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The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

A sketchy painting I've done during an insomnia, it isn't a practice since I've learnt nothing new to it (unless you count being surprised by your insomnia's result as an analytical experience, that is), but well then, here it goes (this page is obviously not a portfolio, right)...

A young (14 year-old), Mediterranean, Vegan straight-edge (even though not affirming it as so) human guy seems to be allied with an anthropozoomorphic bull (even though, some would say "dog-like"), who's inherited a fortune from his family's work on slavery, commerce, exploration, navigation and trade (of weapon, people and even drugs), a meat-eating (even anthropophagous, sometimes) hulking giant who can't abide to stomp someone who gets on his bad side.

How that would come to be? The young over there can become a Triton, too, and as so, he's even more deadly than the Minotaur! As inspired by his own views on radical environmentalism, based on what he sees daily of fishing, people trashing the sea, no "easy-going" vegan talk worked for him. Once with such a power, he let down the stupid christianization version of veganism, seeing as that only helped humans selling food, making out of the idea a diet (practically, it is a diet likes he or not), not freeing or keeping any animal safe at large.
But still, the Minotaur know his secret identity and is bent on saving an animal too: - himself -
As so, they are allied, the Minotaur initiating the young to understand the world of Crime (where there lies the key to social revolution) and make something out of it, while the Triton plays sort of a "bodyguard" for the Minotaur.

That's indeed the Age of Irony (or is it? As absurd as these stories sound, they likely happened already ages ago, they're just not written down, since all people care are obvious jargonic pocket-truths that plays by alignment of characters' intentions instead of necessity and fate bringing them together).
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