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MacBook Pro login wallpaper



I wanted to replace the default Leopard login wallpaper and found this one, but since I'm on a Macbook Pro it didn't really fit... Hence, enter the totally awesome Macbook Pro anodized aluminium login wall!

Download includes wallpaper without the Macbook Pro on it as well. Enjoy!

UPDATED: Now there's also a wall with the old Macbook Pro in the zip. (Kind of, it's a bit of a mock-up between the new and the old but you'll only look at it for a couple of seconds anyway so I think it works.) ;)

How to use: Go to /System/Library/CoreServices and make a backup of the file named DefaultDesktop.jpg. Then unzip the downloaded archive and drag the new DefaultDesktop.jpg from it to the CoreServices folder and replace the old one. Done!
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Awesome! Thnx for sharing! I really love tis one. Clean and simple, just how I like it!