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Xochiquetzal, goddess of beauty, flowers and of love. Originally, she was wife of Tlaloc, but then was kidnapped by Tezcatlipoca and now is one of his four wives (all representing different kinds of "pleasures" in life). She presides over the flowers and other decorating elements, too much important in the lives of the Mexica, specially of the noble classes, which used aparells and customs to keep their social differentiation apparent.

Xochiquetzal represents the sexual power of young women. In this way she is related to the Ahuitateteo and excess. She also resides over childbirth and pregnancy, relating her to mother-goddesses like Toci and Tlazolteotl. Xochiquetzal is often displayed surrounded by flowers and butterflies, and accompanied by a hummingbird or an ocelotl. Her twin, Xochipilli, as well as her, are both associated with arts.
In the tonalpohualli, Xochiquetzal rules over the last day, Xochitl (flower) and over trecena 1-Cuauhtli (eagle).

This illustration was made originally to a playing cards game based on Mexican cosmology. In this game, she's the queen of the Ocelotl suit.
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