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Welcome to Helladeas

This is the pseudo-planet of Helladeas.
It isn't really a planet because it has no molten core, thus no isostasy process. The atmosphere is totally controlled by the hydrosphere, and the gravity in which holds both comes from the uttermost edges of the four cardinal points, thus making it somehow a floating continent on a plain mass of water.

Some very few initiates tends to argue that Hydros is the whole hydrosphere and maybe even the atmosphere of the planet, but those believers are reputed to be lunatics, as the local religion systems tends to relate power with the sky god Zeus (Ohrmuz himself) or the primitive earth goddess "Gea" (literally, the landmass) to the oppository nature-based religions. Atheism and secular thought have been gaining adepts on the Helladean society as well, so questioning whether or not its population lived in a god became something too much irrelevant.

Even though, the secrets of that almost mythical place never cease to amaze. It doesn't matter how much Hades (Huo) and Hephaestus (Molokh) tried to shift it in a colony of the Frashokeretian alliance, the Helladean society is not only very characteristic, it suffered enormous processes to take the shape it has now. These gods forged in them a strict sense of property and economical value through free market, but they couldn't answer their yearnings, they couldn't sell all their culture to their system.

Numerous Civil Wars and the early immigration and export of traditions from other planets were once not only profitable, they were also encouraged by some landlords and priests. However, not rare were xenophobic and specieist postures, often used against Sirens, Satyrs (marginalized even today) and Harpies. Female Tritons were also put aside many times, as they were more forceful than human females in the remote past. That led Triton colonizers to engage human females to pro-create on earth and forge allegiances with humans. Of course it led some struggle against Minotaurs, who used to enslave mankind (even though the Minotaurs are all male and descend ultimately from a human female), and as well to the werewolves, who were routed down and are scarce now.

Not as scarce as the Vovin, though. Olympians, Men and Triton led a time of massive hunt against these gifted species. Their rests were trophies and even forged landscapes with immense ruins on earth, air and water. The corners of the planet still guards Gorgons, few reminiscent Drakainas and Umu Snakes (immortal snakes which lives in the muddy stinking swamp islands ironically named elysian fields, on the farthermost west).

Beneath the earth, different elements run on ducts, some weighter than plumbum and others lighter than air. Those unfiltered elements were shifted by some of the Nine Who Came into Being during the Topakhon wars, when Helladeas was a tactical spot to counter the Xcoa coming from the Ors Ohorela (those creatures were reputed to been given life somewhere within the chasm walls of Tartarus, according to doubtful arcane legends). So, these elements as for now are similar to lava, while some seems to be anything like aether.

However, such is the complexity of the physical biosphere of the planet that a channel of hidden elements (Orichalcum, Panacea, Xnobius, Rasa and Serapel) acts from the four cardinal points, filtering streams that flows on the rivers of the underworld that will ultimately fill the chambers right above Tartarus (Chambers of Life, Illusion, Strife and Death). From those, avatars of Hydros (the Four Deadly Streams) will spread its essence on the living, instigating a massive exchange of feelings that will run and possess their bodies with different feels and ideas.

For a long time the rule of the tides of unconscious ruled, until the methodic and dry lines of the Akheron's Cyclops fused with unfounded hopes of the false prophets which usurped the sanctuaries of Delphi through the order of the Olympian land lords. From this point, cities like Corinth and Poseidia finally aligned with Athens and their democracy, leaving behind the legacy of the Vovin which ruled and brought prosperity before. But now, people there just doesn't care, all they want to do is to never taste the sapor of more Civil wars. To that, they reserve minutes and hours of madness which once belonged for the Satyrs and the courts of Dyonisus on the ever-growing cities, spreading from Asphodel to Corinth, Athens and Argos.

The Tritons and Men (more in number) are the ruling class, followed by Minotaurs and their Satyr vassals and then by the outcast (already mentioned). However, in secret, the Telchines and remaining Vovin work in the shadows, from Tartarus, the domain of darkness and as well in the caves beneath Mount Drakon (of the far-seeing). They seem to be not only refugees of a long past war, but they forge the structure of the planet through the Five Hidden Elements. Recently they also have been working with forces of darkness, using abilities of portal traveling and image deception. Their crucial role is unknown to the ignorance of the truncated economical system and political idealistic and hipocrite bureaucracies.

All in all, Helladeas is a place full of diversity, yet filled with fear and with a growing sense of standards and synthesizing. Full of people, full of unfounded dreams who run in the opposite of the morals they have while on night. They fall far too easy for the "vices" and corrupt so frequently their "virtues". Maybe they are just people missing home, missing to enjoy a life in nature. Or they are over-comforted, and that lives, fit for gods, only deepen the pit of their subconscious (for they lack the gods' memory - mnemosyne). While the light of day is a mere robotic existence, the night is where hapiness and agony alike, chained by dellusions, surrounds their existence.

While the Light gives sense of comfort, it lies. While the Darkness comes with all its possibilities, it reveals. In the end, truth is still only a revelation, aletheia. It is forever present yet can't be seized. One shall know oneself before discover all. In the end, their microcosmos just mimics the macrocosmos of Helladeas, that in the end, is just the organism of Hydros.

And that chasm, that lacking of sense, is just the reflect of the Primordial Force... Can anybody guess what force is this?

So, this is the scenario for Aphrodite (born from the foam - a construct of Hydros' most venomous streams - the indian halahala) and her courts, Artemis and her troops, Athena and her maidens, Demeter and her retinues, Poseidon (Hydros) and his royalty, Apollo and his order (which includes Hermes Trismegistus), Dyonisus and his pack, as well as Ares and his Militia. Zeus and Hades are missing. Hephaestus no longer cares for this place and Hera moved to the plans of Ohrmuz. Athena thought on doing the same, but she has high rivalries with Apollo and she can't let Delphi overshadow Athens. All in all, this is a place where men and god, and other species are subject to fatalities and desires. This isn't by any means the only place with such characteristics - they are inherent to all existence.

Alienation of this condition is always common. In few times that the people had it on mind, their civilizations fell, just like Atlantis. Helladeas, too, had its own Atlantis, and it was named as Pelasgea. The Sea God still reminds, and he prophesizes that one day, all that might happen again. Memories come and go, and as he tells, his original form was rather different than his watery composition. He was made of the immortal elixir Mnemosyne, the Ceboatl vital energy's response to his brother's darkness. That until a fateful day. If you read until here, you may search my gallery for Hydros and Chaos in order to know what I'm trying to imply.
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