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IT 40K Crossover

By tyrantwache
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Yes, I'm still alive. But I couldn't put a pencil in my hand the last months and didn't look at my art accounts in this time... I don't know why >_>;

I saw the remake of Stephen Kings IT and well... for some reason it was funny and scary at the same time. Especially the new Pennywise... my god his eyes and theeth.
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i love this so much i found it going a random google search for pennywise stuff

i am actually making the rough out of a idea of incorporating a crossover of pennywise into the warhammer game of necromunda

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Galaxy's most lost genestealer
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Actually Pennywises true form is incomprehensible to almost anything so that is why he looks like a spider monster to a lot of things 
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Did he just... Mimic the Emperor of Mankind?
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Well I didn't think about that idea :)

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Poor penny wise 
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Omg... Pennywise is a genestealer.... it all makes sense now...
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I'm confused who the child is that he's holding.  Is that a character from 40K?
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He's just a random child, no one special from this universe.
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Pennywise would fit right in with 40k.
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The question is which sort of demon It is.
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Who are you and why im watching your profile?
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1. I'm an artist
2. Probably you like my art
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