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Brandon S. Pilcher's Diverse Map Icons

By TyrannoNinja
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Finally, I've gotten that big Photoshop brush set of culturally diverse city icons done. And I've bundled it with several terrain icons too! Feel free to use it for your fantasy map-making; credit to me appreciated but not strictly required.
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Very very nice... Thank you so much. Thx for sharing too...

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It looks amazing!

thanks for the icons. i was really looking for them

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You're welcome, dude!
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Do you mind if I use these for a project? The project may end up on Drive-thru RPG and if it does, how would you like to be credited? If that is okay with you?
are these okay to use in commissioned pieces (with credit of course)? ive been using them for personal maps for several months now and i LOVE them (they pair well with starraven's "Sketchy Cartography Brushes" pack)
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Sure, go ahead, as long as you credit me.
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Hi! I am working on my first cartography piece, I am creating it for my Pathfinder adventure which is based on roll20, can I use your icons and credit you? Please!
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Hello! I'm currently designing a map for a fantasy world. As it may appear in a published work, may I use your brushes if I credit you?
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Sure, you have my permission!
Thank you so much!
I'm writing a book and I'm searching Map Icons to make the map of my world.
Can I use this icons for commercial use if I credit you?
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Yes, you have my permission. :)
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I love the fact you made different types of trees... not just palm, pines and decideous trees... but also savanna and JUNGLE!? nice job! I've seen other nice map icons but hardly any of them have savanna/jungle trees! oh and I also love the 'cartoony' vibe I get from it! :3
Im totally going to use it for a map Im currently making! (I'll credit you ^-^)
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oh and I finally finished my map thanks to your brushes and I think wit the help of your brushes, the map turned out better than my previous tries!

Planet Narcia World Map by Mira55X  
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Can I use this brushes for commercial perpose?
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