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Inktober Day 22- TRAIL
You can wait here until next drawings are revealed or have it all revealed at behance

For this year, I've been dwelling in my old stories once again, this time re-imagining the pivotal "Spirit Fight" tournament, sticking how I could to match the official prompt list. On the championship, teams of three members fight each other through a group phase and then through three rows of classifying into the great final. This fighting championship involved techno-shamans from around the world. Given the disturbance, it was not strange to find techno-shamans from other dimensions, hailing from dystopias, utopias, with spirits, summonable allies and downloadable A.I.s more strange or familiar than the competitors themselves. Each had a question to settle in the fights, it's understood that merit would evaluate those who advance ahead. Couldn't be more wrong, as a mysterious competitor rigged the championship to begin with. They just find it out in season 5's finale (I guess...)

Present characters:
Officer Archibald has seen too much already - drifting in dimensions, watching universes come and go, aeons and kalpas in the passing of miliseconds, living his life all over again, changing slightly details and having gravest of consequences or maximum bliss as the deal with the fiend of Chaos - but each time some transformation like this happens, it's still a feeling of surprise. In this given tournament, championship of sorts, he kept the fiend under his lighter and even controlled it, until he miscalculated a fight and arrogance in front of his opponents left the breach the fiend needed to escape his grasp. As was fated, it re-united with it's living image - Lapolo - whose mask lays in the ground. No longer trying to play the reformed man when in absence of the spirit of Chaos, he was rival to Archibald because his creator, his reason for being, had chosen him over his own. That was for the creation of a future, he required Archie to dream the Ultimate Utopia, one not even the Pharaoh could corrupt. But Lapolo, in the chaos' absence, found another (yet uncertain, somewhat aching) joy in life, another resolve. He was just not ready to have the chaos back, despite his claims, his rage, penchant for brutal, murderous lashes out and his bold claims of bringing the chaos. None would've believed, but Xis, his own severed half, whom he despised, and believed to hold all that of which was human on him. Since that's an inner experience mostly than a social one, no one but them could tell they've been developing differently. When they united - as APEP, whose trail cast a shadow on it's pursuers - they mean to awake the Chaos, but the chaotic being is a contradiction to itself, having inner fights all times. That's why Xis' team mate, Aplo, perhaps the slowest to have realized it, is there - to save his old nemesis, Lapolo, having learnt Xis' role in all of it - releasing him from battles they were meant to fight for futures and pasts that didn't happen. Events sketched by the Elemental of Nuclear who is being born anew. One to release a thousand suns upon the Earth. And that, neither the officer nor the kid can allow. The Sun from Archibald's blazing eyes and the darkness from Aplo's severed hand must learn to fight together...       

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