fight the enemy's of man kind and not been with woman  lol   XP  Who know the enemy may even kidnap that woman if he really love her :XD:
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