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Tlaloc is the god of sky, rain and thunder. Known as "He Who makes things Sprout", to him were offered child sacrifices, in hopes of their tears bringing good crop time. This measure was also a population control measure, to which indirectly served the purpose well. He was attributed to having destroyed the Third World (or Solar Era) with a Rain of Fire. He also brought destruction to the Toltecs for their insolence and corruption, as told by many stories about him. Instead of "revenge" (an immature feeling so often associated with other sky gods such as YHWH and the Christian interpretation of him), Tlaloc's motives were often hidden, un-translated to the world of words. As he presides both over the sky and the fire-lightning that comes from it, he's possessor of both a volatile, flexible, and victorious spirit.
His characteristic "goggle" eyes and fangs are used to represent the Mexica symbol of rain (Quiahuitl, the suit to which he is king in the playing cards game he's to be featured). Other elements to which are associated with him include a triple mushroom. This powerful deity was one of the proeminent major deities of the Huey Teocalli in Tenochtitlan. May the Spanish invaders and the christian endoctrination likes it or not, it's this deity which presides over the same attributes and will continue to do so in generations.
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