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Apkallu are the 7 Sages of Ancient Eridu. They were counsellors to kings or kings themselves, and lived before the flood. Accounts list them as not being human. In the setting of my original stories, that was a really important detail. As we face the anthropomorphization of feelings, ethos and experiences, so too the references passed from generation after generation values an element over other, and cover in oblivion an important truth - that we not only are all animals, but we still owe to someone else all that's been around - like we to admit it or not - we live in the same world as their, and we are but puppets of what they started. Some of them live still...

You can go and see all the Apkallu on my Behance where I released the project beforehand.
Watch me to catch personal descriptions of each and every single sage until then.
APKALLU #2 - UANNEDUGGA (He) Who was endowed with comprehensive intelligence
This is a listing of the ancient Apkallu from the same setting as the Apkallu Mythos, several millennia before the current events.
The Apkallu were counsellors of kings in the city of Eridu gathered by an Anunnaki noble during the Topakhon Wars. Blueprints of their civilizaion are going still in our own. Conspiracies started in their time are still not solved...

is an original Chronpuchian specimen, native to Chronpuchian colony of Octopia. As from a family of colonizers, Djehuti was already prolific in measurement, recording and studying new interfaces of data gathering (including any required area of study - criminology, forensics, and law). Born circa the 36th Century b.I; he precedes the issue of the Topakhon Wars, and found stability in war given his ease with diplomacy and with his capability at managing intelligence in the field, as well as efficiently encrypting it in different languages to avoid detection. An ancient programmer, if you may. His first major administration role happenned in an event which settled Helladean cities allied to Chronpuchian monopolies of the Yaxchilan element by managing Satyroi colonies, event which was saw just recently as settling an overlooked historical debt between the Satyrs and the Minotaurs to the colonizers which favoured humans and Tritons in their affairs. Regardless of that, events in more than 50 centuries before are regarded as extravagancies to historians, even more when Djehuti's nature as a Chronpuchian is in no parallel to either side competing on that "claim". Tritons and Minotaur-affiliated Satyrs have had many issues still unsolved. His role has been even greater there as he relied on the formalization of the cult of Themis, which sprung from the assimilation of different religions, but accounted to a single tradition which managed to survive the most epic flood until the date. Dissenters such as Ma'At, an ostrich-looking Chronpuchian, found refuge on the plans he devised for a planet he had maintained contact with, which would be Helladeas' aristocrats' resort, a vast globe dubbed "TREDIVS". Thelots were highly unassigned and required military interventions for the colonizers to stabilize. He followed another approach and managed populations fleeing from the dry Sahel. He created his own "Eight-City", Khemenu. On it's own it was a nome to Kemet. When time came, he found it prudent to aid Her-Ur. Of course he did so by co-opting the power of Her-Ur's right hand, Khonshu. On the many struggles that followed, he positioned his sentries on Duat and used his own judgement (even though using Ma'At as a shield to his interests) over the destiny of the gene material gathered generation after generation. Ended up most ended making more armies for Anubis, whose role stood betwixt the always competing interests of Set and Horus. His role in Kemet as a sage (a 3rd side between one and another) rendered him closer to the Apkallu.

    Amidst his greater powers, the studious ibis exchanged his scarlet penuge once or twice as he became able to morph into a Djinn through the initiation at the Ohrmuzdian Djinn Academy. Once there, he and other fellow Chronpuchian Apkallu managed to follow the Qabbalistic path (aided and spared by other Djinn which managed to elevate their own psyche through the aetherial plan), and before they could become light-beings as satellites to the singularity of the original light being, they managed to control their ipseity in a similar manner to the sephirotic prism through a triad - Trismegistos, Nabu and EA, - all gods of wisdom, deserted from the Academy, despite aware that morphing back into a Djinn provoked brief pauses in the pulse of the stars - all but noted to the choir of angels, efreet, and Djinni in general. Powers of telepathy, illusion and mind control just augmented the arsenal the administrators of men had for the crafting of the greatest civilizations. In no time, Djehutti now a sacred Ibis, following the color scheme of the sacred baboon, plus vibrant Tawswe Melek, Malik Tavus the peafowl king angel and the Anunnaki Prince Enki, would join at the E-Absu for the sole purpose of managing their own enterprise, after years serving.

Not just in parallel, but at the same rate, the thrice-great Chronpuchian had made it his own Khemenu in Kemet. A force to reckon with, which brought vivacy to the followers of Ma'At despite her 'original demise'
(don't you think that from a Ostrich-looking anthro to a female human-looking deity there's been some change... how did she change from a body to other isn't registered anywhere), he had settled the cartography to the Duat, and kept the balance between the contests of Set (in service of the fulfillment of Khepri's circle and reach endless energetical management, nomatter the cost) and Horus (in the service of Osiris' plans of conquering further territory and make an Utopian Aaru, before all else) - it was in his wisdom that the Black Land thrived even in the greatest menace, using the darkest and the brightest to it's favor a time then another. Of course even that would be bound by the Lord of Eternity, Heh, but if there's something in the Ogdoad that didn't lie, was that Djehuti has been in the company of the gods (paut neteru), among the Nine. So, perhaps the Apkallu did stray from their path, and the Ibis couldn't follow such cursed initiative.
As the story progress, some details stems from previous elements, some which might be outdated:


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Fantastic work, this character also goes by the name Thoth?
I find the anatomy here very interesting.
Lovely detail!
Typhonian-Apkallu's avatar
Thank you!
And yes, the character is naturally inspired in the eponym character in the Egyptian mythology. However he's part of a larger universe and his origins are not quite bound to a proper ancient egyptian setting. Having lived centuries and passed across different cultures and places, "Thoth" may be just the name he's been mostly referred to in his lifetime. The portrait here is a "younger" version of his, that despite being already known in Egypt (Kemet), he was still participating in a 'god' (see it as administrator) role somewhere else in Sumer (thus the Apkallu naming, Uannedugga).
In fact, Thoth and Djehuti pretty much means the same thing, and is translated as "ibis". Kind of a regular name to the character, although sounding unique to us. He's an original character but draws heavily from attributes (not necessarily for his demeanor or personality) to the Egyptian Mythology character. That said, the naming may be just another intended attribute.
And thanks by the way! I tried to bridge a scarlet ibis anatomy to an anthropozoomorphic shape without being cliche. Tried to preserve the clawed feet as his hands too, so glad you liked the result. The expression was quite a human one in the end, and the beak is heavily stylized. Ibis have much more 'thin' beaks than that.
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I drew Thoth once, that was the biggest obstacle, was the peculiar head shape.
Typhonian-Apkallu's avatar
I imagine. You gotta to figure a way to get the neck drawn right, otherwise the head no matter how perfect it looks, will just be misplaced. By the way the egyptian glyph got a simplistic yet efficient design.