Deviation Actions

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Part of the APKALLU Mythos: Year THREE, in events which are subsequentially refered to as Rapture, dating to MMXI.
The world is mobilized as Europe's (so-called) Democratic Unions cede the pressure to controversial policies (ranging from Malthusian economic devices to monopolizing the violence towards ethnic, racial or religious minorities as process of a jingoism) makes it into the government under collaboration with authorities of religious and military natures. The justification is biased through a mass media campaign against a referred "secret movement", of "terrorist nature". If such disputed faction does exist or not, it is obvious the blur serves as a facade for the ongoing spontaneous movements to either take it or leave it, so this "fictional faction" often works as a smokescreen scenario and the individuals which once gathered in an event or riot of such quality will more than likely pursue the overarching end of such plot - bringing State down with it.

Two "factions" protagonize the ongoing conflict:

  • The informal "Necoc Yaotl", which literally means "Enemy of both Sides", sides which in a transliteration could refer both to "Left and Right" ghosts of political spectre or else false dicotomies and the tendency of "Public or Private" management. It stands against the status quo and supposes search of self-sufficiency, but rather as the epitome or the climax of a revolutionary chapter - the unlocking of the current strains, which are more apparent than ever. No real "movement" exist, but media works like this. The name was borrowed from a strictly planned action by an affinity group a year before the current events. Anarchist movements and organizations already existed, but a militarized (through theft and appropriation) one, organized right about from a subsequent release of kidnapped communities through a traffic event planned by corporations and governments in a move unknown to the public, took this guise whilst on a retaliation attack in urban centres of the West (more specifically, a highly tourism-oriented economy city in USA's favorite satellite state in South America). When the "gang war" or "terrorist" narrative doesn't fit, neither it belongs to ethnical, racial or other kind of dispute, when they employ high technological suits with powers and even giant machines of heavy artillery and tactical features, the overall public retaliation went by the easy way. Such "phenomena" wasn't exactly understood by either MI-6 or CIA, but key figures were drawn here and there. After the Southern American incident, the third way or middle policies were requited to radicalize, to either face the times they were into - accepting the crisis affected other countries, displaced homes, families, destroyed ecosystems, or they'd die to protect foolish lifestyles and the maintenance of an overarching conscripted system where rich gets richer and the poor, poorer. Hard as reality, the multiple Necoc Yaotl are non-official, who will either form or disband it's "cells" to adress both local matters or to "lash out" (assassination of key figures, to luddism, property damage, sabotage, theft, as long as the cells planed and agreed to - leaving it's only hierarchy being the warning of the situation) at the globalized capitalism. Those involved in the riots and attacks will more than often disband it in order to pursue cooperation with a certain community which was "benefitted" from it (likely those who had no rights, or nothing but rights - on paper). But if he or she participated on that with a member of yet another of these "cells", a network of intelligence may come to be. Hackers, spies, and such do exist, but if they're unreachable, they pursue as well means to jam official security, as well as eliminate certain tendencies which pend to traditional crime lords - dependant on the system. That highly un-popular motives shadowed other forms of organization, but as well as served as inspiration to the unheard. Some would argue it was bringing back what the potentials thrusted at its "outskirts". Made the powerful remember that "people used to live there", where they saw only resources.
  • The formal "Holy Roman Empire", which itself counts with support from independent nucleii inside important countries' official military, such as the special unit of the Teutonic Knights (at time, highly armored soldiers which are a part of German army but will also respond to a newly christened Austrian sovereign - despite his preposterous claim be ongoing debate), as well as sideline militias ellusively supported through finances of think-tanks of either neo-con nature or those promoting liberal economy. Those investors are kept in adamant secrecy but it's deeds are kind of obvious - favoring a secret round table of warmongering figures within European nations, the same which in the 90s were on Eastern Europe and the last decade, on Middle East. The Empire is more or less an enterprise, and is highly supported by a central church, The Western Roman Catholic, although it have other churches at "gun-point" due the vastness of its network. Ecumenical roles ties in to the moment of political unstability, so either unrecognized, albeit publicly supported, or even recognized, albeit strictly regluarized in national frontiers, the Inquisitionary Offices are the crude reality which make the Empire less a initiative and more a suppressive system. An increase in military ranks with higher support of volunteers, it's role is suppression of insubordinate elements which fit one or more of all it's incredible roster of absurd narratives. To turn it in categorical acceptance, many power-plays and publicity investors will defend a part or two of such conscripted plot to the acceptance of the newest Vicar, Leo XIV - in his revenge-seeking plot against the murder of the last helding it's title. It also stems from an eugenic plot conscripted as a "demon hunting" sequence. Whilst programs such as AXIS were secret and turned obsolete, by the rates that not only "demons" were known, they were freed, the fact that their range acted around so-called "Third World" in key positions machinated by facades of church charities, was apparent. The proof, however, was gone - the slave pits have been replaced by another kind of netwrok across the globe. By the year of MMXI, the church under Leo had a new visage - bring Heaven upon the Hell that earth has become. That suited most people's fears - they were all tirelessly afraid of Triton or Paynal for example, and competent authorities have failed to capture them for over two years, letting them even organize with humans. Ironically, such effort of the Church counted with help of Dragons, Vampires, Angels (Djinni) and mostly trans-humanist science.

"I'm like a monster in a cage
Trapped inside a maze I am home"

"He lives in darkness, there is no progress
He knows the demons, they lie within him
He has no vision, he has no sight
He hates perfection, it wasn't right!
Who cares anymore, who's there anymore?
I won't lie, I've never been ashamed
I don't mind, admitting I'm to blame
I care no more, I can't bare no more
I'll say no more, I can't give you anymore"
    This is the Triton, a major figure which used his growing influence to bridge supporters of the Necoc Yaotl in specific fronts across Europe, usually the most radicalized ones or those in brink of poverty. Through his dynamism, being capable of diving the entirety of the Mediterranean in less than a week, he mobilized spots across the world and summoned up key personnel to enhace the Necoc Yaotl experience and spread it throughout major social spheres, albeit his take is rather considered incisive, and rather unwelcoming. He makes sure his tactics are less or more brutal reserved to those who deserve it.
He mobilized what is referred to as NECOC YAOTL ARIMA DIVISION. It does not regard a sole spot of actions in the globe, but is rather a conscripted group of affinities with a particular agenda. "Arima" stands for the "Couch of Typhoeus", and is ellusive because it was placed in distinct places across historiography and myth. None of those may be their actual "meeting place", or even the closest to a headquarters. They might gather anywhere...

  • aliases: Vodyanoy, Muldjewangk, Boto, Bunyip (formerly), Ao Bing
  • Powers: Weather Control, Cast thunder, control clouds, Liquify air, vaporize water, crystallize liquids. Diving speed of average 450 km per hour, create air fluxes and maelstrom effects. Known to have flooded major cities, has resistance to mostly all raw elements (thunder is absorbed by his conch, water either cold or boiling just absorbs into it, the only thing he can't take is fire, as he's always trying to extinguish flames), for he controls his own temperature and of the environment around by an assimilating process. That said, even his humor may change the weather. Resist most acids and can create a water barrier which will isolate chemicals.
  • Tools: Other than the very hard Orichalcum Exo-Skeleton, has a Staff (The Scissor Staff, currently a Caduceus) made of the same element, in theory both parts are needed to create a "Daimobia Veil", terminology which describe the area on which he can operate weather changing abilities. Create Water Streams with his spear, in most diverse forms - the least he can do is to use such one as to "surf" across solid surface, the maximum in which he enhaces the pressure of the jet to cut even metal. Usually uses the latter form combining with electricity, which he's constantly growing to become resistant from, after each skin he "shed", like a reptile, had him slightly more resistant. Electricity has affinity to his spear but won't hurt him as his conch serves as a lightning rod. Has had two different conches, each time it regenerates, it gives him different afinnities to the locale he's been - as he travels across the world - his powers have been diversified, and augmented considerably ever since he wandered the world's largest desert, and survived a volcanic eruption. Is still planning to take a trip to the Northern and Southern poles, beyond the coast.

    Necoc Yaotl means "enemy of both sides", the word was appropriated from an alias of the Mexican God Tezcatlipoca.
It could be understood in diverse manners, the most obvious is that it concerns individuals who oppose and refuses participation in the systematic exploitation on the long term, deeming the representative system for politics failed (or rather knowing it wasn't conceived to work for given class to begin with), for victimizing unquantifiable social strata in service of the enrichment of mangers, leaders, whose main concern is a politics of saving for unlikely ventures - resulting but in an endless cycle of power accumulation (more than just monopolizing resources - but as well as efforts, ideas, capitalizing the slightiest of actions, innards of social experience and the lowest of absurdities).
    It stems toward belligerent critique of property as it signifies objectification. Out and beyond from the classic critic, it was a result of perceiving the massive allocation of several people from different backgrounds (once again upon ethnical diversity, native cultures and racial policies, as well as geographical localization), directly into smokescreen black markets, whose strings were operated directly as economical counter measures. Where people and the land they work became coin exchange, easy scripts can be read as to the priorities of so-called "global community". A much larger scope can be seen in what is easily an attempt to codify and administrate both human behavior and still on-going eugenist policies. Claims those which could be proven only once someone stood up to such hidden authorities. Such stand is what makes one part of the Necoc Yaotl. There's no actual office.
Those who go by Neco Yaotl realize that this "amount" of "standing up" people is personally few, but as much as the seeds of fascist nucleii spread by defining alien and common, focusing between a never ending concession between difference and similiarity in dishonest manners, so too they should be able to spread the capability of one raising against that which held this person. "Groups of Affinity", effemeral as they are, should pave the way towards all those which gave up in the truncated system and its blocking bureaucracies. They'd rather not even claim authority of the deeds, but they should sown distrust for public opinions. It was in its finest, an anti-mass movement.
    But in no ways an individual or given group had everlasting effect. This was why the Necoc Yaotl had its own scheme of hacking, smuggling and not regrettably, executions, directly to key personel in all the layers. Personal motivations were easy to manipulate, yet the fame and the built-up terror so profoundly forced into generations has breached the supposed limitations. Austerity measures tried to drible the unevitable. Necoc Yaotl would rather break it forth - in no mean seeking solution, but rather believing it to come through action. Of course individuals find their blockades, in morals or whatever reasons - the Triton, however, has been delivering powerful materiality, bringing both consequence and opportunnity, since at least two years before.

    The Triton is relevant to the Necoc Yaotl in his dynamism. What brought the group, or rather the affinnity group into motion, differing it from any movement before, was the acquiring of weapons similar, to even superior quality than those of the enemy. One event such as those was in the mysterious Island-Continent of Nahui-Atl, a spot where aforementioned native populations were to be disposed of. Their "would-be saviors" would carry out a fabricated operation to "rescue" the least possible and re-introduce them to servile consumerist cultures. But this facade was never done, and anarchist militias through Lizardman Paynal and former bio-engineer Jacob Mills had what it took to do the job their own, rather claiming freedom to such populations.     Knowing their fate should never be the same and their lives would change, they took on arms, twisting from a risky life in front-lines to blurring frontiers, claiming resources and equipment for the upcoming demand of self-defense and militarization. Meanwhile, the Triton, an inhuman like Paynal, had been in similar actions throughout Central Africa. "Failed States" led a mark of independent nationalities struggling against neo-colonial measures, which found support in every distinct layer of society, converging the most in the battlefield - environmental matters. Torn between environmental advocacy and the least of empathy to the social struggle, the Triton realized and focused the most worrying matter - energy resources. Uncovering the schemes of international community, it was obvious that their referred investments and technologies settled a conflict of interests to stage a scenario. As a luddist, he destroyed ongoing projects of power plants in environmental areas which "weren't registered", conveniently. Doing justice to the other side, he wouldn't abide boycotting the darkest side of a secondary power in that state: Haijianese Protectorates. With a narrative which just sounded post-colonial, it was actually a contract between local war-lords who had the legacy of a war torn country in their hands, and power-hungry technocrats, who invariably were turning the tides in relations to the United Nations. Events like those re-sounded in every corner: Australian Billabongs, British Columbia, Amazon Rainforest, Western Sahara. Militias had deteriorated in time and have been abandoned, assuming its last resort - terror, in order to gather slightiest of resources and ammunition. Tyrants took the bait. However, the Necoc Yaotl differed from that in the sense it sought to bring forth cooperation whilst taking arms - meanwhile, bringing the necessity of revolt to a daily life which was superceded by an alienating consumerist process. In other words, bring the fight from peripherical areas straight into capitals, of significant spots to the government.
    The occasions and greys between the two inhumans and the causes they were to champion were all blurred. But it became quite clear that alone, without resource or equipment, without power, their allies could just dodge the upcoming attack. However, in their sole careers, they have had handful of contacts and were exposed to different mafias, mobs, collectives, and so on. To make sure that movements in quest of liberty didn't end up bridging up yet another path for a tyrant, they'd rather annihilate forms of power, leaving an endless state of unrest, for the ellusive, dodgy movement required a nomad living which could enhace all that which was still not processed in the enemy's assimilation system.

    The Triton has had his own inside source as to tell plots being planted toward the Middle East, since after a demon outbreak increased the ranks of the Haijianese army through treaties and policies regarding demons were to be weaponized and subservient to its government, if new "workers of mines" or things of the sort. But the United Nations had the treaty to be a blackmail, sending a secret joint to intercept the demons across desert. Their deal included Pirates from Western Africa and rebels from Sudan. Those which were involved in a human trafficking plot the Triton has been pursuing the last one and a half years. This secret joint was easily de-mobilized, the "human cargo" was introduced in camps across the Mediterranean, and a starting income of immigration was on the verge of political unrest. Controversially, "neo-pagan reconstructionist (how much of it is a farse or no...) communities" had found the necessity to claim those in their ranks in detriment of the hostile treatment the populations were to face in such official camps. Military defected, the armies parted, and voluntaries sent in to befall on the tyrants which remained in power for over fourty years. The Triton has no major leadership over that groups - but sharing his intelligence has proven positive, and despite the differences, groups from as far as one another could be, were basing new strategies (or rather re-collecting lost or less spreaded ones) to counterfeit the bad aspects of globalization.
    Among such events, the Triton forged an irreplaceable alliance with a most blurred "movement" using converging facades (ethnical and religious), which spreaded across Eastern and Northern Europe (with a larger role to play in the resistance against the Inquisition), as well as direct action groups across the Mediterranean, which based mostly in revitalizing the struggle in historically parasited economies. Mafias and mobs gave way to communes, and Anarchists with certain gear could eventually be a force for change. Maritime blockades made the world sound like a century or two from what it was before, so they'd prepare for an upcoming world war. Last but not least, the Triton has had a proeminent role in an uprising in the Pacific, which was like a bomb waiting to explode. Counting with such ability to mend displaced people from Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean (albeit lacking familiarity with such scenario, he'd admit), he bridged movements of all political spectres to oppose by opportunnity or necessity yet another global conscripted intelligence: The Church.

    Triton is not a foolish one: As a demon whose main concern (vilified as an agenda) was the freedom of sentient beings, he was quite aware of it's complexity. Freedom doesn't concern treatment, although welfare doesn't concern end of exploitation, and basic process of acquiring basic resources meant no equality of any labor, but surpassed the need of payment - he meant to violate the concept of society. Sentient individuals meant the most. Those, by aligning with the future of its labor (material culture) could easily forget this inherent value, and blindly, would stick to the maintenance of a conscripted abode of international array of powers of traditional slavery by blatant replacement of the material to the representation. The will to participate in that was "enchanted" to "humans", forced, to inhuman animals. Those in the between, demons like him, were in a denser plot, at one side teaching human nations how to use such devastating potential, on the other, hunt down, for they couldn't be bred in serialized labor, and would be sabotaged by other demons, for they configured neither class or species. The end result was covering in shadows the elites of demons, where they'd be blurred if more or less human, at the same rate theoretical "humans" would be regarded less so by it's independence and autonomy - those, hunt down still, would easily stray to "crime" or other activities - repating endless cycles of subservience and illusory "freedom", mediated by others like him.
    He came to fight demons, too. Some had relatively stronger powers over the public, the more they were shadowed, or conveniently masquerdaded by some religion. Elementals of Fire passing by Buddhist monks, Dragons hiding in the skins of politicians, and canine demons running drug cartels associated with sports and human enhacement, the world was full, but the public, quiet. If by the first semester of the year MMX he foiled (or kept in retardant timing) a plan of the Eastern Country of Haijian which had full cooperation of entire "demon" swarms (from arachnid to canine, fire based Akhs), by the latter half he went as far as to discover that the UK had secret Nuclear projects in alignment with off-world sea daemons. The church, has managed to keep by eight centuries some slave farms in the heart of Africa. Meanwhile sheiks and military personnel from Mauritania, Lybia, Algeria, Chad, Morocco, Sudan, the UAE and Anatolia, to name a few, collaborated with a much more ancient domain deep beneath the black sea, operated by demons and reputed to have brought gold to humanity. These spots became just facades. The enterprise was running still, ongoing in every relation of our society. It was their society. By declaring war on a Holy Roman Empire the Triton may have previewed upon months ago, he'd not be less credible of accepting that he'd meet some inhuman mind behind such a plot. Enter the Djinn. Light based creations which contact through dreams, visions, and manipulate light. Once they fasten into a material being, their energy grants a powerful array. Throughout this conflict, the Triton leads the members of the ARIMA DIVISION to uncover the church has space-time warping plans, eugenic crusades to fuse chosen humans and djinni, and might be a step closer to armaggeddon as they plan special spots of nuclear war - the hotspot being just beneath Jerusalem. They follow the script of the Book of Revelation...


    A Force of Nature
    The Triton has had many names, aliases, and was acting in different occasions. Even though, all went blurred, thanks both to the media, to the joining of groups through familiarizing concepts, and through the memory and time lapsing ownwards to his own "rise" as a figure. Dazbog and his fellow occupiers of a series of seven or so "villages" (mixture of communities, occupied territories, some production line and manufacturing facilities with covert operations) across Euorope (overwhelmingly in its Eastern portions), remember him mainly in his role as Vodyanoy. A sage spirit with ecological inclinations and with little regard for human lives. Dazbog knows his secret, but he shares this with no one. The more secular of these groups were already aware he had strong political vocabulary, and he was deemed either stalinist or even like a new Nechayev around such circles. He overlapped concepts that were once split, and split those which were widely accepted as single by recurring traditions. By the end, the movement was much more heterogenical, yet it focused on primal needs of surviving. Their "atom" became what was a "facade" for most - the freedom of religion, and as they were sure, no religion could be free once an institution or even the slightly logic of MONOtheism was adopted. It was a conscripted fable of populist ignorance and imperial dominance. Their communities lived by unwritten laws - laws even the Triton trespassed a time or so - but more widely accepted as if he was a force of nature, playing with a humanity which didn't appease him. As Dazbog becomes part of such "pantheon", he supports the Triton and that leads most of the contingent to follow his intent at least when his presence is confirmed.

    A Nihilistic Persona
    His relation to the Anarchists of his home (in the country of Minoica) has had a long run. He has inside sources as to how it acts, acted, what it promoted, whose members were which collectives, which collectives were study groups, headed by fame-seekers, or those which had feet on direct action. However, it bordered quite personal values, and even more so, habits he was steadily dubious about. He did his part - weaponized them. Made sure they'd be ready for the numerous prison breaks, and the upcoming civil war which torn the country. Some specialized in taking care of immigrants, others in trainning people from kids to adults in arts of self-defense and shooting. Both 'specializations' had blurred contacts, either to mafias, cartels, or even more so private finances leading to heads no different of parties, from right to left wing. Triton developed a high distaste for the immaterial and abstract, and despite the consequences of economy were catastrophical, he strongly dismissed the currency. That led some into smuggling, and even trafficking. Those which were more civillians, recurred to what they'd call "double lives", seeking easy jobs, corrupting their own. That would just change when the situation became un-bearable and repression would break apart historical squats. The movement would stray to the archipelagoes around Minoica waiting for a chance to re-join. A figure among those took the chance when mysterious (despite famous in underground) SubComandante Zalacosta was reported to have been in the Mediterranean. The plot is more complex than that, though, he was among the ill-fated Western Sahara occupations, as he'd just return from a mishap in Mauritania. He was after pirates and smugglers of the Atlantic, releasing people from it's traffic, organizing them, and setting them throughout salvaged transportation. They would operate against an overarching plot of imperialism ready to take down tyrants which didn't corroborate with them - Lybian, Egyptian and Sudanese politicians (reading that as Arab Spring could be a half truth). This "sequestrated army of the homeless" were introduced to Aragonese provinces by the underground. The Subcomandante was a guardian of the EMLN in Mexico, and with the powers of OMEGA, he was untouchable. The EMLN received visitors from outside community each season, and they used to fight and ward off cartels and bounty hunters on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. The "finance" was earned through theft, and subsequent murder of politicians and their allies. But it didn't end up in the regions of EMLN, for Lanzo didn't want to lead them, neither to alter their lifestyle. By triggering the events of "Arab Spring", or even setting the slightiest of people free from the tyranny, always set them back to frontlines, to ground zero, "no man's land". That's why he'd weaponize them and connect through joints. This "figure" (identified as "Black X" [X here the greek leter chi]) had contact among all the following countries and wasn't at all supportive of the Triton, personally disgusted by the mysterious inhuman, his ease in breaching concepts, weakening trust in affinnities by bringing up damn truths and inconvenient details. A precise scientist in the art of plotting. He, the other way, had populist inclinations, but bode well with a mask, just to make it more anarchical. By convincing to be of help to Lanzo in his plan to take down the tyrants of Sudan and intercept the bounty hunters identified as "Operation SCIROCCO", he'd ask in return, a few time to re-organize the groups spreaded across the Archipelago. Together, they took over the production lines of weapons in the "sick man of europe" (southern Lacia), where the Black X would still try to draw a plot connecting the Triton to human trafficking (he did collaborate with a slaver, albeit whilst such one was workless and sought after by UN).
    Whilst this would rift forever the relations between the Triton in Minoica, Lacia, Dalmacia and Dacia, it would lose opportunnity to bridge this anti-capitalist phenomenon with the "neo-pagan occupations" elsewhere in Europe. An "unnofficial international" was held in a common point between those "factions", plus with other factions from the American continents, including as well frequent environmental groups which gathered in Norrland without strict political connotations. It was there in the Basque country when the "NECOC YAOTL" term came to be (albeit the Triton favoring the quechua term "AWQA"), just as a facade for a movement which globally resounded as a caption to the resistance of self-reliable groups in face of fascist, dictatorial regimens, and to the overall distraction of so-called democratical states. Triton may have made peace with the Black X, for people in common groups brought them a better reliance to each one's moves.    
    However, Zalacosta was at all unaware of such ulterior motives. He saw in Triton something really similar to Paynal - a human teen who becomes inhuman, and has just not been grown up in some rank, as he led a "normal life", behind some screen - and have just fought in collaboration with him by decrypting his plan (which in the outside seemed like "saving a slaver" but was actually "reclaiming its human shipment"). He saw an anarchist trying to be of help, no different to Black X. If one was better for a thing and the other for other, "bingo", they should be themselves this affinity group, for if they weren't, the enemy would use that as an advantage. Black X is sticky, and will often repeat what Lanzo (regarded as "Último Crimen", "Final Fire" or simply "Omega") proposed, albeit with different words, as if "translating" it to militants who'd unlikely be his retinues. That leaves the Triton with distance to the seasoned rebel, who seems much more concerned with the latter part of the revolution - organizing what was left behind. A crucial, pivotal, and extremely delicate part. The Triton, however, is in complete distaste for the party caste, and will often seek to part groups when they 'rusted with time'. Black X more than steadily try to carve a narrative out of the fact, stranding the Triton with full responsibility of the rather shady characteristic of their actions, as if he was an obscurantist. That easy cheap narrative is just the slightly acceptable because the Triton has no identity, and ironically in his anonmymous perspective, is regarded way more in degree of importance than those which die of hunger every day by neglective systems, who're just computed by tutelary rights and uneffective policies.
    A Priority
    He maintains a difficult teamwork relation with former personnel of a private military institution which concerned his capture. Steadily believing most of the problems to stem from historical factors in decurrent plots operated by people (regardless of age, but more so those who survive long enough) sticking to the properties their families accumulated, simplistically the end result would be the next magnates profiting for the slightiest of things (primordial elements - water and air - to the very abstraction of words or humours, codified means of expression - social media, for example, being at full a database), capitalizing in different ways, he'd have a higher regard for people around a "young age" to be able to cut this thread, all the while but "paying" in time those who survived this far (but instead favoring the "here and now" other than the promises one would've believed). He meant to end the exploitation of labor, but in no means he neglected the only tool for it was by working harder (against the boss) and becoming free of restraints - for their necessities. Once people stood up to this, their necessity would irrevocably change (recurring to war). Maturing from individual to a self-organizing element. People blocked by frontiers of artificial habitats, acquisition-related lifestyles, would break free from it. Affinnity groups wouldn't compete to see who enrichened their "leaders" best. Without leaders, work served quite different purposes. As so, these people had key intelligence and powers which couldn't just be lost or eliminated by a disagreement here or there, they'd just join any of the anarchistical Necoc Yaotl through an undeniable truth - based on the horrors of the enemy. Their trust and their cooperation should be earned, by justapositioning it to the undeniable involvement on the slightiest things to the industry of death.

    It's Complicated
    Former Agent Rho, Kai Taylor who still go by Rho (it can't be helped it's inscripted on his attire), was in the mission which "gave birth" to Necoc Yaotl. There he found out he was no better than a bounty hunter, and would end up disposed by it's contractors. Worse than that, he'd do dirty jobs to cover up stronger truths abou the mess the corporates and cryptocrats were doing. His liquifying power was of greatest use for infiltration. His "hobby" was programming, but he's by a long shot above the average. He was assigned to check and engage in front against the enemy's very own misinformation news spreaders. He was known of Triton's secret, too (albeit by his colleague and through side investigations). Never fond of the figure, he knew he was of easy beating to the inhuman (Triton manipulates water, so you do the math), so he'd play it cool and stick here and there in such given conscript mission - the more he learned, the more he yearned to find out. As he came closer to find secrets about other agencies, governments, enterprises, he had a longer run from it, concerning his own liquid integrity. The Triton, however, most usually confronted or blocked his escape to dig even more so deeper in a system which was very materialized in the slightiest of our information. He was unknown to the fact that the Alpha Omega inherently changed it's users. The Triton was seen as a figure fated to fail according to Kai, for his lack of prospect and leadership, whilst self-absorbed in a massive, open hunt to which normal populace couldn't follow - he included. Standing between, there was his former colleague, Agent Kappa Melissa Walker, who used to help the Triton in missions which followed Operation Scirocco. Whlist Kai stood still as his former agency closed, making sure it's files were preserved when all the others tried to bring them down, Melissa was absent, and likely cooperating for a conscript enemy on the decurrence of a failed mission.
    The surviving agents earned freedom. She, on the other hand, was just able to evade responsibility like a maverick and be included in the mix. She had very own investigations which led to nowhere but to a damn truth. The last four years of her life were a lie. She discovered her enemy to be actually those which supposedly gave her a place to seek for answers, only that her concerns were never the matter. The existance of a human which became demon only meant what was obvious back then - it didn't matter on practical ethical parameters - the demon hunters and reseachers were just a blind shot. But it alone didn't change the fact that she was among a cursed initiative and was alone at it to "change it from within". She couldn't stand and make a difference, for it was timely and merely ceremonial. She should fight and betray the institute, but by the end she'd bring up victims which would never know why. To that, she joined the Triton in an unlikely alliance as they'd uncover details which were in no assignments. Aware of the deadlock they were inserted into, of the entire conspiracy to which entire populations of human and non-human animals were victim of, she'd try to do, in no small part, what she was able to through her conscripted Kappa armor, if to make it up for her blind venture in the years of service, to stain the enemy and rise control of the population over the slightiest of its fate, or even if for a matter of survival, until she and her repute would be clean, or the enough to make a living other than "bounty-hunting". She'd use many facades on her intents, but truth is, she had to fight not just with but even for the Triton.
    He was much sought after as if responsible for terrible damage unable to be re-paid - as well as countless human lives. She had, however, undeniably seen the same as him whilst on missions. Poaching and hunting was no separate act from the slightiest of our consumption - they were parallel and conscripted in a single currency. Our survival meant the elimination of many others, invariably most those which were perceived to be free from such a restraint (the concept of property). Regardless of all the Triton (or rather the boy who steer such powers) caused, he was in a way, a consequence of a much larger script. She had to make sure he was no scapegoat, and tending to his full, not just on the facade others tried to imprint on him, was even a better approach to direct his power. Target the right people. She passed most of her codes, but she lived long enough to know that doing the right thing sometimes (most of the pressing concerns, actually) involve killing. There are many pits, holes to which the powerful resort to when seemingly surrounded.     These events let her slip closer to the mind behind the Triton, and to her surprise, it was a very good intentioned teenager trying to make a difference in his lifetime. Of course she'd be against his directions sometimes, but after all he's been and seen, she'd take that more as a lash out. It was his therapy. He was used to fightng and engulfed himself in a trail which would never end. She promised him it would end. That they'd get the most pivotal figures and eliminate them. But first, in the way, he should become able to trust others, and that meant to believe in them and in their potential for goodness. She tried to give an optimistic outlook in all the murder around him. Reality spoke louder. But he couldn't help but feel attached. In his weakspot, he's grown even more so dependant of her presence a mission or other. People involved in the Arima Division would play very well to keep Triton's secret, but they couldn't help but feel like she was a pivotal role into that. Her usual "cardinal reference" whilst in full speed would be his own (rather his Orichalcum conch), so they'd go as far as to nickname her as Triton's shadow.

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Long read but very cool! A lot of detail and research done. Outstanding!