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Space Viking

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It's him ;P [link]

Space Wolves by Games Workshop
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Is the pose inspired by technoviking?
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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes,I wrote it in the description with a Link.
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"If I see you Grey Knights in my yard ONE MORE RUSS-DAMNED TIME......!!!"
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*mehehe* First I thought he was giving us the finger :D
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"Now YOU listen here!"
HELL YA man you have really captured the Space Wolf look, now all he needs is a Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, and be in the heart of a battle!
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Actually, I think this brother needs a giant glowstick for a powerweapon.
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Sounds like a fun idea!

The we put on THIS music [link]
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Hehe, is there any other song beside this one to play to this? I don't think so - The Elders made this particular piece of acoustic pleasantry just for this occasion! :3
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There he stands in the field of honour, bobbing his head, thrusting his hips with Astartes strength and swinging his giant glowstick along with his battle brothers while the Guardsmen streak the sky with lasfire of many colour to create a laser show.

"For the All-Father!" He raves on.

The Sisters Of Battle dance in cages.
Techpriests and Iron Priests sets up a bar and make shots.
Elders drink the shots until they puke out a lung.
Caliduss assassins serves some sleek breakdance moves.
Inquisitor be bouncers.

Somewhere back in Terra, the God-Emperor of Mankind taps his feet to the raving beat.
WHAT!?!? Hell no he needs a sacred blade that tasted the blood of traitors, heretics, and xenos alike in countless battle, all in the name of Russ, of the Allfather, and for the Wolftime!
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B-But... But giant glowsticks. Phallic innuendos. RAVING LIKE A SLAANESHI MOTHERFUCKER. D:
Is NOTHING to a sacred weapon of the Space Wolves Chapter, and Slaaneshi is the enemy of the Emporium! A dark goddess of Chaos and no son of Fenris will ever be willingly corrupted with out a fight!
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They all say that - In the beginning, that is.

But after a while? Everyone succumbs to Her who thirsts.
Perhaps but not this one, for I see a warrior loyal to the Wolf King and to the All Father till his dying death, and he will never serenader to She who thirst. For he will fight till all who oppose him lay dead at his feat, or he dies an honourable death slaying as many followers of Chaos as he can!
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That, or he turns Wulfen.

Wulfen gives no :censored: to the Ruinous Powers.
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And now a Brother Sharp Inquisitor.
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Auh-KaisStudent General Artist
Oh hell yeah!
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CrackshotzHobbyist Traditional Artist
All heil das!
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MaKo85Hobbyist Traditional Artist

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tyrantwacheHobbyist Digital Artist
And his mightiest weapon is to dance the enemy down.))
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MaKo85Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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BantiratHobbyist Digital Artist
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ignika24Hobbyist Artist
What about the Techno Space Viking ?
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