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Original Character from the APKALLU Mythos.
Digital painting done in late April early May this year (can't remember exactly, time's been rough). First appearance of a character mentioned elsewhere in my deviations. Part of a series! Second of four characters which were born by integrating material kept in development hell for over a decade. Inspired in distinct cultures and with a huge deal of fantasy material. Tamazi inhabits the large steppes in Central Eurasia, or to the region which is it's counterpart in the Apkallu universe. He's part of a larger group, which is left unnamed for purposes, but is referred to in different words, League is one of them. A pack of mercenaries, thieves, raiders, warlords and soldiers of every alignment which can be paid, from centuries after the Great Plague until now, finding no hindrance on any frontier for they've covered up enough support with bribing resources and supporting certain intelligentsia. Surviving empires and revolutions, it stems from veiled networks and black markets which sustain the world economy. Their agents' employment is secret due their somewhat anonymous nature, and some are related to folk tales and legendary status in some more 'autoctonous' experience. Tamazi is one of those.
You can check summarized details on the respective Behance project, where the characters are compared with poetic freedom on the Four Horsemen.
Tamazi goes as "War". Most specifically due the role he plays, to be described soon enough. Let's say he makes it for an one man army and single-handedly drags some unsuspected legions into a trap by sheer tactician method.

    "After the Rapture, begins the quest for Haven."
    This story occurs after the Dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and the NY Arima Division disbands, in late MMXI a.I.

, or "Red Hetman", is a sinister poltergeist-like phenomena which manifests whenever requested and thus, in efforts and enterprises it judges fit to his works. Many legends arose to fill the void in his blank story. A dark-elf, vrykolakas or a wraith, or some kind of haunting ghost which collected and preyed upon the memories of the slain, to a warring spirit of the steppes, invoked by different fronts, from hetmans, to khans, empires and other kinds of lords. The lack of a structural recording still point some origin related to the time around the greatest extent of the Golden Horde. The reliability of the man who Tamazi used to be, though, was no different than to what he's now: controlling the routes, maintaining an endless war scenario. Reputed to live in some caves, and control illicit activities from the facades of distinct mining companies.
As War, one could say he's earned the repute as with his proeminence in battle. Accumulating the life and experience of many warriors in an untold process which kept him immortal, it's only natural to assume he used their knowledge as well. Still, he prefers to do it in old swordsman style, albeit in some barbaric charge. Using the power of the Ushabti and of the element Chnoubis, he controls fire and heat, and is guided both by the stars from the nightsky, to the fog or smoke which covers it. His power over fire concerns the magma which upholds the earth, to the flammable oxygen, acting as ephemeral flame, to the ignition of endless energy. His lack of a proper body however attest he's controlled by a molten core in the heart of his crimson clad armor. That as well might be the seat of his memory, which "kidnaps" other memories of his victims. How he keeps those memories, his intentions, may point to some common origin to our own kind, as well.

In the underground, Tamazi controls the crystal mines as those refract chards of memory he uses as a matter to benefit his own sheer automated armies, minions used once as workforce or intelligentsia, through possession techniques. His origins are dark and points out similar powers to the Fire Lords. The group to which came to be known as Fire Lords in the current time drags but one thing too many of Haijianese nationalistic agendas. Given of course Haijian has the largest population and naturally huge capital over exploitation of that much contingent, it still has it's sycophants, so one could rather discern if the Fire Lord's group of nine concerns or not the most adequate Xnobius manipulators. Tamazi is such a one, for his conscience spans over all the steppes, and his knowledge of the underground ranges of Uzbek caverns is of pivotal interest for Haijian and it's current allies: the State of Ruthenia.
Russian Mafia, or "Brother's Circle", is but one among the many stains left in a story marked by trafficking, slave raids, forced deportation, torture and genocide. Tamazi witness it all ever since the fall of the Golden Horde, and as an entity, has some mild personal relation to that. Known to the ellusive Yinlong dragon, he is hired or assisted by him to start a collaboration with the Russian state and the many knots it's left on it's borders. The often capitalistic venture and mildly liberalized informal religions served their roles in the 90s to bridge some national unity in the orphans of the soviet union, yet no one would expect such traditional populaces had what it takes to resort to illegal occupation and some left-wing related actions, of course blurring it all in the pejorative term "terrorism", but times were rough in the last years. That's why the several occupations, having salvaged top notch material, as long as in the dark veil network of the Necocyaotl, were able to lend a hand to different fronts in a match to the death as tall as in Israeli occupied zone to face off the nostalgic Sacro Imperio, which tombed down on it's own and did nothing but earned a huge debt to sponsors. To evade that, former supporters of the West Church on the veil of the Eastern Church pledged alliance to the last archbishop, and thus, to the man who commands him - the supreme leader of Ruthenia, as to say, it's prime minister. The Necocyaotl were in the verge of the greatest moment of revolution - what next - and they weren't foolish enough to avoid perceiving possible corruption, co-opting or easy bribing. They've never had significant public support, but they needed not that once they had equipment. Now, however, much of the "liberated" slaves and "rescued" refugees numbered with them, leading to tensions and predicaments unnatural to most. A particular cell found it easier to gather the ongoing "separatist" (on the nation-state sense) "Pan-Slavic" (on a geographical sense, forming another nation out of the competing ones handed to personal tyrannies) "movement" (which further corroborated with the NY on the pretext of waging war against the Sacro Imperio) on a role which could either sign their place or set them away forever. It was in Ukraine where they managed to perceive supporters of different causes which the Triton personally supported (Kurdistan, Donetsk), being backed by some mafias which now resorted to historical enemies and could easily bribe the larger contingence of the remnant groups into similar setting, a "crucible". The Triton, heeding for effective integration of the movement and securing the steppe as a gate to reach for the problem on it's core (exploitation, slavery, traffic... coming straight from the Eastern Haijian in the form of capital and networks ranging from everywhere to the Caspian and Arab Peninsula), sketched out an escape route to the large group should anything go out of control in Ukraine. Due the heterogenic nature of the movement, betrayal and pogroms restarted. Whereas Ukraine was the last safe haven for the groups, between them and Russia stood a large part of no man's land they'd be keen to face. The Triton was now in charge of a salvaged caste of urban guerrilla set into the wild. This is where Tamazi entered. Personally appointed by Russian Prime minister and a council on par with Bielorussian and Haijianese interest, his mission was quite simple: eradicate the Necocyaotl, like a cattle en fuga. He required no hetmans or cossack but his own private army of ghosts, they own appealing to anything left of ancestorship in the deranged group.

He unites two ellusive and antagonistical traits: Powers of Xnobius, the element of circuitry, radiation, and heat; it's particles the Ushabti, which builds up to either a cohesive Sheut which embodies personality, will and intent, or rather twist endlessly and fade to the environment as bursts of fire; as well as Powers of Orichalcum, the element of expansion, far seeing, and vaporization; it's particles the Daimobia which feed and live within the Mnemosyne, a liquid state of memory, data and information, transported everywhere but hardly computed. As a dark-elf, a plane of existence between mind and matter (or rather computting matter as memory), he endures all the powers of both elements and is as close to the humans as is to a sea-monkey. His 'soul', however, rebuilds to fit some set of equation or axiom he himself proposed in a predicament he can't remember. That said, war is his answer. It's his calling and need, to collect more and more skills and battle his way through. His personal army accounts for rivals and other entities in the same league as him. However, while the Djinn would rather stick to a single truth and repeat it on dogmatic views, the ghostly elves would rather leave it's sense of individuality open, resorting to it mostly as a battlecry. Allies of the Triton such as Coelacanth lived long enough to sketch a trajectory for the ghost of the steppe. And placing Dazbog in the frontline, possessing the very axe Tamazi's rival used, is a major tactic - either a deadly mistake or a strike of luck. Before falling to the hands of the undead crusader and being the motive of fight between him and the dragon rouge, it was a major trend settler in the open field war on the steppe. A name, Kondrat, is enough for Tamazi to sketch back his composure - that of a bloody warrior. Together with Thanasis, he's on the hunt for the Necocyaotl Remnant unit "Bogumir". Even the ellusive chant of the Alkonost bring no solace for him. Sirin does not ellude him, and he's def to Gamayun...
Will the Necocyaotl survive, even if barely, against such unearthly menace?
Watch as fire lights a malignant grin which is the only expression a victim get to see from Tamazi's face

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