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Yao Wu - Agent THETA

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: Yao Wu
Birthdate: 1/Dec/1964, Tokyo, Japan
Admission in AXIS: Member, instructor, researcher since 2000, is Agent Theta since his entrance (Theta is his personal property).
    Eccentric and cynical AXIS Instructor, employs the Theta Armor in the Alpha Omega Squad. Biologist from graduation, he seems to be involved in but a bunch of knots to distantly related pharmaceutical industries, and according to some rumors, to drug cartels and even traffic. He not only dismisses them, he'll more probably place soft poison on the meals of the student he hears this from. Known to be mean to students who get no attention on his classes. As AXIS follow an Academical schedule, he, too, places his own lectures and subject matters in the curriculum, but doesn't disponibilize them in recordings for free unless by request. Actually, he still has some sardonic sense of humor and is easy to do lame jokes when relaxed. It may be a rare sight. 
    Hobbies: Experimenting on people. Getting blood samples, he's also a geneticist and studies many variables of genes from around the world. Enjoys fishing. Watching Nature & Wildlife documentaries. And tokusatsu. Practice with the katana.

(KAPPA) doesn't like him, since it becomes a matter of ethics when he puts vivisection in the curriculum. She using the armor of speed to handling the animals out of their confinement led to an episode of major fuzz in the Institute. In the first semester, she'd just have issued conscientious objection. When in Alpha Omega squad, she'd rather pass some laws to do it, even acting a bit careless about her own security. For that important students like Lana (NI) would stand by her side, vouching a major part of her own "club" the Women Caucus, to support Melissa (it was no longer a matter of animal testing or not). Yao holds no grudge, but had unfamiliar strangeness to the act. He "wanted to teach them a thing or two", but if the students would neglect it, he couldn't care less. "Less resources to the lab-rats then", he'd say. It sure was a hard time because once again it brough a conflict in the corpus that they believed to have past behind, as Morgan (PHI) was proponent of the abolition of tests (despite he being fully aware of the processes which culminated in the creations of the Alpha Omega suits, more notably most recent ones). But despite such event, other students found different reasons to either be afraid, scared, or even indifferent to him. Ben (ZETA) believes him to be a professional. A graduation serves to anything "these days", right? Daniel (ETA) is coached by him, and he makes the Alpha Omega "promise" of heroism be more like hell. Like Kai (RHO) he is kept on an arduous trainning, not because of physical exercise, but rather because of the lack of it - tied to be inside a vat, in Kai's case, or a "genie lamp" in Daniel's, they're frequently put nearby corrosive substances, to test their focus in using their armors, which can pass or fuse to substances accordingly (Rho becomes liquid, Eta becomes untangible, and must resist even wind currents, as sometimes the user forgets and will only use its invisible-transparent mode). And that exposure, in some dark pit behind the basement, may last even days, to which staff will inform their friend to be in mission or even blame them for being truants. So Yao didn't get as much fame as Marco (PI) because he's not preachy about severity. He does what he must. He's paid for that, isn't he?
    Douglas (OMICRON) is also one of those on his tutelage. No sinister test, though, he just got to travel the world and bring something like a nice souvenir back. Wayward theft sponsored by the professor. He keeps record times in place. Dylan (DIGAMMA) is also put in test, to mimic and perform like different people in news, TV and other theatres, as well as in documentaries, making his shapeshifting ability pass naturally. Dylan's major complaint is that Yao's roster of movies suck. Instructor Gilles (XI) would lend a hand but didn't seem to help. He also likes to work with Lana, as her power, telekinesis, is pretty much a nemesis to his own. He went to "train" on Ben's and Drake's (EPSILON) fencing club, but with katanas in both hands plus the extra-arms, students didn't get a chance. Recently is very busy with projects, but he can't help but have interest in the "untold freaks" about Nick (MI) rumoured ability to cover himself in metallic fibers, or of Nina (YPSILON) fast almost instant regeneration. He gives nicknames for students due some physical appearance and to agents due their properties. Quite offensive, he isn't like Marco to call other maggot or vermin, but instead lab-rat, guinea-pig or bloodsack.


Worked  for the ABEL Inc for several years, at least since the development of the Iota armor in 1987, reserved to use by the Japanese military. Besides being a skilled scientist on bio-engineering and bio-chemistry, his role has been pivotal to restore political and economical alliances between ABEL and Yamato after the BETA-theft incident. Yao insisted he should use some armor to detain the criminal. Afterwards the theft of Iota, even Japanese authorities would refuce any further intervention with both ABEL Inc. and then AXIS, seriously taking that as a challenge of its sovereignity to cover such domiciliar problems. It was known Iota was now among Yakuza Yamabishi syndicate during years. For Yao, it could only mean the Yamabishi was actually cooperating with someone in the national miltary, so he set out to investigate, what had him working in the J-Lab, a private laboratory specialized on bio-engineering and on the development of drugs destined for their own super-soldiers (some of them, known in other places as "Molochians" - the same case of Nick McKinley, Agent MI-  had nanotechnology able to turn their organic tissues into specific metal-based substances, or at least simulate those metals' properties). Yao's first mission using the Theta happened around 1999, when he was sent to retrieve the missing GAMMA from its then current user, Cade Gilson, a former lab assistant at ABEL's Canadian branch that has stolen it in 1997 for his proper use, qualified as theft of private property and classified military technology. For at least two years at large, Cade has likely killed Earl Lennox, the previous agent assigned to Theta, and Yao finally got his chance to act, being pointed for creating his "Gamma suppression serum" from his work at the Yamato-based J-Lab and also the researches led so far on the Gamma armor, kept without a user since the tragedy of Edwin Murdock in 1981. As expected, Gilson has been neutralized, and Yao became the official user of Theta. A founding member of the AXIS Military Academy, he's become a teacher, specialized in chemistry, and acts since then, as well as an agent, who oversees and helps to judge the students more fit to use the Alpha-Omega series. Even though working at AXIS, Yao still keeps contact with the private J-Lab, and has become more aware and less negative towards the collaboration of Japan and Yamabishi, seeing this corrupt union as a mere consequence of a "greater good", which is the aim of more competition and economical development of the national weapon industry.
His "J-Lab" institute could be considered a "Pro-Science Public Institute", which is actually the public disguise for a crime-collaborating, slave-trading,  drug-producing, corrupt private network of companies spending public money collected from taxes.

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Lacey Township Facility,
New Jersey, USA, produced in 1985
Power: Prehensibility
An armor which disposes itself on any surface, climb any edifice, walk on water, walls or roof. Highly flexible, is helped by extra-arms of direct command by the neural system of the user. Razor-sharp tips on each armor, as well on the feet of the armor. The main coat has a predecessor of Ypsilon's regenerating ability, only that it works independently of the user, being hard to be cut or smashed, leaving no severe bruise when attacked by something blunt, as well. The armor has both adherent and adhesive properties, and the extra arms will keep their balance, if needed challenging gravity. Has two activating laser katanas which can pierce through different metallic leagues.

Teams, missions:
    Leader of the Phantom Team: A team led by him, formed by Omicron and Eta. Specialized in surprise attacks, as well as infiltration and retrieval missions.
    Participated in a mission to retrieve Iota, leading both Omicron and Kappa. They didn't count with a lizardman species demon presence in Tokyo...
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