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Freedom Planet 2 Megapack - Sash Lilac WIP

Character  Sash Lilac
Finally! After two months of waiting and a bit of trouble of getting things done, I am proud to present the first model of the Freedom Plant 2 Megapack, Sash Lilac herself. An extra big thank you to :iconsindroom: for going the extra mile to make this model as amazing as it is!

Those that donated at least $10 to the cause, get ready to receive your copy of her soon.

Those who would like to help test her out and get copies of her and other characters' models before the pack's public release, consider donating here. Every bit…

Edit: We did it! A recent big donation of $60 ($120 with the bouncer) has put us passed $500!

We reached our goal for Wave 1! The Freedom Planet Megapack - Wave 1 Gofundme has been a full success! Once the current batch of models is done by :iconsindroom:, the rest of Wave 1 will be ordered (as I won't be making him do ten whole models at once; taking it slow and steady).

Those who still want to donate and/or help beta test models are more than welcome to continue doing so: donations received will go to jumpstarting Wave 2 and to the creation of in-game props.

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Nice stuff!

This is off the original FP2 designs yeah?

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The final product will also include the Winter Cloak from those designs, which is still in progress.

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I didn't get an alert to this reply, dang it deviant art! Oh dang the cloak too? I loved those initial designs and was a bit disappointed they changed them but yeah.

I look forward to seein' more!

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It's Perfect model

pinrobotkit's avatar

Pretty Neat Work buddy!

ZilonKing's avatar

Looks nice but the cheeks look a bit big.

TyrakatheDragonFan's avatar

I prefer the term 'plush'.

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what is Freedom Plant 2?w

TyrakatheDragonFan's avatar

A sonic-styled video game by Galaxytrail.

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Once more. Nice work.

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