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New Collaboration Manga! Double Loss by Typhoon-Manga, visual art

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Hello there! Welcome to the commission branch page of Typhoon Manga! If you are new here let me take a minute to say, thank you for checking out my DeviantArt page.

This page that you are currently on is my longest standing account, starting back in 2011. Over the years I have improved my skills on this site with the help of the awesome community on here that surrounds all the artists. While on DeviantArt I began doing TG transformation artwork commissions. Between custom commissions and YCH events, Typhoon Manga has grown to here it is now.

As things continue to grow, I am slowly starting a shift on becoming more of a self publishing small business than a commissioning based business. I have published 3 books so far and hope to publish quite a bit more in the future. Between Manga to educational content, I have big aspirations on creating a library for all to enjoy!

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
The Girl who Leapt through time, Howls Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke.
Favourite TV Shows
Inuyasha, Madoka Puella Magica, Magical Girl Raising Project, Sailor Moon, Naruto.
Favourite Books
Chibi Vampire, Ranma 1/2, Tail of the Moon, FMA.
Favourite Games
Pokemon (all of them for the most part), Dark Cloud 2, Animal Crossing, DDR.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio EX, Artisul D16, and tons of COFFEE.
Other Interests
Animation, Pottery, Cooking/Baking, Gardening, Bearded Dragon Keeping.
As a reminder the Typhoon Ball 22-23 finale stream will be this Sunday from 2-4 pm pdt!
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There are some reports of technical difficulties with the poll in my website over on discord. Is anyone else experiencing issues? If you are, please let me know. I may have to reset/restart the polls.
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I got a little distracted and forgot to work on the poll/court picture before returning to work 😅 everything will be posted as soon as I have it rendered!
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Custom Commissions Info

Custom Commissions Status: Closed

Current Wait List

SLOT 1: @WildCirno - 025%

SLOT 2: Closed

SLOT 3: Closed

Slot Wait List:

  1. It's kind of empty in here...

Temporary Reserved Slot Waitlist for TB'21 Punch Rewards:

TB'22 YCH's:

@Turpshi - 100%

@Fetch26291 - 100%

@LyhokoLeaci & @TheRoseQueenAlexis - 100%

@Zullumaster - 100%

@LyhokoLeaci - 100%

@SomariaMoon - 100%

@Clownlover321 - 100%

@Tythen - 100%

@AceTrainerSo-So - 100%

@Tythen - 100%

@LyhokoLeaci - 100%

@Tythen - 100%

@Tythen -100%

@Malkaiwot - 100%

@xSamiamrg7x - 100%

@bub314159 - 100%

@Clownlover321 - 100%

@Melkorios - 100%

@LyhokoLeaci - 100%

@Kachopper9 - 075%

@msflurker - 100% 1/2 100% 2/2

@MKalut - 100%

@Ascubis - 025%

Commission Guidelines: Each commission will be worked on in the order it is received. Once finished the slot will be updated to the next person in the wait list while updating the slot order. Example, Slot 1 finishes, each slot below it is moved up and the next person on the waitlist is moved to slot 3. This is not to say that some slots will be finished before others. An example may be slot 3 has a one pose color flat portrait while slot 1 has a 10 page manga. Since slot 3 has less work in general to do, it would not be surprising if slot 3 was finished before slot 1, as the slots are generally going to be worked on at the same time. (And when I say worked on in the order received, I will go down each list step by step, getting the sketching done, getting approval, and then the finishes. Depending on who approves of their commissions first may also determine how fast a commission is done).

What is the Waitlist?: If all the slots are full but you want to reserve your spot in line so that your commission is worked on as soon as possible, you may pay for your commission and be placed on the waitlist. Your spot will be updated as slots are finished, and once your spot is at the top of the list you will receive the next available slot and your commission will begin work.

Commissions Percentage Guide

000% Not yet started

010% Poses Placed

025% Sketched

050% Inked

075% Color Flat

095% Shade/Finishing Stages

100% Finished

All shades will fall under the color shade stage for percentages.


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Happy Birthday!!

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Happy birthday Typhoon! I hope that it is an enjoyable one this year. ❤️ 🎂 🎁 🎊 🎈

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aaa thank you so much for the core!! ;v;

Thank you so so much for the Core! I'm really happy

Of course! Keep up the fantastic work! :DHonestly, I am surprised you don't have more watchers on here. Your art is phenomenal~

Thanks for the badge!