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Star Wars Theatrical Film Tier List (Post IX)


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Star Wars Theatrical Film Tier List (Post IX)


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Danganronpa Tier List 2020

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Palae-oh-no - Ep 18: Claw and Justice

Sampson awakened in a dark cell, feeling a headache. He noticed his legs were cuffed to the ground, and that Kollin and Corrie were the same. Kollin and Corrie woke up shortly after Sampson, both looking similarly pained. Sampson tried to see if there was any way he could escape. However, a fourth voice was soon heard.    ‘Do not attempt to escape. If you do, you will be stunned on sight, and moved to the highest security prison.’    ‘Who are you?’ Kollin said. The door to the maniraptors’ cell opened to reveal a troodont with a microphone. As he put the microphone back into its slot in the wall, his featur


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Interplanetary Quasar

INTERPLANETARY QUASAR by TYRANNOTITAN333 1.   INT. SPACESHIP BEDROOM. MORNING.       FREBZA hangs from the ceiling, and an alarm goes off. She wakes up and releases her crustacean limbs and tentacles from a slimy patch and falls onto the ground. Her head has one large eye and four smaller ones. 2.   INT. SPACESHIP KITCHEN. MORNING.       FREBZA walks to a tank with a sheep inside on a conveyor belt and uses her tentacles to activate some controls. The sheep is shaved and the wool is sucked up through a tube. FREBZA puts a container under a small chute and pulls on a lever. As the lever is pulled, processed sheep’s wool comes out,

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Palae-oh-no Animation Cel


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