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Vitorio Manfredi - Agent SIGMA

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: Vitorio Manfredi de Tomaso
Birthdate: 27/Jul/1987, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2005, became Agent Sigma in July 2005.
   Misunderstood and hot-headed member of the Alpha Omega Squad. A loyalist, more than loyal, a militarist, rather than a de facto military, and a staunch supporter of some often considered radically reactionary policies, but he himself never being a politician. His background differs, as he's originally an economist, or administrator, who got into AXIS business out of need. Estranged to most, he'd speak against laziness, favor responsibilities, but he himself is absent and his presences are even a rare sight. That leaves a bad impression on him and many more rumours than what one can count.
    Hobbies, Affinities, Lifestyle: Check the newspaper, comment on the internet, play the latest racing sim, driving (at certain moderate speed), expensive culinary, military gear, camo wear, gunner apparel, expensive stuff. Electronic music, clubs and expensive drinks.

    Marco (PI) is the man behind Vitorio's raising from his troubled late childhood years to teenage age. He's the one who would guide him through a common interest in certain literature (liberal economy, conservative politics, shallow resumen of european kingdoms). He's keeping up with economical news, stock exchanges and market itself, but the surprise is - he's not that good in mathematics - but one shouldn't worry, the economic schools he support barely support themselves on that. He was to be the administrator of his own expeditions (his dad had an industry), make sure he didn't overdo it like his biological father and his fetish for consuming, despite trying to be more like him when others aren't looking. As so, he was placed from a particular room to somewhere with people likely to follow the same lifestyles, Ben (ZETA) and Nathanael Trindade (regular agent). But Vitorio had as well his own interests and views, a chauvinistic memory, a nostalgia of a time that never was, in the molds of anything from futurism to any exarcebated nationalism. Not just a patriot of this or that country (he's from Lacia but moved to Teutonia when he was 13), he had in him the old regimen conscripted in his viciated psyche. A war-monger he was (despite not being at outdoors very often) , he was easy to script publicities and propagandas in favor of European Imperialism in all its possible forms plus some smokescreen racial suprematism. He was kept in his sole room in AXIS for a reason - he didn't mean to make exercises and challenge his own asthma. And he didn't want to be bothered. But he'd bother, here and there sowing discourses of racism or reactionary rhetoric in secret clubs. Something very ugly to be done in an international youth institute, you know.
    When picked upon, he wouldn't be there to fight back. He'd rather hire bullies and hooligans. But even those someday grow tired of it. He wasn't present, and he let others see more the propaganda than anything there was before - if there ever was - as such, he's grown very unconveniently unpopular. Those which may be mostly like-minded to him are people like Nick (MI), but other than that, he missed many other opportunnities to see something more human on others. Lance (OMEGA) perhaps out of need himself, came to try and socialize with him. They've grown to keep some rivalry, and both of them have somewhat been constantly backlashed by women. However, even the feeling of friendship tickled on Vitorio, and he feels some kind of hate for Lance, more for the repute others created around him being "lazy". He tried to stand among the many adventures of Klaus (DELTA), but he found out being stolen by him (even losing a luxurious pen he treasured as a memento from his original father) to be very unwelcome. He's out there in many corners plotting, setting one against another. It seems to be his diversion. After a time, all this propaganda can't be taken serious, but once one repeats it too much to himself, he may end up actually believing it.

    Sergio Manfredi was the owner of the "Dominati Fabrica" Industries, as it developed some war-machines for worldwide private military factions and provided them safety assurance and repair services. He had his own tales on how he'd grow himself a name from scratch, bu none could actually verify that. His family already had put that in action some generations before, and seemed to take a different facade war after war. By the Gulf War, Sergio was already known to many "heads" in the war, both in the war per see as in investments' war. United Nations' Security Chief to be concurrent at time (1996), the pretentious General Wagner Kantz, approached him with requests concerning development of certain technology - the Alpha Omega. Sergio was one of those suppliers for both sides of war, but he was sure only one of those had adaptable suits with most marvelous powers for its soldiers. What was discovered undercover in the Gulf war was the ocurrence of special elements, one of which was promising, the Oraklyte which was low evaluated until then, and was known to be common amongst Haijianese Tibet and the Hymalaia. He'd work with Wagner, as long as he had his hands on one suit - DELTA.
    For over four years as an "everywhere man", Sergio coordinated key robbings, factory sabotage and corporate theft on his contenders. He also managed to employ different lawyers and even corrupt law enforcement through mafiosi he himself hired, so no scheme would turn against him. On the other side of his justice, he was ready to employ his tech and service with NATO to fight whoever labelled "terrorist". Syndicates would receive the blame of the recurrent "luddism" in factories. But he wasn't a keen planner, and soon enough Ülhaden's CEO got ahead of his, employing a rival of his as the user of PI, while he, the original Agent Delta, would attend his friendly meetings with General Wagner. The researches on the latest Project SIGMA were slow, but still demanded a big deal of resources he was failing to achieve, so he'd accept joints. Before he could turn on Ülhaden and attempt to buy it, he suddenly disappeared. The Agent Pi, covertly stole all the projects from Dominati, and had his joint together with Ülhaden fabricate it elsewhere, passing over jurisdictions through another industry facade in Canada. The project of Oraklyte began. The General was less than amused, for even though it could resist, manipulate fire and such, it wouldn't last a battle against the demonic kin the Haijianese were employing, dubbed Akhs.
    Despite failing to meet his request, he saw a clear exit. Sigma was produced under a jurisdiction the market saved for ABEL Inc. Both of them had Alpha Omega ready to use, since their last intent with them was catastrophical, of which only four of some 17 survived. Instead of fighting for them, he'd orchestrate an institute which could both fight demons and discover their secrets, as well as could finally complete the Oraklyte Project so the West could stand a chance should Haijian decide to attack them. And for that, people of minimal age of 18 should employ the upcoming armors, from all the globe, in order to ensure the need of seeking International Measures. To have it all solved, Ülhaden's CEO would adopt the legal heir of Dominati Fabrica, should it ever be turned on again. And that, he hoped it not to be, since Ülhaden and all its efforts for the upcoming century could be on the Oraklyte Project. If insufficient in a decade to remain in the favoured chairman's club of war mongers, it'd be surely in much debt.
    Vitorio, at time 13 y.o, was a reminder of that impending doom for his new parent, Jorgen Zimm. He has given all that he could ask. Except respect and time. Considering Vitorio to be a nuisance, and weak, he'd be better taken care of by his right hand, Marco Friedenreich. Once acquired the age, he'd be sent to AXIS. There, the Sigma armor would be available for him. The project his biological father died for. He couldn't help but look after all the Delta Agents across his time of service. One was much deranged, and the other started to show the same signs a bit later... 

Manufacturer: Ülhaden Corp.
Laval Facility,
Quebec Region, Canada, unveiled in 2000 as "Project XV"
Power: Fire
Phase 01 of the Oraklyte project.
Has a Xnobius core and engines. It maintains fire throughout chain reactions. Differently of other Xnobius chains, it doesn't use the micro-organism Ushabti, thus it cannot use fire endlessly, it requires recharging. Ushabti are known to manipulate the body and create a parallel nerve system. SIGMA has nano-technology do this syntesis role, but it requires external charge to make it cyclical. Other than that, the main coat is impervious to fire, and is itself highly flammeable. But the fire cores can be easily polarized from the elbows to the hands. The fencing style sword can throw a fireball through its tip.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Strike Team: An unnofficial team formed by him, Alpha and Sigma. Since Sigma was estranged from more commonal activities and the "outcasts' corner" was formed by solo agents Chi and Delta, Alpha got to train Omega earlier with available personnel, dragging Sigma into it. Other than training missions, they were employed sometimes to apprehend demon smugglers in Singapore and Okinawa.
    Cadet of the Swordfish Combat Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Lambda, Omega and Sigma, with Lambda (not usually a team leader) to guide and lead them on close-combat operations. They were sent to Mediterranean to investigate the rumoured apparition of the Chi suit, concurrent with anarchist riots and several prison breaks in the country of Minoica (anything ike our Greece).
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