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Commissions are always open.

$15 - Mermaid

$20 - Oc kaiju

$30 - Full body or bust coloured

$60 - Group

$90 - Group coloured.

Favourite Visual Artist
Andy Park, Hajime isayama, any who on my favs really
Favourite Movies
Godzilla 2014, Avatar, Jurassic park, marvel, anything that blows me away
Favourite TV Shows
Attack on Titan, Hellsing Ultimate, FMA brotherhood, Ergo proxy, a long list of animes, Game of thrones, Genaration kill, Grimm, True blood, honestly I rarely watch TV
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Coldplay, U2, Enigma, anything that feels and sounds good
Favourite Books
Clash of kings, Metro 2033, Shiver, Warroirs. Attack on Titan manga, fables Sometimes classics
Favourite Writers
Dimitry Glukhovsky, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Christopher Paolini, George rr matin, Erin Hunter, Philip Jose Farmer
Favourite Games
Mass effect trilogy, Far Cry 3&4, Valve games, Dino crisis 2, Evolve, The wolf among us, destiny, Watch dogs, batman arkham, any that blows my mind
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360 and Ps3
Other Interests
I'm interested with animals but i also want to be an author and a voice actor

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Hows it going my compatriot

Hey is there any funny fan art you made?

So, why did you block my boyfriend again?

I don't know who that is?

I don’t know how to unblock and even if I did I’m not unblocking him. Because when it comes to she-ra and only she-ra he can’t seem to keep his opinions and nagging to himself I’ve tried to be civil with him even letting everyone know I am open to constructive criticism but he still couldn‘t help himself even when I was reading between the lines of his comments. He didn‘t seem have a problem with my DC stuff only She-Ra. But even when I said I didn’t like the reboot because of the things I just told you about like the designs and the behaviour of the cast and crew, he kept coming back and assuming and judging I said this and that in my head. If he never liked my designs thats fine if he likes the reboot fine just tell him to not dictate my likes and dislikes or anyone else’s over one show. I wasn’t doing that he assumed I was doing that but since he couldn’t keep his opinions to himself and couldn’t mind his own business I just had enough of him so that’s why I blocked him. The real reason why chose to do my own she-ra designs was to make people happy, balancing what seemed familiar and adding in a modern look and to see what happens that’s it. to And there is a disturbing trend now of making women look like men.

Also the best reboots are the Master of the universe from 2002 and Thundercats 2011 those were made by fans who knew the source material and didn’t play politics because of 2016. Which again is a disturbing trend if you do research and see the patterns you’ll understand like Woke didn’t exist until 2016 it’s just an excuse for black people to be racist and promotes the very thing they hate.

Also those people behind the original did have taste ( I saw your comment on Axel Gimenez page) they talked to each other and back then they didn’t have a large budget every scene was hand drawn, you can imagine the aching hands that went into it and technology wasn’t advanced back then. Even people who liked the original got called “nazis” just for disagreeing with them. Sjw’s are the very thing they hate all they want is to hate and control people.

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I been thinking of something