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My Bio
I Am Iain The Dinohog (Half Dinosaur Half Hedgehog.)...

I Do Requests.
I Do Point Commissions.
I Do Not Do Money Commissions.

Cool Guys That I Watch

Characters List
:bulletblue:-Is A Boy
:bulletpink:-Is A Girl
:bulletred:-Is Able To EX-Super Transform.
:bulletwhite:-Is No Able To EX-Super Transform.
Sonic FC's
Hero Side:
These Characters Appear On The Side Of Justice.
:bulletblue::bulletred:Iain The Dinohog
:bulletblue::bulletwhite:Gray The Dinofox
:bulletblue::bulletred:Leon The Dinochidna
:bulletblue::bulletwhite:Sauron The Dinosaur
:bulletblue::bulletwhite:Dart The Hedgehog
:bulletpink::bulletwhite:Lunetta The Hedgehog
:bulletpink::bulletwhite:Tech The Hedgehog

These Characters Are The Opposite Gender Of The Current Characters
:bulletpink::bulletred:Izzy The Dinohog(Iain's Genderbend)

Dark Side:
These Characters Are Hostile Towards Other Characters
:bulletblue::bulletwhite:Crock The Crocodile
:bulletblue::bulletwhite:Jaws The Venus Flytrap
:bulletpink::bulletwhite:Withura The Witherhog

Characters That Will One Day Appear
:bulletpink::bulletwhite:Gray's Genderbend
:bulletpink::bulletred:Leon's Genderbend

Characters I Own But Are Not Used As Of Right Now

Spore Captains
Rescon Side:
The Good Guys. These Characters Are Also Friends With My Sonic FC's And Any Sonic FC And/Or Human That Is Friends Of Mine.
:bulletblue::bulletwhite:Galactic Traveler Spordo The Fierce

Non-Sonic FC/Spore Captain Characters:
These Characters Have Nothing To Do With Either Sonic Nor Spore.
They Have Also These Marks
:bulletorange:-Is A Human
:bulletblack:-Is No Human
:bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletwhite:Elera Alora
:bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletwhite:Marius Wilnida
:bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletwhite:Arkirus Petals
:bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletwhite:Oliva Ruby

The Stamps I Used:
Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s Clark and Stanley fan stamp... by StormDragonAlthazar Stamp - I love t-rex by Carolzilla I love Tyrannosaurus Rex by WishmasterAlchemist Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s Oh Look, Something that's not a base :/ by Sakyas-Bases Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s Not all Sonic FCs are recolors by TheLeetCasualGamer Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s agree to disagree stamp by SanguineJustice Not MLP Fan Stamp by ShadowXEyenoom I seriously don't by Blood-B0xer do not ponyform my characters by Ymia-the-cheetah Stamp- No making my OCs ponies by Useful-Toxican Get Out Bronies by Foedus-Stamps Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s:thumb259010457: First Stamp: Do Not Humanize My Characters by Tyrannosaurus90s Sonic fan stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s Anti-Tags Stamp by Sir-Drago Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s No facebook stamp by ARTic-Weather Facebook Art Theft Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Sonic is Sonic by ARTic-Weather Stamp: Giving Credit Is The Right Thing To Do by Tyrannosaurus90s Username is final by KillboxGraphics Stamp: What Do I Call This? by Tyrannosaurus90s Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s:thumb343724869:<-I Really Hated To Say That, But It's True. Stamp-Daily Minecraft Player by Tyrannosaurus90s Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s Pokemon and Digimon Stamp by Ultra-Shounen-Kai-Z MS Paint User Stamp by iPPG

The Reason Why You Notice That This Stamp -> Stamp-Oh No, Its Broken! by Tyrannosaurus90s<- Is Seen Is Because The Original Stamps I Had Used, Are Either Deleted By The Original Artist Or Put Into Storage.

Character Charts:
Relationship Chart.
Character Relationship Chart by Tyrannosaurus90s

Mega Emeralds:
Iainus Emerald(Gamma) by Tyrannosaurus90s Iainus Emerald(Flare) by Tyrannosaurus90s Leonus Emerald by Tyrannosaurus90s Exeus Emerald by Tyrannosaurus90s

Available Adoptables:
There Is No Adoptables Right Now. You Must Wait, For Me To Leave Something To Adopt.

Any Sprites I Edited Or Didn't Create Belong To :iconsegaplz: Etc.

For Those Who Want To See Me On Youtube Click Here

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Hi friend, i like your digilouds profiles

Ok I made a Ludia Forum post to add in your Labyrinthodontia Gen 2 and Kaidontia into JWTG

Love your Jurassic World arts! Keep it up!

Miniclip’s dino pets edition of jwa hybrids

Dilophodocus = dilophosaurus GEN 2 + diplodocus

Triceraptor = triceratops + echo

Thalassosaurus = Thalassodromeus + green eye dilophosaurus Allocaulus = alloraptor + diplocaulus

Stegotaurus = stegosaurus + carnotaurus GEN 2

Bractosaurus = brachiosaurus + nyctosaurus

Diablosaurus rex (D-rex) = diabloceratops + tyrannosaurus buck Edmontojara = edmontonia + tapejara

Heliontonia = edmontojara + archaeopteryx

Coahuipteryx = coahuilaceratops + epidexipteryx

Coahuisuchus = coahuipteryx + sarcosuchus

Spinocheirus = spinosaurus GEN 2 + ornithocheirus

Quetzaloch = quetzalcoatlus + stygimoloch

Ankygnathus = bumpy + dorygnathus

Compsoquama = compsognathus GEN 2 + longisquama

Keratodes = keratocephalus + sordes

Hey I remember that game I could make Dilophodocus if you want.

Do Digilouds Renegrades Anderson, Taylor, and Pablo

May I Ask a Request? Just Asking