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The Winning Eleven - Extreme Team

Meet the gang of dumb kids that made up my late childhood.
As I didn't create stories alone, over 5 people here are originally mine, and 6 from fellow :iconguiler-717:
Developed around 2001-2004 (from 2005 ownwards in different stories, as either adults or teenagers -> here they're "pre-teens", lol), each dude had a different way to go. Took a day or two to sketch it as a tribute to these ol' days which won't come back. Keep track for more old stuff, re-designed. Even if it's some zillion-years-old for me, this should be the first time you meet these guys, right?

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The original name of the gang was "Gubags Club", whatever it meant, it stands now for something like "Extreme Team", take it X3M to make it a tad mre cheezy than what it already is. They were that, a bunch of kids, which lived boring casual lives but found in a hell-bound school-academy stranded in the midst of an island off-bounds in international waters, some time to waste and had to relate with the other primates that have been lucky enough to be thrown in the same cage - their classroom. These are not all the guys from the sixth year in the academy. From 2001 to 2003 they had enough time to at least learn on how to live together and to realize the girls they had crushes on couldn't care less for them. But yeah they didn't learn. They were extreme. This "fight-club" experience was actually supported by two members of the staff: Morgan and Jacob, professors of biology, physics, chemistry and overal engineergin technology. The director, some Principal guy with clerical mindset (did I mention this "Academy" was actually a juggernaut-sized castle with complete set of towers, flatlands, open fields, dark forests and cabins on the outside? Many covens went in and out from that) opposed them, rather in favor for the AG, name of a "group" of students. This 'AG' stands for Anna Goodwaters' name. She was the richest kid (but not even the one who showed off most) who relied on the ever-caring best friend Nina, who is overall regarded as the smartest kid. Not according to Jacob and Morgan, of course. They saw many geniuses in the "X3M". Time would come the Academy would close and authroties would finally apprehend the Principal and find out he did more than corruption from his dark monastery. They all followed to a private school in Ashville, a city in the West Coast.
This school, Bykear Foundation, was too much more hi-tech but not less bureaucrat, and the power-hunger principal was an industrialist this time, the futurist Zepik, who cared for nothing but money. Be that as it may, most moved out of the old rivalry and schemes. Their "masters" moved away and just few of them would keep a fond memory of the time. It's 2004 now, and they find opportunnity to once again form a team. They're just not good enough soccer players, but hey, here goes nothing!

Follow them in order of the image, two 'rows' from left to right:
1st row: Lenny (of the coonskin cap), Xis (using shades), Aplo (of the headphones), Byduchi (next to Aplo, with glasses), Kosai (of the scarf) and Mangai (with the yellowjacket).

05 - LENNY - Right-wing back (the guy with the coonskin cap)
The somewhat brutish, yet brotherly member of the team with a ready-to-fight attitude. Not the strongest, but one of the most courageous (and stupid) members, the first t pick a fight, the last to ask why he's fighting.
Origins: Lennon Pickard comes from Texas, arguably he's the only one who's born on the territory of the US (United Snakes). All others are "immigrnts" to him, save for "Phil".
Powers: Earth and Dust
Guardians: Billy the Kid (Legendary Gunslinger)

03 - XIS - Left-wing back
The last to join the team, just did it a month ago. An outlaw and spirited rebel, unpopular among some (Kids, don't do drugs!), found a place by the misfits.
Origins: At large away from the public. Either from future or past, he's the split soul of an ancient evil. He personifies it's most most redeeming qualities. Man, did he look familiar?
: Shadows
Guardians: Moloch (the Canaanite God)

11 - APLO - Winger
Easy-going on the outside and somewhat aloof member of the group, a genius slowed down solely by his lack of organization. Grown with animosity towards any authority, he has few friends which he keeps with strong pertaining. His values are almost contradicted at every point by the society of surveillance we live in.
Origins: Aplo Condrichthiyes was born in some Pacific Island (fails to remember whether it was in Vanuatu or Tuvalu), and has no place like a home. Moving from island to island, his father (who's a marauder) left the family stranded at the Atlantic when he was young of age, being overseas ever since. Multi-cultural by nature and experience, he's half-greek and half-norse, if there's anything like that.
: Water (specially salt-water from the Ocean)
Guardians: The Bronze Apôlôrak (an amphibian warrior), Tintaeus and Criticas (gods sons of darkness as bound in a single form, that of a two-headed dragon), and the Silver Apôlôrak, Aporak, deemed elemental of rain (rain as anything that falls from heaven - droplets of water,chards of ice, smokin' meteorites, even toads and locusts).

09 - BYDUCHI - Centre-forward
The fastest (lizard) man alive, a witty and resourceful young man, always ready to fight. As implied, he can shift into a human-sized lizard, aong other powers and features this enhanced form has. He has a past behind him and is an avenger in every sense of the word. Loyal to his pack of friends, he declared war on the secret corporocracy that runs the world. Despite a genious student, he's been on the run ever since becoming a wanted one.
: Byduchi Huitz Xib comes from Mexico, he was raised in a corn-field and lost a brother to it when he was young. He descends from the Cebolitic Tribe (maybe related to the Ciudad Perdida de Cibola) and his father is a seaman. He's a quick thinker used to hard work.
Powers: Wind and Electricity
Guardians: Warp, the "Wicked Cebola" (as a mutroid, that is, a demon possessing bio-mechanical constructs) and Huitzopoca, "Cebola of War", Elemental god of Wind, thus, movement, and ultimately, speed. "Cebolas" are statuettes worshiped by the Cebolitics, known to hold spirits of a past time to aid them via their prayers. So far it's proven to be true.

01 - KOSAI - Goalkeeper
A rich and smart kid, a natural born strategist. Member of the Student Council (which other peeps would have as a waster of time or too much of a work) with a dark, vengeful and plotting-oriented spirit. He's heir to some fortune and has a corporate background.
: Kosai Nakamura comes from some manor around expensive lodges in Tokyo.
Powers: Electricity
Guardians: Yao the Xenophage and his former Butler turned a guardian angel.

04 - MANGAI - Centre back
Speedy and talkative young man, behind his unintended clumsy manners, lays the rest of some mild loyalty. Besides a cocky personality, there lies his endless intent to "keep up with trends", which just fails to match those abound which side of the world he's in. He's reputed to have a mysterious girlfriend but the others are skeptical about it as he shows up with a different girl each week.
: Mangai Minami comes from some city block in Tokyo.
Powers: Lightning
Guardians: Tsuchigumo (name implied upon the tribes which resisted the japanese empire, stands for somthing like "barbarian").

2nd row: Bob (of the cap), Drake (dark-haired with leather jacket), Phillips (next to Drake, one of the painted hair), Fogareo (the number 10)and Ttoetto (dressed in orange).

- BOB - Left Midfielder
Strongest and oldest (as a latecomer) of the group, used to be the "voice of experience" but has been negatively affected by a break-up with his former girlfriend (he was the only guy of the gang to ever date a girl, beside Mangai, which followed later). Not fond of being looked down, he's either over-confidant of his strength or he's just too foolish. Other than that he was "pioneer" in drug use among the group too (Xis' smoking doesn't count, as a shadow we can assume he has no actual lungs), by relying on alcohol when he feels down. He sees that as a custom of his people, despite being under-age. The other guys keep him from that impending vice, employing him somewhere else - the frontlines of their quarrels.
Origins: Robert Pinosson has parents in Ireland and weden. He was raised in Norway and is studying overseas since 2001.
: Ice and Thunder
Guardians: Kontio the Bear and hor Odinson the Thunder God

06 - DRAKE SÅNCK - Midfielder
Clamoring nobility from an extinct descent, this spoiled young man acts in a mysterious and dark demeanor. Behind it, a competitive persona, which is cold to most, but loyal and overly obsessed with those which he cares, those he tries to keep for himself but easily leaks to the public.
: "Drake" is not his actual name, the original one is kept in secret for his safety (he's nobility after all) and for your own (believe me). He comes from a Private Baltic Estate, in a largely privatized area, which had it's own court and mythos, until a "terrorist attack" swiped it off in the turn of the millennium.
: Ice and Shadows
: Simion (the High Evolutionary)

- PHILLIPS - Right-wing back
Distinct playful young man with likes for customization (of anything from his hair to his clothes and even cars and acessories he doesn't possess yet). He's very fond of his voice and singing, but he's too slow to realize it's just his ago, as anyone fails to like it as much as he does.
Origins: Sidney Phillips had a brief childhood from coast to coast, between Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, arrived at the West Coast when he was 7 year-old. Then you know the rest.
Powers: Fire and Ash
Guardians: Fenghuang (the Phoenix)

10 - FOGAREO - Top Scorer Capitain
Hot-headed and competitive member of the group, finding opportunnity to lead others, no matter the consequences or the outcome. Despite being replaced by others after such failed attempts, he's without a doubt the first to tak a stand (a foolish one), or else the first the follow to someone who does (a wise predicament). Behind his gullible demeanor, he's arguably the most motivated of the group's goals. The most fond of the "Extreme Team", their past, and also certain of their rivalry with the "AG" or anyone else of the likes.
Origins: Jonathan Fogareo de Fienze comes from Reinól County, in Afinâncer, a province of the Nibelangos' Country. Despite the medieval-like structures in the city centres, each castle holds different machinery from different times (from Renaissance to even futuristic ones, like Zepik's Dominati Fabrica on the Barchelazio County). Beside the wealthy country, it covers in a veil all the child labor that is rampant on it's walls and adamant to it's luxurious economy. Fogareo is deemed a lucky one, for he "just" works into a bakery his father owns. He argues, though, for his sister, Anasthasia Fogarellia, seems not to work on the same labors, that is if she works at all! In truth he's got some ressentment from his own sis.
Powers: Fire and Light
Guardians: Feiucinno Son of the Mage (an ancient chaplain), Canahierro the "Horse-King" and the Sun Knight (christened the Elemental of Fire after the last occupier of such position was banned, dubbed forevermore as the spirit of chaos).

07 - TTOETTO - Right Midfielder
The wisest of the group and the most addicted to gaming, a record-breaking prodigy which to surprise of all still maintains a regular schedule of exercises and a balanced diet. A martial artist which has secured the group one time too many, defending those which he couldn't.
Origins: Ttoetto-Qin comes from Eastern Aquanors, a region near Manchuria. Originally one of the Taotequists, a traditional feudal livelihood, which even so was still tainted by electronic devices.
: Water, Rain
Guardians: Takashi (the Dragon) and Takamaru (the Jabberwocky)

Will the EXTREME TEAM from Bykear Elementary's 9th grade win their first match against neighbor school's Kaspar Elementary, or will they just suck?
Or most importantly, will they find any truth in the words of secret conspirers as they unhinge the plots which their former masters had to settle them as a group, to start with. On how they've gathered students as test subjects for a program of human enhacement. No wonder some of them have fantastic powers (from water-breathing, shape-shifting, to instant resurrection)... but really? Hard to admit or not, it would rather lays on the hands of the newcomer, who's still not used to a human life at all...
Now, you decide! (hate when stories end like that)
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