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Hope is what brings light into my life
Hope that one day,
maybe someday soon
or maybe a long time from now
I'll hear those words.
The ones that tell me
that you need me,
want me
and will let me stand beside you
through anything and everything.
Hope- maybe one day
I can be yours
and you will be mine.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 1
No one else
No one else offers such a release
from every breath of pain
that escapes my lips
and promises a thousand more to follow.
    No one's face but your's dances
    behind my eyes as I sleep
    taking my hands
    and waltzing me towards joy.
No one else knows my suffering
without my telling why
and wrapping me in your arms
brings me back to heaven's light.
    No one else can make me sigh
    with infinite longing
    at the thought of a kiss
    for all the world to see.
No one but you, my love,
can give me a reason for living,
steer my course on the open road,
and lead me home at last.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 3
Tossing through another sleepless night,
Pressed again by the urge to write-
to try to calm these dreams that rise,
so persistently, in my mind.
Don't let rise my hopes.
Give no wings to dreams
lest like Icarus I will fall
to meet a fate worse than prison island.
Write, give order to my mind
whilst my heart wildly beats,
the image of your eyes haunting me-
a frantically repeated wish.
I thought this was all over.
My dreams of you were gone.
Grown comfortable with my nightmares,
but not a hopeful heart.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 3
An Ode to Disney
What is this magical world,
that brings a smile and a tear,
that teaches us how to live;
how to embrace everyday with a song?
    A world Disney created.
    Where every dream is a wish,
    and a whole new world
    awaits just around the river bend.
Who was our first mentor,
that person who taught us compassion?
Who always seemed so magical
as to only exist in our dreams?
    Disney was our teacher.
    He taught us what makes a monster and what makes a man,
    what makes a true hero,
    and how to be true to our hearts.
How did he do it?
Create the wondorous place
of imagination
and heart-pounding expectations?
    By looking inside-
    seeing that we all want to be a part of that world,
    and realizing that we all wonder
    who could ever l
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 3
A Lover's Plea
Fall inside of me
I see only death lies outside.
Cast around for something real
for everything I know
is as evanescent as fog in sunlight.
Teach me,
teach me,
teach me how to love
and what it is to have one by my side.
Hold me in the night,
chase me in the day,
dance and laugh away my tears.
Love me-
show me something new
that changes life and soul forever.
But swear,
never to break me.
To leave me cast into a gutter,
Never leave me alone,
where the devil may hear my cry.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 2 2
Late Night Rage
Rambling, tossing and turning
scratch my eyes and loose my mind
always dizzy, the constant motion
life moves so fast
how can i keep up?
So lost, all the time
lost inside my mind
no outlet, no escape
self destructive i know
but what else is there to do?
its like an itch that can't be scratched
a burning deep inside that can't be satisfied
and everyday it grows
its out of control
its tearing me apart.
no waking and dreaming
a foggy haze surrounds it all
does it really matter anyway?
Come join me
pull me down
don't you realize its easier to see underwater
than from the surface?
so drown me now,
at least i'll know where i am.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 3
Cupid and Psyche
A king given three lovelies,
One's eidetic beauty cursed,
Punished by a vengeful Venus,
Doomed to be wed upon a beast.
Dutiful Psyche obeying destiny,
Lonely staggers to the pinnacle rock,
There to be the funeral bride.
Fate twists before the will of Gods.
For Cupid, sent to exact mother's redress,
Was struck down by his own eyes,
And sent loyal Zephyr to deliver her.
Love's want greater than godly orders.
For a long while they dwelt together
In the palace of prolific wealth.
Husband's evanesce with the light of dawn
Sight forbidden to the bride.
Envy strikes hard and fast,
Psyche's sisters beset with base lords
Plot to even the lots of kin.
The demise of the happy couple will suffice.
Psyche is Pandora, and Cupid takes his wings,
Sisters are slain by immodesty.
Now the girl must beg forgiveness,
If ever she is to see Love's face again.
Now Venus confers her reprisal,
Three tasks to prove her worth.
Aim to kill,
And without aid they might have.
Ants, the blessed helpers,
And a river go
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 1 5
Wander in my mind
               Fight the feelings clinging-
           just beneath the surface,
                    behind my eyes
           you see it there.
Resist everything inside;
    body, heart, soul, mind.
        All for the sake of a momentary right.
                   For me, all the questions-
                             easily answered.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 1
Is it worth it?
You never know how long it will last-
That fleeting glimpse of heaven.
       So savor your moments
  Let your mind and heart pretend.
                 Jealousy away
        for one more moment at least.
My conscious-the demon devil-
          cause of all my misery-
                  Be silent.
       Cease the whispers in my head
so I can lose myself in ecstacy.
                                Later, later I will worry.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 1 1
Only Sixteen
You're only sixteen;
never known real pain before.
But how would you know?
          I've suffered,
                died before.
    But you didn't know that did you?
You haven't seen all I have-
       But you don't care;
                             To you I'm only sixteen.
Lie to me again;
Say my life is petty and perfect-
                                      So I don't have to hurt anymore.
       Turn the clock back-
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 1 4
Stormclouds on the horizon;
so dark only the vaguest idea of Light shines through.
Mountains shrouded in fog
disappear as the rain descends.
I throw away inhibitions,
Cast off the dark glances of people still bound by the standards of society,
and I dance,
Dance; a cow caught in a tornado.
The Rain pounds, soaks my clothes through.
They wonder why I don't mind, don't complain,
even when I collide with the blast of A/C
and shiver as the rain freezes and adheres to my skin.
Stormclouds on the horizon;
my liberating force.
Black out the Sun
and hide me from judging eyes.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 5
I Wish I was a Lesbian
All these complications-
just a figment of my imagination from years ago.
That's how I wish things were.
I wish that I could forget him…them,
and be embraced by her.
I don't have to worry about anything at all.
She knows how I feel,
understands the workings of my mind
and heart, and body.
We are the same,
and that makes us fit like puzzle pieces;
at least in my mind.
But in truth I can't forget him.
I love him; always will.
Can't deny it.
Can't accept it.
Can't believe it-
When there is something so much better right before me.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 5
Train Wreck
Screams pierce the air, my mother's voice crying out, drowned out by the thump of my brother's back hitting the refrigerator.
I'm five years old, hiding under our dining room table, not really understanding what was happening. I wouldn't for years to come. I didn't know what the words Ben (although he was still Choo-choo to me) had yelled at my mom. But I watched my dad launch himself at his son, grabbing hair and slamming him into the cold air box that held all of my favorite goodies.
I'm scared and run past the fight to my parents' bathroom. I don't think that anyone saw me leave, or even knew that I was there. I sat on the toilet, clutching my legs to my chest- I had left my favorite teddy bear (Cinnamon) back in my room. I know that the door is locked, and that is my only comfort now. I didn't know then that the lock on that door was broken- the only one in the house.
I never did know how long I say there, tears drawing lines down my cheeks; not then and not now. But I know that wh
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 1
How many times?
How many times can a person give up? How many tears can be shed before the wells run dry? Its sad to think that I know the answer to the latter. THe former I'm still searching for, though it feels like a precipse that i will soon stumble over. Only one thing can save me, could bouy me up and let my fly. But the hope of that happening is so slim its thinner than spider silk.
How do you draw yourself back? Stumble back instead of forward and over? Something else I'm searching for, and much more urgently. I need that answer. ALready I feel my mind may be forever lost to the trauma. I don't know how I will recover or if it is possible that I can.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 0
On the horizon
Storm clouds on the horizon
SO dark only the vaguest idea of light shines through
Mountains shrouded in fog
Disappearing as the rain descends
I throw away inhibitions
Cast off the dark glances of people still bound by the standards of society
and I dance,
dance like a maniac in a dream world
The Rain pounds, soaks my clothes through
They wonder why I don't care, don't complain
Even when the blast of A/C
Turns the rain to ice on my body
Storm clouds on the horizon
My liberating force
Black out the sun
And hide me from judging eyes.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 0
Splatter color, smell of paint like poisonous fumes. IT gets flung around, no order, rage unleashed. They only way to get to escape it is to run, or be stained forever. It makes no sense.
People laugh as I bare my emotions on canvas, though I suppose I must look silly flinging paint around the room.
I stop, dripping in color, utterly exhausted, and looking like something alien, like a rainbow.
:icontyr-fira:Tyr-Fira 0 1

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Ten Moments of Silence
I fell in love with the full,
fluffy heaps of white on sidewalks,
the icicles that clung
to every horizontal surface.
The carrot leaves
fell from gold foliage
like drops of sunset.
My mountains changed;
they are blue and ridged now.
The summers bleed the pavement
like steaming gray socks.
Shade does not offer solace
from the viscous air. In the afternoons,
if luck chances by, the humidity lofts
into thick purple clouds
and rain slaps hot pavement.
I can breathe.
I closed my eyes and saw twelve wild turkeys
gaggle cross the yard, a doe freeze,
framed by the window, an ineffable amount
of bright-lined spiders in the bathtub.
Is it the hoar-frost winters that bring to mind
poetry? There is no Parnassus in Virginia,
only weed-filled fields and roads
that twine like filaments through mountains.
White-blossom dogwood and poison ivy
have me of two minds; Could I have one
without the other, please?
No, no thank-you. I'll come back
some other tim
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In the early hours, when he is still asleep, she begins counting the tiny black and white tiles plastered to the ceiling of their flat. Some are chipped, some are covered by a layer of dust, and some are not tiles at all, but cockroaches in disguise. By 143 he has stretched his arms and kissed her neck, by 206 he has tied his shoes and lit a cigarette, and by 262 he's always gone. She knows that the smell of coffee will dissipate by 329 and that if she can bother getting out of bed to call her worried mom for once, or even just go to the damn bathroom, he will be back by 2338.
If she counts slowly.
Sometimes, late at night, when she has named all of the constellations she knows without the familiar sound of his second-hand car pulling into their garage, she likes to sit and ponder, with a bottle of Jack Daniels, where she went wrong. She wonders if by living here with him she's wasting away the best years of her life, years she could have spent at college in order to get a job and b
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United States
Current Residence: my mind takes me anywhere I want to go
Favourite photographer: socialghost
Skin of choice: ummm...mine
Favourite cartoon character: Church, Trogdor
Personal Quote: Having a dream gets you nowhere, living your dream will take you anywhere.
My last entry is now...FAR from the mark. I have the fairytale love after all. He may be gone a lot, but at the same time he's always there when I need him.
Then there's the fact that I'm going to be an AUNT from two of my brothers within months of each other.
School might be hellacious this year, but I'm determined to enjoy it anyway. I'm a freak'n senior!
I have the best job someone my age could ask for, with people who actually care about me. (Proven by their support during my recent illness).
So, right now, I have my fairytale beginning. Cause it certainly isn't an ending.


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