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I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really ...

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I’m not in a mood for an introduction let’s just get this over with.…

“I cannot even begin to describe how much I wish the series would die and burn in hell for what it did to me”

-Are you going to explain or give us a little back story? No.... of course.

“1. Sonic as a character is an absolutely horrible protagonist due to being so obnoxious, impulsive and stupid”

- While is his rather impulsive at times, I never saw him as obnoxious nor dumb. Sure his voice can be obnoxious at times depending on the voice actor. And the only time I’ve ever seen him do anything dumb was in Rise of Lyric where awakened the titular villain. Other than that he’s one of my favorite protagonist. He a bit cocky, but always has his sights on adventure and is will do anything to protect the world from evil.

“2. Sonic loves eating chili dogs, that is just absolutely repulsive and disgusting”

- Not even half way though and he’s already nitpicking. Not everyone is going to have the same tastes when it comes to food. I don’t like chili dogs either but that’s a valid argument.

“3. I find it highly offensive how a series called Sonic the HEDGEHOG does not focus about small and unique looking animals which is really wasted potential at it's finest”

-Dude...what’s your obsession with small creatures? Why do you hate large fauna so much? Did a moose traumatize you as a kid? Did a polar bear prank you with the scary maze game? Sonic’s intention was never to focus on smaller animals. It’s a game about humanoid animals fighting a mad scientist who’s trying to build a mechanical empire.

“4. There are no female characters in the series that fit my taste because is no female character in it that is an energetic and hyperactive woman with a boisterous attitude who is rough and tough and cute as a button which for me is just pathetic and insulting”

-It’s insulting that your dream wifu isn’t in this series... then look for another franchise that has one. I like goth chick, but you don’t see me being pissed that Sly Cooper doesn’t have one. And again, this is more of a nitpick than a legit reason.

“5. In Sonic games all you can do is run super fast to the finish line while blowing up weak robots there is no puzzles or exploration nothing worth doing it is so boring”

-Yes... but that’s because it’s a platformer game like Mario, Megaman, and Castlevania. If you want and open world game with puzzle solving, play the new God of War or any of the 3D Zelda games.

“6. In the franchise all of the antagonists are either hideous monsters that want to destroy the world just for the sake of being evil or incompetent and unfunny clownish buffoons which either way having no depth or personality to their character”

-I’ll give you that. Most of the antagonist are one note with the exceptions of Eggman who  can comes off as both pompous and menacing at the same time. Metal Sonic as well for being a powerful and ominous being who wants to not only surpass him, but wants to become the “True Sonic”.... (Readers can feel free to make their Highlander jokes in the comments)

“7. The Series does not have specific focus on what kind of animals it is about which means no important restrictions which makes the series just another generic stereotypical anthropomorphic animal series instead of something so much more”

- You’re pretty much repeating your second point. And it really doesn’t matter what species they are anyway. People are more often drawn to the personalities than anything.

“8. The Fans are a group of extremely toxic and mindless freaks who mistreat others very badly.”

- I gotta give you this one as well. I’ve seen what they’re like first hand and it’s utterly ridiculous.

“9. It is propaganda for radical feminists with Sally Acorn as their icon who believe that all males should die and that the female gender is superior while the male gender is comprised of brainless sociopaths”

- I’m sorry, I’ve must of missed the SatAm episode where she berated for “Mansplaining”. Where in the hell did you get this idea from? The only time I’ve seen her out of line was in the comics where she slapped Sonic for wanting to protect the world from Eggman instead of being with her. She was written out of character on purpose due to an editorial mandate that wanted to force Sonic to pair up with Amy. Thankfully that never happened and Sally was back to being as written as a strong and competent tomboy.

“10. Pretty much all of the characters are bland and generic cardboard cutout stereotypes that are defined by only one character trait”

-Screw this. I’m going into rapid fire mode.

Sonic: Cocky and brash, but has a sense of adventure and is willing to do anting to save the planet.
Tails: A very intelligent young fox who has some confidence issues but will always stand by Sonic’s side.
Knuckles: Quick to anger and gullible, but has a sense of honor and will do anything to protect his tribes legacy by guarding the Master Emerald
Shadow: Shows little emotion and harsh, but dedicated to protecting the world as he promised his deceased friend over 50 years ago while struggling with his identity.
Silver: Very quick to jump to conclusions, but has a great sense of justice and a lot of growing up to do.

I could go on, but we’d be here for longer than I can stand at the moment. Timelord, this is getting sad. Made a couple of good points but most of the arguments you made were either opinionated or downright baseless. And this obsession over small animals is starting to get borderline disturbing. I honestly don’t know what else to say to you. Oi.
Favorite Chatacter Bingo

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Well, it’s about time my perspective on the Titans set photos. The thing people are worried about most is the skin for Beast Boy and Starfire, but I feel like they’ll add them in post via CGI enhancements. Though it’s still jarring that they didn’t use any make up, which would actually be cheaper. Aside from that, I think that Beast Boy and Raven look fine. I like the touch that they designed Garfield’s hood after his the Marv Wolfman costume design, it’s a nice touch. The only thing that bugs me about Raven is the fact that her chakra stone on her forehead is missing. But at this point it’s more of a nitpick than anything, maybe she’ll get it later as the story progresses. And Starfire.... let’s not beat around the bush, she just looks bad. I blame the wig and poor costume design personally. But with all that being said, I don’t think we should  judge the quality of the show based on these set photos alone. We still don’t know much about the story or how these characters will be written. I’m going to reserve judgment until we get some proper footage.My Thoughts on the Titans Set Photos.  by TyrantGojira
I tried helping you. I tried having you see through another’s eyes. But I know you won’t listen. Have fan being isolating yourself with your blind nostalgia. Walt would be shaking his head at you.
I recently had a chat with ToonEGuy on his most recent post about Wreck it Ralph 2. All I can say is it’s depressing how far he has fallen down the rabbit hole.


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