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Lamenting Hope
What is this, Cold Cruel World-
That you Dangle Before my Eyes?
Must you Torture me with Hope-
With another Cycle of Despair?
I'm too Weak to Battle Shadows-
I have no Fire for my Soul.
I am a Star Burdened with Darkness-
I can't take another Tragedy.
There is but one Heart-Shard left-
And if it Shatters, I am Forever Lost.
Can I Trust a Woman with it?
With this- my Last, most Precious Treasure?
It is all that I have Left-
Can I Give it up?
I am Struck by Fear-
I have an Endless Stream of Doubts.
I have Spent so long in Arid Lands-
Will I Drown among the Colorful Flowers?
Warmth is just a Memory to me-
Infinite Ice has Settled in my Breast.
Oh...but how I Yearn...
Filled with an Ache that's trying to Break me.
I Bury my Head in my Hands-
Lost in my Labyrinth of Sorrows...
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Another Wandering
I Wander through these Troubled Times-
Searching for the Ephemeral Divine.
Foreboding Fills my Breast-
I'm Bound on the Rack of Loneliness.
I Imbibe deep draughts of Misery-
Striving through Bags of Insanity.
My Path Lies everywhere-
So which Way do I go?
Back to the Valley of my Ancestors,
Or Down into the Dismal Depths?
I Despise my own Impurity-
I Burn for the Epiphany.
There is no turning back-
I have already Changed too much.
I can't Live in the Fragments of Dream-
That most call their Reality.
I Feel a Current of Eternity-
Reaching out to me.
A Whisper of the Muse-
Cuts through the World's endless Ruse.
It's the Language of the Ancient Stars-
That Burns Deep within our Hearts.
I Weep for the Death of Beauty-
I Weep because Man cannot truly See.
I Crumble into Materiality-
I can't Grasp the Etheric Streams.
What has become of me?
Why am I not Free?
Time Trickles through my Hands-
Into the Bag of the Sandman.
From Dream to Dream we Pass in Endless Strife-
Afraid to Die and never fu
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 1
Developmental Shards
My Life is Opalescent Spirals-
Wreathed in Obsidian Snowflake latticeworks.
The Wheel draws a line-
In its Eternal Orbit.
The Light that is Darkness-
Is the Weaver of the World.
Streams of ambient thought-
Overflow their banks.
Whispered voices trickle through my Soul-
Just below my range of hearing.
An infinite Fountain of Fracturing Structures-
Inundates my perceptions.
I am ever lost in various Delusions-
Even though my Heart is Luminous.
What am I forever missing-
In all my best endeavors?
I sense it there, but I am blind to it-
And I feel it coming closer.
I stand in my two worlds-
Fearing, yet burning for this third.
Why do I feel myself holding back?
A Pearl Falls into my Ocean-
And I am Pacified for now...
But a Star drives my seeking soul-
And I forever rise past new horizons...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 1 1
Fractured Relief
I Feel an Enchantress-
Knocking at my Door-
Can I take anymore?
What is Passion but Despair-
Cloaked in Baleful Light?
Should I Lose my Soul-
Just to Follow her?
I am Torn-
A broken, Wretched thing-
Crucified by Women's Eyes.
How easy it would be-
To be Swallowed by Insanity...
How it Calls to me-
A Fractured Relief.
I am Dying-
My only Muse is Misery.
A Rabid Agony-
Swells up within my Seas-
I can barely Breathe.
My Heart starts to Freeze,
But it Burns...
How it Burns!
A Hell within my Breast...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 1
Hunger of a Cyclic Soul
Savage and intense-
Ravages my Soul.
I Burn-
Like the Primal Inferno-
An Endless space of Flames.
And then the Fire Dies-
In the Valley of Despair-
Where the Soulless Shadows Roam.
In the Darkness, my Heart Weeps-
Drowning in a Sea of Misery.
No matter where I go or what I Know-
I am utterly, Helplessly Alone...
Again the Pain of Burning Flames-
Destroys me-
Unmakes me-
I am Lost in that Abyss.
I am the Primeval Beast,
But I have been Leashed.
The Cage that I have Made-
Is so thin, so Fragile-
And yet...impenetrable.
I am Bound to many Wheels-
I am an Entity of Woes.
Alone again, I contemplate my hand-
And find it as empty as I myself am.
What a Bitter Joke...
I never should have Come to this World...
The Path's for only One-
I could never Bring my Love...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 3
Hungry Mind
And I Sail on through my Every Day-
Wishing for a Better Way to Say-
Those things my Words can't seem to Find-
To Free me of my Hungry Mind.
Where is there Safe Passage-
Through this Labyrinth?
Why such Wilderness-
Within my Primal Depths?
Does this Desert ever End?
How does a Broken Soul Mend?
Why am I still Trapped-
Where I cannot be Grasped?
Where is my Delight-
Beyond this Endless Night?
And still I Wander through my Days-
Chained within my Dream-filled Haze-
Looking for what I'll never Find-
Sweet Freedom from my Hungry Mind.
So, please Tear me away-
Bleed my Soul of all it's Gray.
I don't want to Fade-
Why must I be Unmade?
How do I Wield the Stars-
To Smooth my Soul of Scars?
Who Knows the Sacred Arts-
That will Purify my Heart?
I Crumble into Nothingness-
Just a Broken Emptiness.
I'll never Make it through these Days-
Never keep from being Crazed-
'Cause I'm sure I'll never Find-
Freedom from my ever-Hungry Mind...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 3
Standing at the Gallows
And now, here I am-
Standing at the Gallows-
A Captured, Broken Man.
How Chill the Wind that Blows-
Taking me away-
To a far, far Better Place.
The Crowd all Looks at me-
Like a Spectacle of Death-
Here for their Grim Amusement.
How long they have Thirsted-
To See my Voice Silenced-
To Extinguish my Light.
Such Darkness in their Eyes-
It makes my Soul Die-
As I Begin to Cry.
They Roar for my Demise-
A Stagnant Lake of Hate-
Yearning to Devour me.
What was my Heinous Crime-
That makes me Fit to Die?
Peace...was my Goal and Desire.
The Crows Circle Overhead-
And I shall be their Feast-
This Foolish, Loving Beast.
They couldn't Grasp Epiphany,
Nor could they Handle Ecstasy-
How can they Hope to Touch Divinity?
The Mouth of the Noose-
Slips around my Neck-
And I Tremble with Anticipation.
This is my Sacrifice-
My Life for the World-
My Heart, so they can Hope again.
Standing on the Gallows-
They Read my List of Crimes-
Rationalizations for why I should Die.
Here comes my Martyrdom-
Here co
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 2
Dissociated Citadel
Another year...
Another batting of my eyelash-
And my lonely life rolls on.
Disconnected from the world-
I am a shard of darkness.
The music of the angels-
Shreds my poet's soul.
There's no comfort here for me-
Only endless cyclic agony.
A creature from the stars-
Has no place on Earth.
I need the void of space-
The vast and empty darkness-
Of the byways of the stars.
This world is my prison-
This life's my greatest pain.
Sweet Light, please ravage me-
Release me from man's savagery.
I ache...
Forever dying on the inside.
Who can reach my heart-
Through the labyrinth I have built?
No one...
I'm trapped in my own citadel.
My eyes grow dead and dim-
My heart is cold and black.
Don't seek for shelter here-
I have only demons now...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 1 5
Another Roadside Attraction
I miss you...
When will you come back to me?
She is gone-
A memory half-forgotten-
With only ephemeral reality.
That's what hurts-
Knowing I am fading away-
Just another roadside attraction.
I am right here-
Where I have always been-
Waiting for my fading dreams.
Distances unfold-
I am utterly lonely-
Trapped in a world that I alone know.
Where are you, my moon?
Must I live a lie without love?
I still myself-
Growing every darker-
As the shadows seep into me.
Oh, woe is me!
I doubt my own reality-
I have lost my sanity.
Worse than that...
My soul, my star is gone...
I have lost my heart.
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 1 0
The Dragon of Starlight
I am the Dragon of Starlight-
The Darkness that Destroys the Shadows.
I am the Voice of Apocalypse-
Disciple of the Dreaded Goddess.
I am the Ostracized Outsider-
The Beast in the Eyes of the Norm.
My Speech is your Whispering Nightmares-
My Breath is the Scythe of Death.
I am the Unknowable Terror-
That Blackens every single Soul.
I am the Serpent-Redeemer-
The Primeval Spiritual Mover.
On the Eternal Judgement Day-
You shall Know my Fractured Rage.
I am Loki- the Deceiver-
Whose Words Ensnare the World.
I am the Ethereal Negation-
At the Heart of the Phenomenon.
I am the Anguish of Dichotomy-
The Falsity of Duality.
I am the Unitary None-
Contradiction's Devourer.
Separation is my Glamour,
Though I am Beyond it All.
You will never Know my Face-
I am Veiled by the Night Sky.
Wander through my Labyrinth-
Find the Heart that Beats in the Dark...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 1 5
Searching Dead Gods' Graves
The Dead Rise-
Howling with the Rage of Night.
The Fires Burn,
But they do not Stop the Dead.
Torments, Screaming-
I Waken in Freezing Sweat.
It was just another Dream-
Another Dark Possibility.
Why must I always See them-
In my Restless Time of Sleep?
A Black Moon in the Sky-
Submerges me in Chimeric Tides.
Where is the End of the Abyss?
Perhaps I'll never Know.
Ah, my Blessed Desert-
So Good to Travel you.
Your Bleak Austerity-
Fills me with Divine Tranquility.
It's all Undergone a Change,
Yet Nothing's Changed at all.
I have been Transformed-
A Dragon Rides my Breath.
I am He of the Veil-ed Face-
Who Searches the Dead Gods' Graves.
I have no need of Blades-
I am the Embodiment of Death.
I am Reason's Destruction-
The Gate of Eternal Darkness.
I am the Keeper of Starlight-
The one who has no Name...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 3
Exiled God-Man
What is the Truth in my Dreams-
That always Escapes from me?
What is it I can't quite See-
That's Hounding at my Heels?
I Breathe out my Negativity-
I am Empty Tranquility.
Waves Ripple on the Surface of my Mind's Pond-
Scattering my Reflected Perfection.
The World keeps on Intruding-
On my Self-created Solitude.
The Darkness Fractures-
Into an Infinitude of Stars.
They Clamor with one Voice Endlessly-
Calling out a Word beyond Understanding.
So many Spiraling Orbits,
And yet, so few Collisions.
A Veil Falls away from the World-
And I Behold a Terrible Chaos.
Every Changing, ever the Same-
It's an Ephemeral Totality.
In an Instant, it's all Gone-
Taken by the Elder Gods.
I am Left with a Hollow Heart-
In a Night of Emptiness.
I am the Wanderer through the Wastes-
Persecuted always for my Ways.
I need no Lamp to Guide my Life-
For my Light Lies in the Darkness inside me.
I am the Exiled God-Man-
Imprisoned for my Oath of Love...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 1 5
Prophecy's Dreams
The Fires Dance Eternally-
Beyond the Terrors of the Deep.
What Flickers through my Dreams-
As I Follow the Sandman's Streams?
Is it a Slice of Lunacy-
A Lure to Dark Sterility?
The Phantom Futures that I See-
Strike to the very Core of me.
I am Bound in Foolery-
To my Neverending Sleep.
Fore-knowing what I Reap-
Makes my Essence Weep.
Now I Walk the Lonely Streets-
Entranced by my Defeats.
I shall never Find my Queen-
Who can Strip me of Grotesquerie.
My Anguish breaks Extremes-
As I Collapse into Misery.
I can't Escape the Desert-Sea-
For it Exists in me.
If I can Climb the Tree-
Will it truly make me Free?
I Yearn to Believe,
But I Fear being Deceived.
What's Held in my Destiny?
I'll Dream it in my Prophecies...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 3
The Words of Night
The Star...
An Astral Incandescence.
It Lingers at my Fingertips-
I'm Bound to the Mountaintop.
Where are my Wings of Light?
How do I Penetrate my Night?
What Slumbers in my Soul?
What Aches for Release?
I am an Inscrutable Depth-
An Ocean with no Bounds.
I am the Fires of Midnight-
That Resurrect the Day.
I am the Echo of Coyote-
Trapped in Transcendent Negation.
Thought is my Trickster's Illusion-
Matter is Spiritual Confusion.
I am the Fathomless Darkness-
Gaze into the Eyes of Eternity.
Tremble at the Rising of my Mask-
The Terror of the Infinite.
I am the Divine Incarnate Name-
That Transcends the Feeble Sane.
Woe to you, oh Mortal Ones-
Who Travel not the Way.
I am the Savage Guardian-
That Slays all those who Stray.
Know that there is but One Path,
Though it Traverses many Lanes.
Can you Follow my Footsteps-
Through the Ever-Virgin Sky?
You would be a Fool to Try-
It would only Hide your Light.
Hear the Utterance of Darkness-
Heed the Words of Night...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 5
A Poetic Fragment
When the Starlight Loves the Moon-
Does it have Room for me?
When the Sun Caresses the Earth-
Am I Lost in Befouled Seas?
Where is the Wanderer's Home?
Is there a Place where he can Rest?
What Space is his Own-
Where he can Catch his Breath?
Time is Flowing on and Away-
There's no Way to Turn back Days.
Will I ever Find what I Seek,
Or am I just Deceiving me?
I am Disenchanted by the Waves.
Where's the Love that Saves?
Is Redemption just a Dream-
Brought on by Poisoned Streams?
Do I have anything but Words-
To Give this Broken World...?
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 0 3
Hope's Glittering Orb
What is this I see?
An orb of glittering hope.
Is it born of me?
A possible destiny?
It is the seed of despair-
That brews a bitter draught.
I musn't let it in-
Can't let it take root.
I don't want to be a fool-
Not again-
Not anymore.
Begone to the abyss-
Assail me no more.
Still, it lingers in the air-
A seductive illusion.
It's not a true star-
Just a nexus of confusion.
I'd cover my eyes,
But I know it's in my mind.
Let go of the streams-
Fall beyond possibilities.
Where's the fire in my soul?
Why is my heart so cold?
Where are my Sun and Moon?
The Light wants nought from me.
Is it so much to ask-
To find the woman meant for me?
Silence, senseless fool-
The demons love to hex you.
Can't you hear their howling-
Just beyond your door...?
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 1 3


The Answer of Horus
The last star shines tonight
but it fades into shadow
as the light of morning
blinds my ocean eyes
Where is my autumn eyed shadow?
Where is my dark shrouded dream?
Where is the silence
in the myriad of screams?
The Shadow Girl shivers
The dark angel cringes...
Still air is marred
by the fearsome screams
of Horus, enraged.
I weep for corruption
as its last breath is lost.
I weep for the tempest
for its roars faded to naught.
I stand with True Seekers,
on the edge of All,
as the Great One
has answered our call.
:icondarlingdeath:darlingdeath 2 10
Waiting For Tomorrow. by EndlessFantasy Waiting For Tomorrow. :iconendlessfantasy:EndlessFantasy 55 90 Fallen by nihonjinkittahn Fallen :iconnihonjinkittahn:nihonjinkittahn 1 8 Insert feeling here by hypermusegirl Insert feeling here :iconhypermusegirl:hypermusegirl 12 20
Bend Dont Break
Shut up in the darkness to cry alone
You rock to the rhythm of your tears
The torment caused by others
Ripping you to the bone
You reach for a hand to help you up
Only to be slapped back down
Kicked and beaten you rise up again and again
You tell yourself over and over
Bend dont break...
Bend with the stress dont crack
Dont let them win
So you claw your way up
Presenting them with that false smile
Pretending to understand
Inside seething
But bend dont break
And you will win
Show them you are stronger
Than they will ever believe possible
Inside the hurt rages on
But hide it deep from the strangers
Learn to control it
Bend dont break
Bend with the hurt
Bend with the pain
Break and you are lost
And they win...
:iconsickness107:Sickness107 1 14
To the Underground
The under the table romance is now going to the underground, but not quite six feet under. This love of secrecy and battles over authority will never die out, perhaps weaken, but still survive. And the ripened phone calls from afar stay lodged in my memory, never to leave or make haste to hide in the corners of my subconscious. All of the "I love you"s will forever run through my mind, leaving a blank to draw with silver sharpies on the surface of reality. We promised to never break each other's hearts, but someone else came and overpowered both of our abilities. The law, the distance, they mean nothing. We still live in the pools of time, in the reflections of mud puddles, so distorted, and yet so plain to see.
:iconbringmedown34:BringMeDown34 0 2
admiration is an equal motive.
Moonshine radiates with opalescent glow
that catches wildfire in your eyes.
We run to the meadows,
seeking solace in the night.
And amidst the high grasses,
do our figures dance,
with the shadows of the sky,
in a deck of symbols of prophecy.
Your journey partakes in glories
of thought,
Swallowed in mystic shadows.
let your fingers dance
across my heated flesh
as my senses are overwhelmed
touch me, show me how much you desire me,
admiration is an equal motive.
:icontasteslikestars:tasteslikestars 1 11
I Don't Know How...
I don't know how to write a love poem.
I couldn't do you justice.
Somehow the words just wont come...
How do I express how deep my love flows?
How do I tell you how happy you make me?
How can I explain how incredible you are?
I don't know how to write a love poem.
I'm not any good at those "sweet nothings",
I certainly can't rhyme,
I can't compare you to roses and violets,
You're too much more than that.
I can't describe the way you make
All my nightmores go away,
Because I don't know how to write a love poem.
I can't say all that mushy stuff,
I can't call you pet names,
I can't describe you as my sun and moon,
Because I'd be lying.
You see, I can't find the words to describe
That you're what holds the sun and moon in the sky,
That you're not what KEEPS me breathing,
You ARE the air that I breathe.
I could never put you into words...
So I really don't know how to write a love poem.
:iconjadedsoul:jadedsoul 1 5
Forgetable by TheSaintofKillers Forgetable :iconthesaintofkillers:TheSaintofKillers 2 8
I Hear America Screaming
I hear America screaming
The protesters screaming as they construct their picket signs,
The soldiers screaming as they board their war planes,
The celebrities screaming as they flush their carbs down the toilet,
The CEO's screaming for that one extra dollar,
The cops screaming as donut crumbs fly from their mouths;
America no longer sings
Say goodbye to strong melodious songs.
:iconbringmedown34:BringMeDown34 2 1
mmm shower by TheSaintofKillers mmm shower :iconthesaintofkillers:TheSaintofKillers 3 11 self portrait by injektion self portrait :iconinjektion:injektion 2 11
Manic Infatuation
A chimera of zion,
it must be an apparition.
A head trip tuned into occupy thoughts,
brought from a new dimension.
The quanity of the high, so strong,
extending to a length so long,
it seems like an endless duration.
Tremendous volume pumping through my vains,
deafening rupture exploding like a bomb.
A realease of a natural compound.
A synthetic drug, given to treat un-easy conditions.
Tracing fingers down your impressible lips,
indulgent fluid, I suck and ingest.
A pure exhibit i'd promote the world to see,
leaving around a pressence of internal and external glee.
A weakness for your appetite,
a thirst for your admiration.
Such ambition and the attraction to your manic infatuation.
I savor the taste of your delicious affection,
your appetizing choice of a tasteful complex obsession.
:icontasteslikestars:tasteslikestars 2 14
Reflections on Yesterday
   Things lost, things gained, things conquered. Happiness...   
   sorrow... pain... Secrets locked away since childhood,
   wounds festering for years, the silence I will take to my
   grave. No one knows. No one needs to know. Why cause
   them to suffer, too? Scars easily hidden with a smile and a
   wink, suspicion put to rest with a careless laugh. This is my
   cross. This is my burden. This is my life.
No one needs to know.
:iconjadedsoul:jadedsoul 1 5
House 2.5 by Manixelated House 2.5 :iconmanixelated:Manixelated 13 11



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