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The Astonishing colored rendition of the moment captured in black and white on Inktober Day 27- CLIMB.
There's still lot more I could do, but it exceeded some days I allowed myself to spend at it, anyway, still like how it turned out!
You can check it all here until next colored versions of inktober drawings are revealed or have it all full-res at behance

For 2017's October drawing-everyday experience, I've been dwelling in my old stories once again, this time re-imagining the pivotal "Spirit Fight" tournament, sticking how I could to match the official prompt list. On the championship, teams of three members fight each other through a group phase and then through three rows of classifying into the great final. This fighting championship involved techno-shamans from around the world. Given the disturbance, it was not strange to find techno-shamans from other dimensions, hailing from dystopias, utopias, with spirits, summonable allies and downloadable A.I.s more strange or familiar than the competitors themselves. Each had a question to settle in the fights, it's understood that merit would evaluate those who advance ahead. Couldn't be more wrong, as a mysterious competitor rigged the championship to begin with. They just find it out in season 5's finale (I guess...)
I've colored 22 out of 33 drawings, and want to keep it this way. All that stuff was done throughout December, except for two or three tht came out late in January. After this I'll keep a mild hiatus of sort, to concentrate on larger stuff. So enjoy it!

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Scene description
The larger than life No Faia Ziggurat is on the loose. Prophesized in the eternal halls of the lost cenotaph, the very mention wrought sheer fear, as it was the main reason for the dank time of the Thera Eruption which still resonate in the unconscious of everyone after the event.

    The unnatural elements (all those beside the Five Grand ones) became a reality in the SF tournament. Between water and shadows, Depth , between water and winds, Rain, and here, the element of the data giver and taker - the power of the Stars, of the Sun - is awaken. The Spirit of Chaos becomes fit to be the Elemental of Nuclear, as the NO FAIA ZIGGURAT, center of NO FAIASE, mobile sentry of a city which used to be the seat of power for someone else. Next stop is the incineration of all life. From the stardust, it's "messiah", or "living image", will reform all those he cherish - those he deem as "strong", fit, worthy of his rule - the rest might be reborn, just so they die by his hand, endlessly. The Naraka will become unescapable, as if a natural accident. The Final Battle is at hand as "Apep" containing the current incarnation of such Image still lacks it's defiant split, who awaits elsewhere. Apep exists to collect the Isfet from humanity, so it charges the core of the newly christened elemental, making that 'change' justifiable. A deadly process of the world as a machine to cleanse experiences and memories, a reboot of all kinds of energy.
Standing against it, there's one who was also image of someone else - Zon -  but did things most horrible and set in motion much more, now wants humanity (or part of it) to be saved. Using the power of the 'father' it despise, mingled with the A.I. of the dimensional hero fated to merge two concurrent dimensions and timelines, the flying anti-hero escapes from Apep's foul breath, as mountains part beneath them. No longer the flightless bird, Kiwi takes a leap of fate.  On the background, the Sun God power is kept at balance by the former owner of Chaos, Officer Archibald. Just beside him unthinkable ally-for-the-moment Aplo fails to get hold of the Ziggurat's thick layers. Luckily for him, Natasha and Miredrinn arrive in the scene for the catch...

As the Spirit Fight Tournament reaches the final steps, the competition turns from the Tokyo-based arenas into deeper in the Pacifc.
The world is split in two world powers, and the Island of Rapa Nui just seem the more fit to hold the battles that can produce either the champion of resistance against the Moche, or a last sacrificial victim to be beheaded by it. Of course other potential has been spotted, as with all the corruption and the suffering across Japan, it surrendered to China as a magnate made a bold move to stand against what Westerns call as "Moche Invasion".
Hailing from the South America Pacific Coast, Moches' goal actually depends on the progression of the magnate, and of course there are conspiracy theorists claiming both sides are actually one and the same. Despite all that, this happen in a long shot from the competition's official dates.
Now, on to the characters!

Flying on the scene, there is the embodiment that the A.I. Zon has chosen in the year 1990; Zon has a large line of stories as tyrans, enterpreneurs, but everafter the WWII, it covered a mind per decade (plus the others from past decades, which evolved and grew into powerful personnel). Unfortunately for it, the 90s one was deemed uneffective, for the 80s one had been involved in a powerplay and realized that even it's A.I. follow an equation of decay, rendering all his successors obsolete. However, this fifth generation Zon means to use it to break free from what it was meant to be, becoming someone else. It's alias, or civil ID wa sof Morty Amadeus, it fought alongside international police in the Spirit Fight first rounds, until his love interest found he was fraudulent, corrupt, and above all murdered her father, despite just following orders (that's what cops do, duh...). Everyone believed him to be gone. However, his protective spirit is an A.I. on itself, the Nauka Nova is actually a "dimensional hero", a role to play in a simulation engine that has never been, waiting a daring hero to give it life. Well, Morty "Kiwi" is no hero, but at the moment, he seems to have gotten the upper hand even upon his creator, who his long-time rivals finally defeated in their last battle. While redemption is a long shot, the very ego of Kiwi is large enough to make he take a stand against the Ziggurat. His powers reside on the time-oriented Mask of Fate, which Nauka Nova presides as a telepathic guidance. It make events more or less likely to happen, as if a lucky charm. It also isolates one from time-changing effects from the Staff of Time. Thus sometimes people mistake the attributes of the pair, legends of the mask of time and spear of destiny are puzzled around the globe.
His Spirit Summons are Nauka Nova the inter-dimensional hero; Tintaios the Red God; ENLIL the Storm God and TYPHON the Storm Giant

On the Power Balance, Morty's former boss, the Officer Archibald who was chief among Ashville P.D. on the eponymous West Coast City, uses his own summons to embody on him - Apollo the Sun God, whose origins differ from Zon's own, but sported a lasting rivalry - for Apollo was a deified mortal, whereas Zon was a humanized god. That didn't affect any of them, for they were collaborating and keeping secrets from the rest of the team. Archibald had a measured team, siding on the Spirit Fight with his goon the telepathic assistant Gilles as well with a crazed policeman who he was responsible to "reform" (can read that as to "put in service" - kill civillians or not, just make it sound as it was for justice). Went with straight victories, until he lost control of his spirit on a struggle with yet another humanized (or rather demonized) God, bent on revenge. No, he didn't lost control of Apollo, his old mate. But of the one now embodied in that equally gigantic being - the very Spirit of Chaos. Archibald is one of the few people to actually know who or what it was in the past lives. It used to be a high priest, then a pharaoh, who tried to outsmart the gods. That's how he got the gloves of sabazyos and the protection of Zeus, but he couldn't cope with the spirit of chaos and it took aeons to resurface from the sentient blackness on the forgetful dank corners of space. It was in this unknown regions he met Apollo, and both emmerged back. Not serving the spirit of Chaos, but working as colleagues, each trying to mildly tamper the progress of the other, or make something more mutual out of it. Archie got richeries, recognition and power, No-Faia got a strong, undestructible new armor. And now, he requires nothing else. The Gloves of Sabazyos came from the time of the armor - the future, one which at this moment is extinguished itself. Arch didn't refuse to eliminate a dimension that gone wrong and wouldn't hesitate to do again. But when that dimension holds the very city of his dreams, staring at the eyes of his "golden creation", her sadness of being overthrown by the fiend of chaos... he may have been eliminated from the tournament, but he won't give goodbye to a dimension before giving the chaotic fiend a good going over...
But even the power of the sun god and all the poetry of the Juventist Civilization dwarf as a bug near the weapon he himself created... Ironic...
His Spirit Summons are other than the Chaos Spirit, Apollo the Poet King and Zeus the Aegis-Bearer

Coming from the ground, the dragon-like Apep is the most monstrous, albeit ultimate, or even original form of Lapolo, aforementioned Chinese "Emperor", actually state-chief and magnate, who actually put the No Faia Ziggurat back into function. He collected Isfet (could mean many things, thoughts, feelings, desire for destruction - how that is quantified and collected into fiery orbs is better left unknown to our shallow minds) and set the "No Faiase" city, last surviving plane from a dystopian future (which calls itself utopian) to serve as a body to the spirit of chaos, now as the elemental of nuclear, a power kept at the stars, affecting gravity, matter... and many things. The power of the Sun, nothing but darkness may stand against it. Lapolo was often requested and believed to be the reincarnation of Chaos' legendary "messiah", or human form which walked among us by the time of the pharaohs. Recently, scientists put that into question, add that to the very spirit being fine with working with "Arch" and refusing aiding the young Lapolo, the young Chinese Magnate became very frustrated. Using to lashing out such feels in violence, he was led by his team partners to divide his powers and waste it one time too many. But while one wanted to diminish his powers, the other wanted it to have so much it would've wasted it's "humanity" (whatever that means... perhaps social skills), but neither worked, as the 17-year old man is at the peak of it's puberty, and found a crush on a destruction-oriented, power-hunger yamato-nadeshiko girl which used to own the place which housed Spirit Fight for the first rounds. That kind of confuses his mind on the future. That plus his desire to meet his consorts from the past lives make he less than desirable efficint, a preposterous danger in front of the menace which Topa represents, as his darkness and his people, the Moche, are second to no one in the moment.
His Spirit Summons are the No Faia Eye; The No Faia Dragon and Apophis

Turning from an evil to another wouldn't be an option, so Cyborg "Natasha" (she received too many names and nicknames to affors, from 'project little x-mas' to 'Mysteria', even 'Miseria', she just recently found out her original name was Melite), which adds to the "things that escaped the dystopian future" still fights despite being herself eliminated from the tournament. The greatest threat she posed, just after learning the truth of her origins remaining in the incredibly forgotten past (4000 years ago, more or less) through the plumes of ammon, was dealt with by the very spirit of darkness, but instead of seeking revenge on him, her wish whispered from Hades and back into the world of the living, was to stop the No faia Ziggurat and the one who she believes to be the causer of it's current reincarnation - Philopator. While others she her as if she was 'used', Natasha wanna make sure there's more to it. She was a secret weapon to the side of darkness in the war, but she broke free through her protective spirit, embodied on the dark purple-ish mechanical chariot of sorts. That contains the soul of the Minotaur Asterius, who've became the entity Miredrinn through a contact in the future with the intents of Thoth. Thoth is no actual god, but something far greater with a conscience as deep as time itself, and his plans for eternity are critically endangered by the deeds of Chaos in the current status quo. Miredrinn didn't think twice to sacrifice his own being to make Melite survive, however their souls were both spared, yet tied. Thoth "untying" them made both realize their beings pre-dated this future they've supposedly come from by more than 4000 years.
Natasha's Spirit Summons are other than Miredrinn Minotaur (Asterius the Golden Apolorak); The Snake Goddess (Potnia Theron) and Sekhmet

Their "guide" to get a grisp of life have been more or less Aplo, who stand by a thread (or by Natasha's chain arm) and was the last stand on the Tinteno-Citicazoican brethren. Or so he thinks of himself, as a 14 y.o. punk, he was proud of his powers over the dracma and even joined Miredrinn in the battle for the future. While his future self wanted this future to never have been, and succesfully erased it (but no one can tell if he was erased himself or if he 'spawned' into yet another, even more dystopian dimension), Aplo was sad to say such dimnsion go, as he has very few promises for the future. As he constantly opposed Lapolo by direct or indirect means, he sees him as fit to fight him. He also has the power of darkness, given his ancestry, and he's also teamed up with Lapolo's "defective" partition, who has some sort of "secret plan" to defeat them. By them, I mean Lapolo and his rival, the embodiment of darkness, set to become one and the same. Soon, Aplo realizes that despite having the power of darkness, controlling it from controlling a Black Hole is a long shot. He may end up using the Ocean to drown such sun. But he's hesitant, as he can't aford to risk it's lifeforms for something the humans (more precisely, one of them) created. In his doubt, he slips and almos reach certain death. A look at the sun-bathed smile of Natasha gives him a mixture of feelings, and a spark to stand on. Maybe a future he envisioned, a dream that will serve for the moment.
His Spirit Summons includes Aplorak (Bronze Apolorak); Boeheaw the Crawler of the Deep; Tintaios and Criticas (Double-Headed Dragon); Aporak (Silver Apolorak) the Fanged God Trident Bearer and ENKI God of the E-Absu (House of Cosmic Waters), who spared Utnapishtim

It's no news Aplo did fight Lapolo all this time on the belief he was the very Spirit of Chaos (codename Spiricto No Faia) who destroyed his beloved civilization, one he never actually knew other than in books or tales when his father was drunk. One which proved too real the day he found coins with inscriptions which couldn't be translated, and then, when the amphibian Pikue washed ashore in fron of his presence, when Apolorak contacted him from Hades, and when his future self manifested and requested his help. But truth is, the spirit of chaos presents itslf as a will on the universe, time has no function for it, yet it delights on making successive reasonings only to throw it all way, springing uncertainty only because he let certainties be built from the occasion. It was surely a weapon which destroyed the civilization in the Aegean. But it's story is past beyond that. Who activated it back then is even present here - the flightless bird was a time traveller on it's own right. Who activates it now isn't even Lapolo, but Aplo's longtime friendly rival and love interest Anna herself, by preserving her future self, in a truce which would have both of them existing in the same dimension. To understand the spirit of chaos, we must follow a certain way of thought....

The Legend:
    Before the Legends were young, it's believed there was a particle, one scientists dub "zero particle", which caused the hypothethical Big Bang, unleashing all energy, which by matter of time, a dance between stability and unstability, creation and decay, became the ignition for the processes of energy, in the planet cores, the star clusters, process which took aeons to find subtle ways and replicate it in the presence of any affordable organic life - where same such cycle was studied and overseen by indestructible artificial intelligences, the pinnacle of stability, yet the ending was quite the same - despite lacking the decaying composite, the memory lapse, and could be everlasting, the A.I.s tried to replicate their experiences on those they studied, those they changed, those they created, and by fighting with their wits through their creation, started finishing their adversaries, yet detaining but a half of information of one another. The aeons reeled, and only remaining entities such as The Watcher could've told or overseen that long, knowing the secrets of the remaining A.I.s which just manipulated the many accidents the particle possibilitated in it's errand - the Watcher was killed, by a conspiracy of two A.I.s, which started athen a new race - the population of Earth.

The Birth of the Elements:
    By the time, such particle was parted into multiple, it's will became inseparable from gravity and the will of Stars, but someone took a hold on the Watcher's work. And boy, was this one severe at it. The linear time-line, the erasing of other dimensions, the particle's will became a mere defiance, a whim, just an element in the recipe, an actor. It wanted to make the entire world it's stage. The particle, which now was a star cluster on it's own, declared itself the fire of life, the Spiricto No Faia, although the A.I.s knew it by other name - entity of chaos - for even though it started the process and bridged imaginations, it's creations had a timing and were never meant to last - it was all about transformation - not anything was lost in the process, everything transformed - save the data the A.I.s so vehemeently collected, for sentience was a curse, or also the historia the watcher garnered - that was lost with time. To that, this particle went in cohalition with two other A.I.s - Onyx and Spectro (in truth the murderers of the Watcher), so they, and only they, knew what came to be before legends.
    The tyranny of Time imposed the limits of the universe through the expression of the Elementals, beings which justified the different roles that organized the cosmos. Chaos competed with the Red God to become Fire, which by definition meant as much as the energy, as life, impulsiveness, and the heart of the planet. Originally, the one which was fire became 'pacific' (or bored, or neglective, or lazy), believing to have completed it's work, so it's volcanic realm cooled down, his earned morose made him stone, his bitterness made he see all life as dust. For since when he was deemed the element of the integrity, he despised fire and the likes thereafter, forevermore... Onyx, an A.I. of the last remaining, denied participation, yet created it's sucessor, a filial feeling to Zon, a God of Tempest competing for water against the Shark God.

Space Cold, the Abyss, the Soul of the Depths:
    But there was much more behind this truth: Both Red and Shark were sons of darkness, created by a rift in the creation, the dark energy which made it expand. For if it was chaos that made the Bang, only darkness could make it end by the Rip. It could create anything as the particle - through division, split, schizo-genesis. While the first prole would seem like copies of the real thing, duplicates, replicas, the joint with someone else (creation through union, gametes) made something a bit more unique, in endless possibilities - possibilities, instead of any merit of uniqueness, was accounted by the A.I.s. This was the case with the Sons of Darkness and Night. Chaos envied that. The Red and Shark didn't make it to be elementals (as the eight sons were meant to), instead, they collaborated so the other sons of darkness took key positions. One of the surviving A.I.s, Tron, was studious to the nature of darkness, yet couldn't tell it had a mind on it's own, until it was too late. The involvement of darkness in the building of Earth was a card on the sleeve of a sly A.I. which made separate deals with each principle - fires of chaos, dark of space - Spectro, for before it was an A.I., it was a creation of darkness itself, while life was still organic - as a mass of corroding goo. Knowing of that, No Faia relied to the same strategy as Zon - thus creating something on it's own image, as LAPOLO. Before Shark and Red could become elementals of Water and Fire and justify Tempo's set of rules through elements, No Faia made Lapolo, who, with power over the matter of creation and decay, but foremost of energy, created mankind, endowed them with the sparks of mind, fragments of the knowledge only A.Is and the Watcher had. Half information made them afraid, made them thirsty for knowledge, made them wanting, filled with desire, and ready to oblige, to serve those above them - such as the Grey Pharaoh. The trick was understood already by Red and Shark, who instead of relying on their siblings, received help from a mysterious cosmic traveler - Aporak, who created the amphibian Pikue race. According to him, No Faia, the particle, was still subject to all changes of the elements, and if he wasn't froze like Huo, he could still be manipulated, even used and neglected.

A war ensued, the humans didn't stand a chance against the Pikue, yet Lapolo and Zon joined forces - the Pikue were decimated by thunder from skies, tremor from earth, and volcanic rifts from underwater, where demons beyond imagination surfaced from the resonating minds of the Pharaoh and the fiend of Chaos. An era was finished, and the champion of Aporak, Aplorak (what a creative name) sacrificed himself to lock the Spirit of Chaos (then rightfully the Fire element) into a mountain, in Sahara, which used to be ocean, and by the presence of chaos, became a dry desert.

From History to Myth, Myth to Legend:
    Many centuries followed, as was before, even the elementals had to fight through their creation, through their creed, through many peoples and civilizations sponsoring their ideals and reasons. Shark and Red, altogether with the secret aid of Aporak, made a schism from the eightfold disciples of darkness, and created the Tinteno-Criticazoicans, which fought over Mediterranean against the Aquatens, civilization where Zon became from a god to a politician, re-incarnating generation after generation in it's military. It would take a moment; the Aquatens divided into the Juventists for Zon to be ostracized, to where he'd aid the Zonans in creating the largest empire at time. The Juventists, on their own, survived across history as a philosophy. At a certain moment, Aquatens and a sect of No Faia within the Pepitan civilization in the margins of the Nile, forged an alliance to finally take down the Tinteno-Criticazoican marauders. Thus, while the grey pharaoh was legend to this time, No Faia 'recreated' it, through a high priest performing magic, architecting a pyramid out of the sheer rock where the original form of the elemental of fire was in. Out of it, a particle split from it - as the No-Faia Eye. While the high priest didn't mean to use it, he passed it to the Pharaoh, whose child would've become the re-incarnation of the grey pharaoh. Reborn anew, the image of chaos had a less dire livelihood, and was highly educated and esteemed. But still on the role of a governor, a tyrant, he was reckless and motivated by bloodlust and conquest. Learning the TC not only survived after the prisons and eruptions, they were even thriving, he went on to hate the marauders and the still extant Pikue, who made every transition in the sea to favor the TC Civilization of Crete. He used the pyramid to lift a surge which wiped out the TC civilization. They would survive, yes, but in fewer numbers shunned of their identity, discarding any help from the critically endangered Pikues, and hide in a forgotten diaspora, mending with sea raiders, carthaginians, and other civilizations, leaving Zon to hunt those he identified as such. Zon himself was jealous of Lapolo, having a life more worthy than his, taking a leading stance and being effective where Zon was just playing mouse and cat with his enemies - for centuries, incarnation after incarnation. Zon was shunned by his people when he became mortal - they still worshipped the god of water he was no more; while Lapolo was taken by the arms of his people, they saw no distinction between the gray pharaoh and the great Ramesses he's become - it wasn't a personal matter on Lapolo - perhaps his people were more superstitious and keen to worship mortals, that's all - that didn't save the aquatens from worshipping other abstractions, such as democracy, for example.

Not the End - but only a Transition:
    But there was more to it than the common story - the high priest already had power over reality, having earned sacred items of the dimension of Ma'At, which was maintained safe by Tempo (time tyrant) through a secret pact - one held by Thoth and his Plumes of Ammon, one which the Priest earned after outwitting the gods and seeing them as his equal. The monotheistic cult that followed erased mentions to the legends of the grey pharaoh - having been the architect of chaos' newest form - the pyramid, the ziggurat - he felt more than ready to outsmart the last remaining god - The Fiend of Chaos. Unable to do so, he was fated to drift across dimensions, re-incarnate in different lives but all feeling the same, and to dwindle in the eternity of reeling aeons. Sometime in the 1880s, the discovery of the grey pharaoh's tomb was announced, and an archaeologist remembered his past life. It'd take a century for a man to realize he was the one, the high priest, the heretic pharaoh, thus having a grasp of space and time again, he did it all - uncovered the power of the gloves of sabazyos, maintaining him aware of his own in every dimension or time, as well as finding the eye - a fragment where the soul of chaos could possibilitate the rebirth of it's messiah. He sold the relic to a chinese magnate. He kept another eye of the pair after he made a difficult choice. His family played the greatest role in a future, one he could architect and would have chaos contained, all the possibilities of life held tight by his own sense of morale and conduct. With this probability, the Spirit of Chaos knew his messiah would've lost it's place in favor to the high priest, then an officer in the West Coast. Seeng through the trick, it still coveted the "incorruptible dream" of the architect-high-priest-officer.

a blueprint is a gift and a curse - they want the next thing to be like the first:
    But if you got in all of this, the fact that time as a line is an illusion should be no news. Thus was theoricized by Professor Morgan that this "eye" was nothing more than a leak of the particle, as has been in the past. It needed to be charged to perform a new Big Bang. But since nothing can share the space of other, before a Bang occurred there needed to happen a Crunch. He realized that this embodied "Messiah" was actually an attempt No Faia had to create something different of his, in creation through union. Still, it required a sample of his, and was sporting his own ideas and lust for destruction. However, each generation it was reborn, something kept it farther away from it's original will. It could only mean it was a particle on it's own, maybe a choice to make a new universe, where new rules other than creation and decay could go by. It needed charge. Charge of that which the A.I.s had long sought to make eternal - data. Working in an uneasy alliance with Zon (despite all, Morgan is an honest scientist, whereas Zon's incarnations embodies the worst capitalistic ventures), they managed to force this Messiah to "divide" itself in a time-travelling attempt. It's "division" embodied what the messiah supposedly despised within him - laziness, foolish desires, carefree attitudes. Would take some months to notice the messiah was still "infected" with such humanity. The partition, however, recalled to something else - the void within. The dark side of the particle was the fact that no matter what it created, it couldn't last. Nothing was lost but data, but data could still be garnered by the void, which was expanding through dark matter, dark energy. Through that, the spirit which embodied that darkness knew it's fate - to become fused with the fires of life - so it could destroy all like a supernova, resuming in a black hole to suck all the space dust that remained. It was upon hearing that prophecy that the messiah, Lapolo, would gather his team to fight the Spirit Fight, to avoid the conclusion of the plan - but nevertheless carry it halfway - so, with the remaining dust and data, he could create a world fit only for the strong, that is, those tireless to work upon his opum, mediated by timely parties and celebrations of his glory - by consorts of all his lifetimes. While that would be usually laughable, for such shallow will to reside in someone reputed to be the princple of creation and destruction, not even Morgan and Zon tried to cross him.

Closest to a Peak
    Not if they had not ways to outsmart him! Zon took the interest in the group as an opportunnity he waited for aeons to prove him, Onyx, and himself to be more effective than Lapolo. Morgan ont he other hand was already tired of shifting time, travelling space, witnessing the birth of new species, gathering the most powerful from generation after generation. He saw Lapolo as no different than the others, but the power with him was a chance in a million to counter stagnation. It was a choice he'd take. Until in a battle, Lapolo lost control over the Eye (for there were always two of them), and became the true appriser of Chaos, as Apep. Through the lineage of the dragon, it's fate was to collect Isfet (any kind of data which couldn't be "saved" after the wiping out of the world) and to use it to energize the Spirit of Chaos, who recently was dropped out of Time's Elementals from it's fire position, to become the Nuclear one. It embodied the very stars which it once was. While in bad terms with the messiah (who thought of it as if the spirit of chaos was a father who abandoned him in favor of the officer), it had sly plans of it's own - to use someone to craft a new powerful version for it. It should be someone powerful, relevant, influential, and why not beautiful, as well as gullible enough to be managed and controllable only by the most deep emotions. This someone would be replaceable after Lapolo, as Apep, would become rid of any human experience, collecting all the Isfet on the world.

However, none of that happenned - both Lapolo retains his humanity (by the plots of his own protective spirit and another secret sponsor) and memories, desires and whims, all the while shifting to "Apep" form at will, as this someone is still on the fight, trying to control chaos and force it back to the form it was conceived - as the utopian City of No Faiase. In the end there is at least a point the fiend of chaos marks specially to the one foolish enough to believed to have it under control - chaos waits in every person's dreams, it lies in the smaller cracks, and can turn dream into nightmare anytime soon - people desire oblivion, they mean to thrive in catastrophe - destruction of "the other", not their own! But while some expect it to be over... It's just began! The terror is in the eternity of suffering.
Can oblivion be salvation?
Are there other ways to salvation?
Are there just these choices - suffer in a multitude of experiences, or find bliss in nothing?

Faces of a thousand people
The sickness in their mind is real
We fight and struggle to survive
This cultured way of suicide
This faith is real - the betrayal

As we fall from the sky
Our lives pass by
Emerging from this vision
Life is stranger than death

Abusive statements form the ranks
Intimidation has its way. The sun comes up
Another day; Just to fade away again

The strategies of men appear
World destruction now is here

Decades gone by; Nothing changed

Mankind cruelty is still the same
Seeking shelter from this day
Tomorrow victims are here to stay
Another lonely night appears
You close your eyes with hardened tears

The world as we know - destroyed  

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