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Hydros is the One who came to be water, who has tamed Chaos and locked it on his own unconsciousness. He's also reputed to be the master of the Four deadly Streams (Halahala), which sprung from Chaos and were refined in accordance with the cardinal spots of the planet of Helladeas. While Chaos is the main landmass of the planet, Hydros manifest as the hidrosphere of it, and he has control over practically all its biosphere in consequence of its need of water in states of gas, vapour and liquid (and even on solid).

With this power, he keeps four chosen to incarnate the Streams in the uttermost darkness of the pits of Tartarus. Those will have the work to refine the flux of water and air controlled by chains of energized Orichalcum. Those will instigate in different degrees the powers of Fear and Violence, Rest and Death, Illusion and Dream and finally Procreation and Love, upon all the beings living in this planet.

As a mastermind of this hollow planet (it has no Planet Core), he follows up the different steps of evolution his brothers refused to study. By studying, manipulating and recreating the sea life according to his own (and to his immense creativity - sign of Chaos still living inside him), he has created the Tritons upon one of his images (just as he did with horses, until his brother Ohrmuz took out all their ability to speak save for few such as Arion).

Being one of the most ancient Tritons, he's still somewhat a merman. The newest ones have legs like everyone else and are still amphibian. Some even generates their own Orichalcum conch and are able to summon the storms and waves with only spears and lances. As a primordial triton, some say he's also capable of creating a secondary brain, an organ to which he will pass his organic function when he's dying. And this, by consequence, may be a product of Chaos, just like the Serpent Apophis, regarded as the "Ater Adamantis", holder of the stone which long ago was shattered (by the same Trident he carries) into five Fragments which would become the Vovin Crystals.

The streams sometimes are uncontrollable, so he needs the four avatars to be crucially on their domains. They will evidently cease with the power they have in hands some time, so he elect new ones. This keep he fit to take other forms and bodies while they act for him on controlling the Streams (identified as the Halahala poison in Hinduism).

The plans of Hydros are rather unknown. He's just reputed to seek many ways to seize the life while creating, developing and interacting with his creation. That free-thinking is less encouraged by his brothers, but it rewarded them great development in species' creations and has offered a great sort of differentiation and multitude on Nature.
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